Hoku - How Do I Feel Lyrics

I was free when we met
You were eating a burito
With a girl - some brunette
At El Torosco's
Then you smiled like you knew
Someday we'd be together
And together we were for awhile

How do I feel
ever since I walked away from you
I miss you for real
Everyday of my life
How do I feel
Now that it's over
Well the thing that I miss the most
Is missing you

I was lost for a while
Every place brought back a memory
Of a kiss or a smile that you gave me
Now it's changed
Well I guess
More and more I miss you
Less and less
Sometimes it's hard to let you go

You get trapped in a time of your life
But you know it gets a little easier over time

How do I feel
Now that it's over
For the thing that I miss the most

I miss the moody walks in the rain
I miss the poetry, I miss the days
I miss the sad songs I used to play
But the one thing I miss the most
Is missing you.

How do I feel
I miss you for real
How do I feel
Now that it's over
For the thing that I miss the most
Is missing you

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Hoku How Do I Feel Comments
  1. Rose flowers

    Good song ! The thing that I miss the most is the early 2000s

  2. iScreamCandy TV

    I remember thissssss 2020

  3. Edward Casteen

    Does anyone else remember when they played this on Disney channel

  4. Capq0711

    A tribute to her Hawaiian roots 💚

  5. YouTube tube

    People don't get me is all rigger school

  6. ef dat

    What is this feeling?


  7. AwpWilliams

    Oh shit. She made other songs.

  8. Ronald Blanchard

    She's such a terrific singer others need to follow her example on true talent and true beauty

  9. Troop Arline

    Damn she was so fine. I wish she was promoted better.

  10. Kate Johannesen

    My first gay crush....still crushing lol 😍

  11. Julian Aguilar

    such a good Disney summer full of jams T_T

  12. Cindy Portillo

    After so many years, I finally found this song!

  13. Christina Masden

    Ew malia obama is an imee marcos tonya harding n***** using taxes

  14. Heverton Fonseca

    omg this song is soooo nostalgic!

  15. Young Kawaii Amore

    The girl looks pretty

  16. rexbitten

    She is the daughter of Hawiian entertainer Don Ho. She sang with him alot growing up and he taught her how to write music

  17. Trina Horton

    This song got stuck my head today lol

  18. Your Birthday

    2019 and i love sid dong <3

  19. Victoria Rose

    I love her and this song so much! It is hard to let go and we do miss those people and those memories but it does get better overtime thankfully :)♡

  20. Joseph Sonners

    This is a dumb song Buzzfeed

  21. Kyle Noe

    What happened to her? She's disappeared completely I think.

  22. Tammie

    Great song, and such a beautiful video with hoku and and the lovely scenery

  23. Missbennettful

    I remember hearing this on the Disney channel. I never knew what the song was called, all I knew was "you were eating a burrito, with a girl some brunette"

  24. Dre Hamraee

    Can’t believe this song is only 9 years old. Feels older

  25. TheCityLightz

    You were eating a burritoooooo

  26. Yolo Rodriguez

    This song saved my life once.

  27. lil' gay bears

    Ohhhh my gosh. Ten years of loving this song and I've only just realised.... He isn't eating a burrito!

  28. Gen

    I remember this song every few years and I appreciate it a little more every time. A favorite from my childhood and it's still so good today!

  29. Alexis Arrizon

    This reminds me of my 7th grade boyfriend Chris Johns in 2002. So darling and sweet.

  30. Ronald Blanchard

    90s 2000s oh how i miss thee

    Ronald Blanchard

    Sorry "early" 2000s

  31. Celso Hernandez

    She could have made Britney work harder for her money. Hoku looked way better than britney

  32. @Truly.Rude

    back when life meant absolutely nothing..

  33. rashid beretey

    Love it

  34. Sarah Wells

    Me and my sister always called it the “Burrito song”

  35. Jenny Kai

    I loved this song! The feels! Back when music was good and autotune didn't exist!

