Hodgy Beats - Tape Beat Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Born in antagonism, at times I can't even fathom
Hopes man, I don't even have 'em
Burning ladders, bridges
Can't wait to get to a chapter where I'm laughing and living
For what I'm stuck in a RE-indirect precision
Digging through old folders looking for what I feel I'm missing
This liquor, nine months ago swear I'd make better decisions
I would drink by the liter of kittens, my liver bleeds while I'm checking out instead of seeing the difference
I'm whoopin' at the deceased, horse leaving an imprint
While trying to beat the dead, you're just feeding existence
Sometimes you need to take a step back and breathe for a minute
Before you overreact to the heat and intenseness
You were weak and defenseless once you preceded the limit
Then it's not a scrimmage, the game's to ruin your self-seeking image
All the chaos in the day lies the region for tenants
You'll go to jail and pay bail then the judge reads you a sentence

[Lil Wayne:]
Hello honey, I'm home
I'm kicking out the weak and the timid niggas
They keepin' it pimping, Weezy baby to an infant
I'm growing
You niggas snoring 'cause you sleep with the fishes
You'll be like sheep to a grizzly, put my bare feet on them bitches
And I keep a bitch with me, yellow as pee that I spit in
I'm a breeze to the finish and I'm a weep when I win it
I'm a sleep with the semi and never let people get near me
When the reaper come get me that's when I reap what I'm knitting
So, you say you're gangsta I'm a need some convincing
Blood gang, creme de la creme is the Crimson
Fuck the pigs all day, even the guineas
Fuck the system, pull out
And skeet on the titties
It's Lil Tunechi
Started from a league now we swimming
Put this hot red revolver to your cheek while you're grinning
I could cheat Roger Clemens

[Hodgy & Lil Wayne:]
Catch a nigga riding deep in your women
Beep goes the Jeep so we winning
Friendless, compete with no nigga but myself
White sand and the beach towels hitting
White man let my peeps outta prison
I'm just saying what I'm saying
But I'm saying, I don't repeat I'm repentant
Cut off the hand to hand out a sentence

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Hodgy Beats Tape Beat Comments
  1. Joeji 25

    2019 Anyone?

  2. Kameron Foster

    2019 anybody

  3. corvus peskey

    why be “christian” but glorify violence

  4. Confidentialité essor


  5. pie khan

    Still finefire

  6. eddie bear

    BBNGxBootsy Collins brought me here.

  7. Malik Bell

    Wayne over a badbadnotgood beat. Somebody pinch me.

  8. Kite

    wondering why there is no credit for badbadnotgood.....i mean...y?

  9. sincex97


  10. ByTheWay

    I’m just now getting around to this masterpiece really

  11. I’m Bad

    Really miss OF days v_v

  12. Julius Reynolds

    old school Wayne 🔥

  13. jon devieon

    My faith in music is restored.

  14. FaZe Litty


  15. lit lit lit

    had to cop. good work hodgy

  16. I love TellaVision

    I didn’t know hodgy had stuff with Wayne

  17. Lux

    BBNG be killing it with these beats.

  18. taion mills

    I think Tyler would've went hard on this too w them

  19. Shakur Beasley

    Nun of these other rappers beats Wayne ex specially Kodak black sayin he the best rapper and ain't tryinna talk about Kodak black cause he gots good music but that doesn't mean he is better then lil Wayne, 2 PAC and biggie but he not he just fronting.

  20. King Soto

    zias wya

  21. _Jaydee_

    Wayne gave me such a big influence..just a misunderstood artist

  22. Gina Cozza

    The Doors meets Hodgy and lil wayne.... jeeeeez

  23. preston gibis

    so glad I found this song wayne absolutely killed it

  24. Luis Vampiro

    No Disrespect To Wayne But That's All I See In The Comments When We Should Be Taking About How @HodgyVEVO Came Up With This Song. This Isn't My First Time Hearing This Song But It Just Brings Me So Many Good Memories 🙏🏻🌻😕😢😍

  25. Luis Vampiro

    This Beat Tho 🙏🏻🌻

  26. Lord G

    Both Spit Dope Ass Verses.

  27. Sean Mitchell

    It's a shame BBNG let this beat go, would've been a much better jazz track

  28. Melohype Will

    i low-key dreamed of them collabing I'm happy it happened now.


    This song changed my opinion on Wayne

  30. ggfe46 gbjjju

    Why can't Lil Wayne and Earl sweatshirt collab??

  31. Travion Patterson

    started from a leak now we swimming- Tune

  32. Devin Johanningsmeier

    Nothing but bars.

  33. Zach Bochy

    Glad I dipped more into OF, Hodgy needs some tissues he's so ill

  34. SirAnthony z

    I swear waynes verse on this is sooo fuckin rediculously crafted.: i swear the guy isnt a fuckin human

  35. Classified Chappy

    Man this song sounds beautiful!

  36. NevFPV

    Oh yeah and Wayne could and should... probs will be the biggest milestone in rap history ever. I say milestone because there are already a few and will be more. But Wayne. one of the most influential there ever will be.
    Assuming the world will be gone in 200 years at most. Cause i cant see that far in the future. ;)

  37. NevFPV

    can anyone else see at least 5-6 faces on the left side in the flames or am i crazy?

