Hoku - Another Dumb Blonde Lyrics

I think that it’s time that I should just let you go (let you go)
So I'll tell it to your face instead of tellin’ it to you on the phone (on the phone)

You see I thought that you were special, baby
Something unique but lately I've come to find
That you’re not really interested in my heart or mind (or my mind)

That's alright, that’s okay
You never loved me anyway
And I think it's time for you to just move on
That's alright (that's alright)
That's okay (that's okay)
I bet you never thought you'd hear me say
That I think it's time for you to find another dumb blonde
'Cause it's not me no, no
'Cause it's not me no, no, oh no

Last night I went to a party hoping I'd see you there
And sure enough you were hanging on some other girl playin’ with her hair
And I overheard you tellin’ her the very same thing you said to me that night before
Hook, line, and sinker you were walking with her out the door

That's alright, that's okay
You never loved me anyway (I never loved you anyway)
And I think its time for you to just move on (that’s alright, that’s alright)
That's alright (that's alright)
That's okay (that's okay)
I bet you never thought you'd hear me say
That I think it's time for you to find another dumb blonde
'Cause it's not me no, no

'Come on just a little trophy hanging on your arm so
All your friends are seein’ you got it goin’ on
When I see what you are so clearly
But baby, baby that's not alright with me

That's alright that's ok I never loved you anyway
That's alright that's ok you never loved me anyway

You never loved me then it's alright (yeah, yeah)
Then it's alright (yeah)
Yeah, yeah
I said yeah

It's alright, it's alright
It's alright, it's alright
(it’s alright, it’s alright)
Go ahead and find whatcha need
(it’s alright, it’s alright)
'Cause it's alright with me
(then I think it’s time for you to just move on)

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Hoku Another Dumb Blonde Comments
  1. metalmaiden1989

    Haha! Still remember all the lyrics after 20 years!!!!!

  2. Pat Healy

    Amazing that I can still listen to hoku after 20 years!

  3. December Finest

    20 Years Later & This Remains a POP Classic 🤟🏾🤟🏾

  4. Sarah Tosin

    this looks like an old navy commercial (which rules)

  5. Bethanne Shafer

    I was 16 years old when this came out #teens rocked when this was out

  6. Ranger X

    I miss the 90s and the early 2000s. The music, movies and the quality of everything was dope compared to what we have in 2020.

  7. hell5309

    Well, Hoku, you mastered the charming smile, now let's see what other expressions you can make!

  8. Sabrina Horsford

    2020? 😩 Snow day on Netflix 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Victoria Mathias

    Who still listen to this in 2020? WOOOOOO

  10. Dizzy Devi

    I totally forgot about this song ... Crazy dude .... This came out when I was 13 .... Lol

  11. Edward Bliss

    This reminds me of Netscape, burning CDs and message boards

  12. Dustin Nunn

    I remember this old song.

  13. Patch Rodriguez

    Alexa, Play “Another Dumb Blonde” 1:48, 1:49, 1:50, 2:54, 2:55, 2:56, 2:58, 3:00, 3:07, 3:08, 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 3:12 That Always Sounds Like A Lot Of Fun And 🎆🎆🎆🎆 3:28, 3:32, 3:51, 3:52 Are Even More Fun Too ☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  14. Tonya Bigham

    Here after watching snow day. At the end of the movie during the credits they cut the song off.


    This is my first time ever seeing this music video yes I've known this song since the movie Snow Day which I just got done watching on Netflix actually and I remember when she performed it on an episode of all that call me crazy but for the longest time I thought she was saying it's time for you to get another darn job I was a kid back then

  16. Black Loner94

    I feel old as fuck lol


    Ahh...the good ole nolstagic "Boom,Clap,Boom Boom, Clap" beat 😍

  18. Maria Rosa

    Had to look this great memory up. I just put on movie Snow Day for my girls. This song is in it

  19. kevin pinto

    this song randomly popped into my head today lmao, good ole pre 9/11 days

  20. Cool Face


  21. Michael Ashton


  22. thesexybexy08

    2020 LETS GOOOO
    *choreography on point*

  23. AlexxPokemonnTrainer

    2020 and still an american classic.