  36. bebe

    Im searching for the song What you need by Hoku..why can't I find it here in YouTube...

  37. Celso Hernandez

    Wish she make a comeback. She probably knock Taylor off the charts


    I remember when this first got introduced to MTV. The clip was only shown once and you never saw it again....always wondered what happened to her.

  39. Bibi santos

    I used to listen to this on a little radio i had

  40. Elizabeth Schiada

    I feel old!!

  41. mzyeska805

    Does anyone still listen to this song? Cause I know I do every day lol

  42. JohnRadicaster

    Takes me back to watching Disney Channel Original Movies on school nights, not doing homework and playing ps1 lol

  43. Shelly Ray

    lol I remember this music video from the radio disney website.

  44. Larry Sledge Jr

    i know this is crazy but my friend says hoku has a outie belly buton and i say she has a innie. is there anybody have a opinion?

  45. Lundy Wingy

    And too all I've heard of Sad

  46. Lundy Wingy

    Wait this is the burrito song brah to that

  47. Ronnie Ragin

    I Can Only Imagine How She Looks in Some Tight Ass Panty With NO Bra On!

  48. Janae


  49. CorCor

    I have to give this song a lot of credit just because of how many times I've used the line "For the thing that I miss the most is missing you" in situations in my life. The best part of moving on is actually moving on and being totally okay with it :)

  50. Jessica Romie

    this is how I feel about burritos

  51. Taylor Downing

    This song has an innocent and laid back vibe to it

  52. CappsJD

    Bitch need a burrito!

  53. Whoops! Wrong Planet.

    Serious Zoog Disney nostalgia.

  54. Adagio Breeze

    She kinda looks like Brie Larson

  55. Jolleen Puccio

    Miss childhood :(

  56. Fragus

    Oh the innocence of this music. The little bwadum de bwam of the guitar has a slight erotic tone. God I miss it so much. You don't get the subtly anymore :/ Now it's just not as innocent and subtle :/

  57. Jordan Carrington

    Now I've already watched the video for the second time. Maybe I do think it's a pretty interesting song. I'm liking that.

  58. Julian Aguilar


    Planet Jupiter

    Julian Aguilar i miss that era too bro

    Tim Uchwat

    I Miss Zoog Disney as well

  59. Ashley Bradley

    super throwback 😂😂 no one even had a burrito

  60. john bure

    1hokufan. since i bought her 1st cd in 99 shes been my favorite singer. + no one on earth is prettier !!! 🌈🌠🏄btw hoku is Hawaiian for a star in heaven

  61. Reinassance Famous

    miss it

  62. Jacqueline Wade

    I'm eating a cheese n beef burrito while listing to this song

  63. holly pietrzak

    she looks like mandy moore a little

    cutie megz

    holly pietrzak I was thinking that too

    holly pietrzak

    i agree?

  64. holly pietrzak

    back when music was good

  65. Adam Kent

    i really want to find out who plays the love interest in this video!! he is so hot!

  66. sdp -


  67. Kariann Coe

    still love this song!!

  68. estrada1887


  69. Pudgie Bear

    Lol after all these years I just noticed he isn't even eating a burrito haha

    Sam Hershey

    Place is also named "Surfboards" not El Teroscos'

    Sarah B

    I came here just to see the burrito!! And there's no burrito!!!

  70. Caroline D

    90s throwback.

    Caroline D

    close enough :p


    +Caroline D

    lol why am I even here

  71. Tanner Fry

    If mermaids did exist she would be one.

    Mibuk Desjarlais

    Yeah she sure looks like one. She's very pretty. 😊

  72. Kiara

    My childhood!

  73. Ebony McBride

    I love this song

  74. Enix2738

    I think girls who let their hair grow to a fair length like Hoku are hot!

  75. Jordan Carrington

    Nice song & nice video. It's my first time watching.

  76. Moises Cardona

    I just got her CD. She sings beautiful


    +Moises Cardona BEAUTIFULLY*

  77. TØNY

    yes. hoku better sing this burrito song.

