Hoku - To Myself Lyrics

Everybody has a story to tell
And I'd like to share mine with you
But my heart is kind of fragile
And I just can't imagine
It's something that I ought to do
And I realize
I'm still hurting deep inside
Where love used to live

So I keep myself
To myself
I don't want nobody to know me (I keep myself)
I keep myself
To myself
I don't want no lover to own me

My heart feels like its all broken up
In tiny pieces that I'll never find
And I know that I will heal someday
I will feel again
But it might take a little more time
And can't you see
I'm so insulated
No one's touchin' me
At least for now (at least for now)

So I keep myself
To myself
I don't want nobody to know me (I keep myself)
I keep myself
To myself
I don't want no lover to own me

Then in the shadows of yesterday
Only peace of mind is when I pray
That someday I can find a way back home
Until I'm ready (until I'm ready)
To love again (until I'm ready)
Until I'm ready (until I'm ready)
Until then

(I keep myself)

Then in the shadow of yesterday
Only peace of mind is when I pray
That somehow I would find a way
I keep myself

Then in the shadow of yesterday
Only peace of mind is when I pray
That somehow I would find a way
I keep myself

I keep myself
To myself

I keep myself

I keep myself
To myself

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Hoku To Myself Comments
  1. CherriRose

    Legally blonde was a good movie, and so is this song.

  2. Keith Brown

    I love that dog :3

  3. John Poche

    She's so cute

  4. София Сойко

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  5. Elle Beard

    when you got named elle bc your mom liked the way it was written on the envelope in the beginning💀❤️

  6. Dante Taikutsu

    I would most likely hate the movie, but I like this song.

  7. Spring Nights

    My child hood is offended by the makers of legally blonde for stealing my fav Barbie song. *copyright claim alert* no hate or anything bout the movie, honestly love the movie

  8. ChezFeroce

    Anyone from 2020 here??

  9. Rizbal Daniel

    I'm still listening to this song, it just makes me feel warm and that I'm going to have a perfect day.

  10. Fairylee

    2020 Anyone

  11. nailabt

    2020 anyone??

  12. Romax 24245

    I wonder why this song was mistaken as being made by Superchick.

  13. Wander Rodrigues Ator

    Filme da minha Vida 💜😍

  14. SS Chauhan

    2019 ?????

  15. Beth Long

    I remember loving this song when I was 9/10. I forgot all about it until I saw it in my news feed on Instagram lmfao. I miss being a kid.

  16. Admiral Yi soonshin

    I am a man, but this song makes me feel optimistic, hopeful and courageous for life.

  17. LA W

    Can u imagine anyone else being Elle Woods then Reece??💅
    and any one else singing Hoku's Perfect day??🎵
    .....these ladies nail it❤️❤️❤️

  18. Beautiful Light

    I am about to get my report card 🥰🥰🥰 I can finally admire my straight A's for the first time in my scholarship.

  19. Taeya Jones-Martinez

    I used to think highschool was going to be the equivalent of the way this song makes people feel, like jumping around and dancing while getting ready for school and stuff, nah lol :(

  20. Gruber Jens

    My first girlfriend loved this song. She used to play it on her car radio, every time we were starting to a long tour or almost at our destination. It was exactly her attitude, always optimistic and happy.

    I miss her so much... :-(

  21. Victoria S.

    Thanks Barbie Thank you

  22. Ari Manoban :v

    *Reminds me of Barbie Princess And The Popstar lol* xD

  23. Princess Star

    I don't know about you, but I discovered this song from Barbie Princess and the Popstar! 😊

  24. Anton Joshua Lontayao

    Hey! I heard this on Barbie😂😂

  25. Anime Fangirl

    Nice, but i prefer the version of Princess and the Popstar.

  26. Insiders Network brony

    1 I love this song
    2 beaches brought me here

  27. Star

    This song TuT was so happy

  28. Wolfie Gamer

    Here from girls go games 🤣 ahh the days 💗

  29. Semjase Sawyer


  30. Michael Carvalho

    This song always remind me of Raquel Welch.

  31. Ayako Sumiokada

    Who’s listening in 2019??

  32. Danger Panda Lol

    In person lol.

  33. Midnight Artz O3O

    Am i the only one who searched this song cuz just Im pretty sure I herd it on svtfoe

  34. Info Chan

    We’re playing this in the first day of summer, no questions

  35. Bere Rivera

    Wow this reminds me of the old days

  36. Sachee Trivedi

    Hope 11+ will be a perfect day

  37. Sachee Trivedi

    From now on every day will feel perfect after hearing this song

  38. Kyle houlihan

    The entitled caucasian theme song🤷‍♂️

  39. Kyle houlihan

    The entitled caucasian theme song🤷‍♂️

  40. sara Hopkins

    It’s my boyfriends last day at his horrible job......I woke him up to this song. He loved it.