  24. Capq0711

    This came out on 2000 but still looks and sounds so late 90's

  25. David Anderson

    Holy. Cow. The memories! I had a huge crush on Hoku when I was younger. Wow 😍

    Michael Ashton

    Me, as well.

  26. Misana


  27. Derek Pivko

    2019 anyone?

  28. Skyline

    Movie came on TV and I had to look up this song!! 💙

  29. Andrew Toone

    Never knew about that deleted scene of Chuck arriving at the community center pool while Hal and Claire are talking on the high dive. And Claire throwing her ankle bracelet into the deep end of the pool and Chuck falling head first into the pool while trying to grab it.

  30. Cool Face

    20 year anniversary January 2020..come on Netflix/Nick collab!!!

  31. New Life

    It's been almost 20 years and I still get goosebumps hearing this song. We love you, Hoku! ❤

    Cool Face

    wait until that Netflix and Nickelodeon collab..

  32. prettyncali23

    She was naturally gorgeous

  33. Henry Guion

    This was a bop 🙌🏾💯

  34. Justine Laviolette

    Oh my goodness memory song!!

    Cool Face

    wait till Netflix finalizes that Nick deal

  35. Melissa Lynn

    2019 anyone! Such a feel good song :D

  36. Austin Shoemaker

    I got laid off from work after the first day, but I don't mind because I was stressed on the first day

  37. Napster2002 . aspx

    Cue Apple computer with neon plastic @0:02 lol

  38. Rodrigo Vazquez

    This is like the definition of early 2000s in a song

  39. Sarah Barker

    Who else came here from RebelTaxi?

  40. Capri Watson

    Always pops in my head ..like now at 7 am lol

  41. AwpWilliams

    3:50 "This spiteful bitch produced and sent me a whole music video."

  42. Erica M. Flores

    I grew up with these songs and Nickelodeon when I was 12.

    The music now... Sucks honestly.

    a w

    shit load of good music today! you have the whole internet to find it!

  43. itchydiscoman

    Absolutely nothing unique or interesting about her vocally . Very generic. Not surprising she never made another hit record

  44. MsDominicana

    I’m so happy she’s Christian now she chose the right path

    a w

    what was she when she made this song, jewish?


    @a w she was nothing

  45. Carole A

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 *Back when everyone still thought Apple Macintosh was never gonna take off*

    a w

    it did. just look at all people with iphone...

  46. Ivy Beyvill

    This song makes me glad I didn't listen to pop music in the 90s 😂

    Tyler Mills

    Why? lol

  47. R3n3gad3

    3:24 All of a sudden she wants to dress up as Mrs. Brisby lol.

  48. Ronald Blanchard

    She has the looks she has the talent and wonderful personality why did they try to fix her when she wasn't broken

  49. larzuga1

    Sept 29th, 2019 Just random memory flashback...I loved when the movie came out. Awwww the days of innocent movies and music.💕💞💖💕💖💞

  50. S3NTINEL2001

    I remember watching this video on TRL and hearing the song on snow day 😎

  51. Troop Arline

    Look how pretty she is. The best looking Hawaiian girl I saw.

  52. Lukey85

    Schuyler Fisk😍

  53. Maniac50AE

    Ive been wanting to hear this since the snow day promotions and now that i finally have... I can say its garbage as fuck#

  54. NOISE


  55. Winter Lynn

    I wasn't a big fan of pop music in the 90s but this and Mandy Moore's "Candy " were 2 songs that despite being kinda bland, cheesy generic pop songs I really liked and had on CD single as a teenager. Its still cheesy today and obviously was aimed more at preteens but can't deny it's catchy. I remember trying to make my aol screen name "AnotherDumbBlonde" after this song but it and every variation of the spelling that I tried was already taken. Lol

  56. Stephen Nicoil

    This Movie came on on my birthday! I was so lucky! to see this regardless on how negative the critics reviewed it I still liked even to this day!