  38. S P

    Someone got Wayne off the auto tune finally

  39. Ronnell Lee

    Don't say wayne feel off if you haven't heard :

    Fat Albert
    Pour up
    What you sayin
    Loyal To the soil
    Running back
    Bout Dat
    DJ drama intro
    Tape beat
    Sucker for pain
    Back on the bullshyt

  40. josh

    lil wayne is fucking awesome

  41. REN

    check me out please youll get a loved one back

  42. Flying Circus

    Where can I find this instrumental

  43. TrippY Mvtt

    +rapgenius can you breakdown hodgy's verse?

  44. Ralph Wiggums

    hodgy killed it

  45. Ralph Wiggums

    hodgy killed it

  46. will howard

    BadBadNotGood on the beat

  47. Sean J

    Wayne's best verse in a long time

  48. ItzMaRs DaGahh

    yes weezy ate but... HODGY FIRST VERSE THO......... HE ATEEEEEE

  49. T esT

    people say wayne fell off, but then again people also said trump would never be pres

  50. Allen Baker


  51. michael barber

    mad props to lil wayne for that flow

    michael barber

    and im even a wayne hater

  52. extinct prism

    Slowly but surely we gettin that mixtape wayne back

  53. Edgar Garcia

    Im breez to the finish and I'm weep when I win it. 🔥🔥

  54. not just brian

    Started from a leak, now we swimming

  55. sirNOmr.

    Catch a Glimpse : soundcloud.com/scales21

  56. Dontay 2527

    This shit just gave me life "dam"

  57. Adricorp234

    cnt stop listening

  58. Anqur Vanillapy

    s/o BBNG

  59. Joan S.

    Started from a leak, now we swimming...

  60. Joan S.


    Check The Rhyme

  61. Ah-Ra-Taza Byrd

    It's over nine thousandddd!!!!

  62. Linubee

    this song needs to become viral

  63. Los Angeles Lakers

    y'all sleeping on Hodgy. Real Hop.

  64. EizenKriegX

    when the reaper come come get me thats when im reaping what im knitting, so(sew)

  65. GYMIE J

    lil wayne has never fell off.


    damm wayne went in hodgy to do

  67. Blake Hansen


  68. Jake Bartlett

    wayne coming with nothing to prove just something to remind us why he has the right to say hes the greatest of all time

  69. LilUziSquirt

    Fuck this beat is so damn good

  70. Brandon Carpio


  71. P Russell

    ugggggh y lil so lethal tho

  72. P Russell

    ugggggh y lil so lethal tho

  73. Julian Campbell

    ""Born in antagonism, at times i cant even fathom
    Hopes, man I don't even have em. Burning ladders, bridges
    Cant wait to get to a chapter where I'm laughing & living" I relate so heavily to Hodgy's lyrics on this album

  74. Mitchell Watson

    woah! love it

  75. A. T.


  76. Whoami Beats

    Wanye is the king this should have HELLA more veiws!

  77. LadiesLoveGhost

    Weezy fell off real bad. I mean it's good but too basic. Weezy been in the game for way too long to be rapping so basic like that. wow other than that it's chill

  78. Original

    God damn this shit is so good, next summer is going to be good

  79. Khronic God


  80. WriteHand

    anybody got an instrumental remake? shit lit af

    Chris Windom

    WriteHand real shit bro I'm tryna find this beat too


    Watch this -- BADBADNOTGOOD x Bootsy Collins -- first minute is the production

  81. Lucas Padulo


  82. soul in a body

    who produced this beat

    Fancy Russian

    hawkinz97 badbadnotgood

  83. 3rd District CC Videos

    My nigga Wayne Givin out free smoke again 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. James Mulbah

    This is cold asf. sounds like a BBNG beat

    Fancy Russian

    James Mulbah it is a BBNG beat

  85. gelatnis

    dropped the ep way too late hodgy

  86. Rudy Garcia

    HB the demon slayer

  87. KellGamez

    Dang wayne!!!

  88. Markquise The Padawan

    I feel like Earl could do something amazing with this beat. It's still regardless a good ass song but when I heard the beat it immediately reminded me of Earl.

  89. tk madziya

    Wayne is hard and his verse was hard but he's Wayne he could've gone harder like he did in "loyal to the soil"


    did you not break the metaphors down

  90. Ma Ta

    yoo two of my favourite rappers of all time FAX

  91. Devin Slurs

    This whole joint bangs.

  92. Nick Owens

    i could cheat rodger clemens.... fire

  93. jose ocampo

    so glad some ofwgkta members still make music

  94. Filthy Krame LaFlare

    in love with sounds curing my wounds_ Filthy Krame @kramelaflare

  95. Filthy Krame LaFlare

    in love with sounds curing my wounds_ Filthy Krame @kramelaflare

  96. Filthy Krame LaFlare

    in love with sounds curing my wounds ©Filthy Krame @kramelaflare

  97. Filthy Krame LaFlare

    in love with sounds curing my wounds ©Filthy Krame @kramelaflare

  98. I'm a really fun boy.

    Beige seen hodge get his ass whooped in real life. Puck lame boy he is.