  41. ofel cruz

    i. love. your. song. i. love. you. legally. blondy.

  42. 【•ᴊɪᴍɪɴɪᴇ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ•】

    Dude....this is from a Barbie movie XD

  43. Random Thoughts

    I watched the Legally Blondes trailer and I was like "Hey.. THIS IS A BARBIE SONG!!

  44. Jason Delarosa

    This is better than Wubbzy

  45. Tyler

    i remember hearing this in a atlantis commercial a while ago lol jeez

  46. Janay Roseé

    My Mood on my Graduation Day😊♥️

  47. ana loves ari !

    im here from barbie....

  48. 2 6


  49. armstronglance

    I am 65, why do I like this song so much!

  50. Jessie G

    Barbie princess and the popstar

  51. Jessica Sauber

    This is superchick not hoku

  52. Alyssa Jessop

    Me when I wake up for going to Disney world lol

  53. O.O O.O

    let the truth to be told. i'm so not a fan of chick flick. in fact, i hate it and i'm usually into gunshooting people dying sword swinging war movies. however, legally blonde is an exception.

  54. Jennifer Decena

    I love this

  55. JC Howard

    I was looking for lou reed

  56. Fredericus II

    I remember this from that stupid beaches commercial

  57. Bella .m

    We’re doing oz reimagined for our school production and for some reason this is in it and it’s my audition song like for luck!

  58. Robert Lee Williamson III


  59. Buffy McMuffin

    Love this!

  60. si ninho

    amo Legalmente Loira

  61. Nicole Vitória

    Deu hoje na tv ! 26/04/19

  62. Info Chan

    When summer finally comes

  63. Imani Chatelain

    I'm here from Arianna grandes and lizes q and a from 6 years ago

  64. Mishi Mushi

    it's Barbie time 😂

  65. Danny Simion

    I'll thank Legally Blonde for this fun summer song!!

  66. JLPtriggered

    Who eats breakfast at 12
    That’s when I eat lunch
    I eat breakfast at like 6 am lol.


    I eat breakfast at like 3pm..

  67. Truth-Rationale Scientist

    Ah, the memories!

  68. Sunflower369

    This is a perfectly imperfect song🙏🏼💝🌟🌻

  69. OMMAYA

    Was I the only one who got this song from Barbie?-?☕️

  70. ashek ali

    A really good song to have in your playlist

  71. XxFerexX

    *That moment when you think the creators of Barbie the princess and the popstar wrote this song*

  72. Phuong Nguyen Nguyen

    Come here after watched on Nexflix. 💖💖💖

  73. Willie Wade

    Main reason why i love this track.. The movie is a classic. "Bend n Snap"

  74. Kathleen Corley

    i love you elle woods

  75. Dragula95

    They should make this song into a meme lol 😂😂😂

  76. Claudia Gerusin

    I know this song from barbie princess and popstar😂

  77. Miki Martinez

    Brings back many memories. Nostalgia hits me. 2019 anyone?


    Miki Martinez 2020 HAHHAHA

  78. Sonic Rainboom

    My dream car is a 2009 Corvette ZR1. Should the day come where i can i afford to buy one, i am blasting this song on the radio leaving the dealership!

  79. S G

    Really like this up beat & positive vibes song

  80. marco hashi

    This song... now that I listen to the words that it says, I'm much more in courage and in love with this movie, thank you Elle woods! I love you too!

  81. Tilly Jane

    Is it weird I want to dye my hair blonde and become a lawyer 😂❤️

  82. Emily Krueger

    2019 anyone?

  83. Lucie Johnson

    Aah... we cheer? Anybody?

  84. Sarthak Mondal

    When I watched Legally Blonde for the first time in 2002, didn't know what a Blonde meant. Took another 10 years to grasp the meaning

  85. Sharon H


  86. Sharon H


  87. Karma Cabral

    I swear this was in every early 2000s movie

  88. Yulianna's Magical World

    OMG!!!!!! I AM NOW IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘(accept for the end, I HATE the end😠😠)

  89. LavenderLushLuxury

    Beautiful Song Love this Song so Much.


    someone 2019?

  91. Susan rotherham

    1. Thank u next video took me to Legally Blonde
    2. I watch Legally Blonde
    3. We get lit to this song lmao

    It's Emily Hibbert

    Sis me too

  92. Hey I'm Kaye

    I saw the Legally Blonde trailer and I thought, "Hey this song's familiar." (I haven't seen Legally Blonde.) Then I was like "It's from Barbie!"

  93. Rida Saleem

    any one from princess and the popstar?

  94. steve donahue

    im all man but boy does this song take me to another place and time....

  95. Fatima Mahjabin Tasnim

    Legally blond is such a perfect movie. Love reese witherspoon!!