  57. Amber Dixon

    Ooooo oooo

  58. Mark Was Here

    I don’t get it she’s on a beach in a music video for a movie about a snow day

  59. Daryl Jones

    This is what happens when you don't sell out. Your career gets ended and nobody knows your name.

  60. Waytotheland

    They REALLY should’ve included this on Snow Day DVD.

  61. Elizabeth Langstaff

    Ya whatever I am hotter then you so that is probably why he didn’t or doesn’t like you 👩👄💋💄💍 sorry honey bo bo

  62. Wavez Club

    This video just SMELLS like 2000 to me

  63. Flick or Treat Productions

    Me: "My sister had that CD."
    My friend: "Everybody's sister had that CD."
    That's true.

    a w

    whats a CD?

    Sara Petree

    Truest statement ever lol

  64. Joseph Glover

    Remind me of good times

  65. Mel D

    Omg this takes me back!!!! I was probably a pre teen when this came out, I’m 31 now 💙

  66. Aaron Thompson

    saw this on Nickeloden when i was like 10...it was just so iconic..

  67. Liam Martin 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Oh God. We still have this CD

  68. Zachary Black

    Good video.

  69. Dizzy Mareado

    I still love this song im 31 rocking this never knew the name of the track till today 😁 good vibes i miss real music that had your head nodding tapping your feet

  70. Nick

    The early 2000s where so chill

  71. Redeye007 Collecting Movies

    I just bought the movie snow day the other day for $5

  72. meka Holt

    This was my song. I wonder what happened to her

  73. holly pietrzak

    what year did this song come out anyway?

  74. Terrin Dooley

    I remember seeing this music video on Disney channel when they used to do cool stuff like that!!

  75. Adam Damron

    Still amazing song and singer i always be a fan no,matter what that's way all us true fans feel hoku will always be just as good as any other singer in this world 😊

  76. Christina Masden

    Hey michelle is this barack's hawaii ex

  77. nitestryker7

    This video is BS. No iMac had video quality that good and you couldn't send a video as an email attachment on dial-up unless you had a week's worth of time.

  78. R3n3gad3

    I don't understand why anybody would break up with her? Like God damn she's soo pretty!

  79. weatherednboston

    I love playing this song when Im pissed as someone and kicking them to the curb. I go from anger....to smiling and dancing. Still works after all the years lol

  80. Tyb1rd P

    Can't believe this video has only 1 million views.

  81. Steven Guirao

    any comments on the Genie in a bottle-esque final scenes???? I love hoku and the song though. I'm glad to be probably the only spaniard knowing her

  82. Nerd Goddess

    Holy crap! I’m beyond happy and thrilled!! I’m meeting Hoku this June! She’s always been one of my top favorite female Singers! I still have her album Hoku! I seriously can’t wait the anticipation is killing me! It’s going to be one of the top greatest Birthday presents ever!!!

  83. Ely M-B

    👍 Girl power

  84. Otniel Romeo

    Hoku: "Another Dumb Blonde"
    Avril Lavigne: "Dumb Blonde"

  85. Cheyenne Wild

    This was my first song that I heard from Hoku. Man this brings back a lot of nostalgia.

  86. Barb Losco

    Yeah so... she’s making fun of herself right? Rofl 🤣 most blondes r pretty dumb rofl

  87. Juan Catalan

    Listening to this in 2019

  88. Heverton Fonseca

    Omg, i love this song soooooooo much!!!

  89. Lena Beana

    Brings back memories for sure

  90. hardeeharhar86

    I had a crush on Josh Peck actually. This was in 1999 when I was 11 years old during his Snow Day debut.

    Isn't that weird? This song just came up in my head after all these years ago.

    I was a gay chubby chaser LMAO

  91. Rose JM


  92. Allie


  93. Love Of

    Wow. Just randomly thought of this song about now

  94. Etigress

    Body figure goals

  95. St.Stbone Boner

    She can't sing... or dance.

  96. Tori M

    Such a great song!!! I could listen to this all the time

  97. Tina bear

    now i fell old hahaha