Hodgy Beats - Skinny Rapper Lyrics

Scratch, as I attack the facts
I like fat bags and fat stacks, but I'm a skinny rapper
As I attack the facts
I like fat bags and fat stacks, but I'm a skinny rapper

The opposite direction is the way to compute
My obscure being the long trip to commute
When the teacher take a day off who substitutes?
Kids balling up paper in class, paper planes, super glue
Stuck as I'm sitting with a pen no pencil
Permanent utensil, exploding with dementias
Through the wire goes dental become influential
Hell bound with the music when heaven sent you
Horns with the angel wings, Devil cries while the angels sing
Adjacent must be the way that he angle'n
Crooked, if it fights to get away he book it
Over the stove out on the streets after he cook it
Scent prettier then flowers, ground gritty in the showers
I take every single minute, this is my hour
I'm a show you the power, OF, Vyron, Beats the time is ours


I on my way down the yellow brick road
My conscience grows, grows, glitter is holds
When I reach my destination she seams to glitter with gold
And I lose my mind, selling my soul
Na-na-naa, she sings la-la-laa, over, over she hits the notes
Take a whiff sniff, sniff take a sniff from the nose, seductive
I bow down and propose to the game, it's my other half now I'm gone


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Hodgy Beats Skinny Rapper Comments
  1. Ma _Mix0

    Great and don't ever give up cauz it might be just the beginning. Can't wait to see another video , but be your self not like lil Wayne.

  2. Angelica Gonzalez

    Fuck ofwgkta.



  3. Armando Nieves

    So what he made the beat sound better he goes with the beat

  4. Jorge Aguilar

    This is andre nickatinas beat dumbass and your comparing him to ofwg you trippen they took this beat from him @konfidenceinhere

  5. futhegod

    what sample is in the beat ??

  6. Gus Rios

    all i can say is hoagy is jus like me i made this exact beat myself off of reason 6 its my favorite sample on there

  7. KCHILL97

    What is the cover??

  8. TheOCS01E01DVDRipXvid

    Nah, these are loops from Propellerheads Reason 5. The program Left Brain did the song in.

  9. Karina Hauge



    Please someone make the beat or tell me where I can get it at ?

  11. Peej

    4 people are tubby rappers

  12. injackiespants

    please prove it by posting the EXACT BEAT, without his voice on it. i produce so i know if you made it you should have the instrumental on file.

  13. AssCandid

    deserves more then 44k viers

  14. Carissa Bulfon

    3 people live under a rock

  15. Greyson NSYRG

    favorite song on this mixtape

  16. Phuck Witit

    Great song

  17. Hooked on Chronics

    Andre Nickatina beat.

  18. Jevins Jackson

    coulda sworn there was guest by kanye if i didnt no better ha

  19. Antonio Billyboy


  20. Thirsty Magursty50

    Taj and Gerry used to make classics LA shit

  21. Nabil RA

    dislike bars dont affect OF

  22. James Ein

    One of the best OF songs, but so underrated

  23. DroppKickkNickk


  24. Nabil RA

    dislike bars dont affect OF!

  25. Spaceship 2 Mercury

    my big bro made the beat 4 this song and recorded it:)
    hi taj nd jerry:)

  26. thekidkiwin

    @JewDoggyDogg Nicky T! Dude when i heard this song I was so happy someone used a Nickatina beat 4am Bay Bridge

  27. Thesamofsam


  28. JewDoggyDogg


  29. Red Panda

    @amazingness26 exactly

  30. DeathDrums

    @EtnicsMediaSB Yeah I agree dog.


    This beat and song is dope, but I'm not to down with the auto tune part. If he kept it simple it would have been way sicker. Dope track though...

  32. SlimmLuvsYouu

    Fucking Beasttt

  33. Afro Shinobi

    @ilovetoshred1 What's the name of the Andre track?


    so good

  35. Adrian Thomas

    hodgy beats illy!

  36. Adrian Thomas

    Hodgy style is unique! One of the best from odd future!

  37. Christian

    nobody sleeps on hodgy

  38. FunkyDankO

    4 a.m. bay bridge beat

  39. Vince05051

    holy shit this is amazing

  40. Imran Mir

    @4twi2ted0 Well he used to use FL to start then he bought a 500$ beat producer idk if he did when he made mellowhype, but now he uses some expensive programs his record label bought him.

  41. Imran Mir

    @4twi2ted0 Its no FL. But its a program like it.

  42. MrGanja34

    @MrGanjabot biter

  43. silentster

    straightest fuckin track on this shit. big ups brew.

  44. silentster

    @durtyd83 yea

  45. Chris Ramsey

    I got so hyped first time i heard this song i was on the bay bridge. haha i think this tape was made for the bay. weed+driving on 80 east from SF+dena tape= whole different fuckin worlddd

  46. ThEREALsLiMsHaDy47

    i like fat bags and fat stacks but im a skinny rapper


    Andre NIckatinas beeeeat!?!!!1

  48. durtyd83

    sample from andre nickatina?

  49. purplekat40

    @MenaceToSocietyMusic I slept on him already

  50. Big Bango

    ppl sleep on him this guy has some serious skill

  51. Alizay

    HODGY <3 ;)

  52. MrGanja34

    wpw this i sfuckin beast

  53. Justin G

    sounds like kanye west when he sings

  54. pimpingator

    So sick. This is one of the most underrated songs from all of OFWGKTA.

  55. kevy lam

    @kooki3m0n5t3r you dumbfuck its a mixtape. you dont make your own lyrics on a mixtape. you use other songs' beats. so stupid...

  56. Fazer XIII

    THE END.