  78. Carlene B.

    This brings back memories lol . One of my favs when I was younger ! I had her self titled CD also !

  79. Megan McClain

    anyone remember hit clips? def had this on a hit clip.


    +Megan McClain I think I just knew of "It's Gonna Be Me" from Nsync. I didn't have hit clips, but I knew some people that did.


    omg yeah. i only owned a few. they only played certain parts of a song, but not all. i had britney spears and nysnc ones.

    Justin Bookhammer

    Same had it on hitclips

    Amy Ivanca

    I still have mine!! It doesn't work anymore but I have it!

    Katherine TerBerg

    I wasn't cool enough to have a hit clip but I definitely played this a few times in my Discman!

  80. C Ali

    Too bad Disney Channel doesn't play stuff like this anymore. :(

    Julian Rodriguez

    This is very good music.

  81. Elijah Cunningham

    I use to love this song when I was a kid

  82. Ryan P

    Lol I remember listening to this on my Hit Clips when I was little

    Jess Ohar

    Ryan P omg sameeee!!!


    Me too!

    Austin Wlock

    My cousin had this on one and I would always would ask her if I could listen to it. It had to have been when I was like 5 or 6

    raye xo

    Ryan P hit clips♥️♥️❤️😂you had hit clips? 🤣🤣🤣I had the nsync one

    Process Damaged

    Hit clips that's what they were called.

  83. Guitarkid 1991

    Not afraid to admit this is catchy as hell haha

  84. Jay Frederiksen

    so apparently thru some long drawn out explaination, hoku is the cousin of my ex gf from a few years ago...pretty cool I guess

  85. Rita Holden

    Love this! I can smell the suntan lotion :)

  86. DazeNrue

    That guy looks like hes 40 and she looks like shes 14. Creepy much?

    She was 19 at the time of this video and he's probably closer to mid-20s at the time. It's only a music video...

    (and it's only creepy if you're a creeper who thinks that way).

    Lizard Queen

    jugdmental much? I'm 50 and I date 19 year olds a lot.

    Elisabeth Schei

    Lizard Queen that's fine. The love of my life is 19 years older than me. However, I think the thing is with hoku being on Disney and all she doesn't give off the legal age look. She looks more like a middle school girl

    TS MK

    DazeNrue not lol. She was an adult

  87. Glory Poet

    Classic pop song of the head mike era of pop

  88. en cee

    I remember people used to call this "the Burrito song"

    Harrison Songbird

    Yes. The actual title is "How Do I Feel (The Burrito Song)".

    Gabriela Yzaguirre

    How do I feel is from dumb ways to die 2 new land from 2016 is in previews madcap was here!

    Nicole Brooker

    I still do :)

    Julian Aguilar

    it is. the full name is: how do I feel? (the burrito song)

    Megan Prim

    It was actually called "how do I feel-- the burrito song"

  89. pandaplural

    i was so obsessed with song. omg.

  90. brown bubbles

    Beautiful girl.

  91. Ally Allen

    i can't believe this was popular at one point


    Are you calling this song out?

  92. Another Lucky Loser

    shes beautiful And her voice is too :3

  93. caterpie999

    woah this is kind of similar to cheryl crow's video for soak up the sun, but this was made before that, hoku is the best<3

  94. thedyemaster

    I can't believe how beautiful this girl is. PERFECT!

  95. Ginny Figueroa

    That dude looks like Jon Hamm.

    Megan Lamoreaux

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thought that!

    Blah McBlahlalala

    Is is him.


    So hot! I wonder what she's up to these days

    Elizabeth Schiada

    NAMELEISONFIRE she lives in Dana Point, California, married with three kids, and I think her and her husband are part of a church ministry.

  97. Steven Chen

    "i'm not sure what to do with my hands"

  98. Saber Savva

    Does Hoku REALLY need a vevo?

    t h

    KoiControl yes

    Elisabeth Schei

    hahaha I was just thinking that