Hodgy Beats - Resurrection Lyrics

I need my support system
I need not to abort wisdom
I need this distorted rhythm

What is my destiny lord?
They say, prayer is the recipe lord
I be ready to send these niggas to visit you and they be pressing me lord
I got one goon he do it expertise lord
I keep my son close at all times like he right next to me lord
I gave up on you a while ago, and you still blessing me lord
You never questioned me lord
I feel your energy lord
You showed me how to forget my family and enemies lord
(I hear the devil talking to me, he depend on me lord)
To spread evil, that's not the remedy lord
And it will never be lord
Pride I push aside and recognise the sensory, lord
I'm a slave to my own thoughts, no penitentiary lord
We all gon' die and lie in the cemetery eventually lord
You know my tendencies won't be the same when I'm 70 lord
I wanna spread positivity like it's leprosy lord
And I thank you for the gift you've given me, that lives in me lord
That's real

I'm thankful for my life
I'm grateful
We all gon' die someday

That's how I've been feeling, I'll go when I'm willing
I'm running through the building to get to the ceiling
The devil coming and he killing my focal civilians
Praying for better days, put my hope in God willing
You led me to places, thank you for taking me
I know I come off misunderstood, you haven't mistaken me
I'm already above, whether calm, collected or the crazy me
I don't wanna be a slave lord, the world is bathing in slavery
I empty out my mental to this vacancy
My occupation's make sure my seed is taken care of and he's not hating me
I was delayed for a second but never latent see
Pull up on them blatantly
(It's not, it's all part, it's all part of the process)
I know shit is getting to me
You say you hearing me out
But I don't believe that you hearing me fully
Belief, nigga sneak indiscreet
Between the sheets of life is where the beast sleep
At the table of death is most likely where the beast eats
Over-dosage on the beat 'til the beat no longer beats
Peskitarian fishing at an aquarium
Fishscale that Webster-Merriam
Deceasing bacterium on my back, that's where I carry 'em
I'm letting go

(I remember when I was your age, I wish I would've known what I know now, but this is just the that way life goes, it's meant for us to learn)

Letting go of your promises
Promises lead to consequence, when you commit to something and do the opposite
Sick to your stomach, you're vomiting, a Ramadan
No food for children you're fathering
The possibility of your family surviving this shit is kinda slim
First place, the gold trophy, bitch I gotta win
Seems like that's what my only option is

And for that

I'm thankful for my life
I'm grateful
We all gon' die someday

That's how I've been feeling, I'll go when I'm willing
I'm running through the building to get to the ceiling
The devil coming and he killing my focal civilians
Praying for better days, put my hope in God willing

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Hodgy Beats Resurrection Comments
  1. NaziriYAH APTTMH

    I pray hodgy comes into more truth and truly repents

  2. Logan 11-11

    first verse has got me crying

  3. Joshua Blomer

    hodgy you the OG

  4. Redeemed, Forgiven, Free

    Man oh man... Only God can change folks hearts like this. Thank you Jesus 🙌🏿🙏🏿

  5. go bucks

    Realest shit I've heard in a minute

  6. Kc Mcjigglypuffins

    Truly underrated

  7. 404k Anime

    My favorite godly song of all time

  8. yung LiiT

    Big Christian BARS I LOVE IT !

  9. Kevin Jack

    Thank me later...lord

  10. Riley Brummett

    This is such a beautiful song.

  11. Marco Lecca

    We all gon' die and lie in the cemetery eventually lord


    Deep line

  12. Bruna Franco

    you are awesome!

  13. J J

    Some shit to get you out of a bad trip

  14. Young Wiggle

    It hurts my insides to know how slept on this shit is 😢😢😢

  15. Joshua Lacey

    this fucking beat

  16. White Owl

    can't wait to listen to this on lsd

    Brett Alvarez

    White Owl i did. 🔥

  17. LilRayBans

    WOW! I like this one a lot. This is really good. I seriously never expected Hodgy to change like this. It's a beautiful thing. So much purpose in this song.

  18. Culture Vibes

    To think this the same man that made mellowhype 64 , This shows you life progression .

    Hodgy on another level

    Devon Pinegar

    Whole nother level you can see it in earl too I'm almost glad they all went on to do their own thing and grow as musicians

  19. jujurightnow

    damn. so f****** good. the whole album is incredible.

  20. Kollyn Chaisson

    Happy birthday Hodgy

  21. T-Herbert Jeffrey

    Bruh what is the name of this beat?

  22. Brynn S

    This deserves the views these mumble rappers are getting...everybody sleepin on Hodgy

  23. Hasuqi

    The chorus gives me chills every time

  24. Michael Smith

    I feel like if this album was released twenty years ago, Hodgy would be easily recognized as one of the greatest to ever spit real onto the microphone.
    Mad love 🤘🏽

  25. Lost poet

    Hodgy improved. Good shit

  26. Nolan Moralez

    From that triple 6 to thanking God. funny what a few years change


    get it then hodgy

  28. Jason Montoya

    0:55 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I feel that touch me

  29. Early Bird

    best song on the album

  30. Larry Legendary


  31. Jay Cloud Beats

    Great Album

  32. Emilio

    thank you this song helps

  33. TeoRodriguez10

    Im high af

  34. KawaiiLean 420

    0.55 is my fav part

  35. daaavid

    You told me God was the answer
    When I ask him for shit, I get no answer, so God is the cancer

    Joe Dirté

    well said chris

  36. marcellas ramos

    This is damn good

  37. iguessimd3v?

    Hands down the hardest song on the album besides tape beat. Hodgy always been one of the most slept on guys in OF besides Domo.

  38. Spidey Jones

    thank you

  39. Suh Blaminal

    Listen to Dead Man Walking by The Maniac #np on #SoundCloud

  40. itsyaboidevman fawk u mean

    Jesus saves all..we all chilldren of The Highest...God loves u 💪

  41. Filthy Krame LaFlare

    Heard it All📼

  42. R.G Spade

    This is is real hip hop!! From the heart, to the pen, to the ear, back to the heart.

  43. Benjamin Harty

    Bumpin' this


    They sleep on you .Tuh!

  45. FlameKizerex

    Tape beat and this I feel the only ones where hodgy is snappin as hard as the beat

    Rashid M

    FlameKizerex Same

  46. Xavier Reyes

    This nigga reallly saved my life

    itsyaboidevman fawk u mean

    Xavier Reyes Jesus loves u

  47. Jeremy Camps

    Good shit!

  48. fullm3tal90

    So is hodgy religious now damn

    Dusten Bolos

    I wouldnt say religious. But he knows Gods spiritual power. My friend.

  49. Joe Dirté

    this deserves a fuck ton more views..


    Joe Dirt Yo Chill; He Dropped This On Youtube 2 Days Ago Smfh

    Joe Dirté

    did I butthurt you? just comparing to the views on tape beat. just chill out man haha


    Joe Dirt Yeah this song is the jewel of this album. This song and They Want just loop those songs is amazing. Its too bad that the songs with big name features are getting all the love this song is clearly the best.

    Joe Dirté

    still being slept on! People treat Christianity like it will hurt them.. sign of the times tho

  50. boosh booshington

    so snapped, been snapped , snapping off twice type snapped.

  51. Joe Dirté

    the alchemist has to have made the beat.. this is loose!

  52. Wardell Strange

    my favorite song on the album

  53. Tre Tolbert

    his best track to date in my opinion.

  54. Kiid Chris

    Please Check Out My Music Im Broke

  55. Joe Dirté

    I been waiting knowing hodgy was going to be blowing my earholes apart in these futures right here..

    I love his guts to stand up walk off and do his own shit.. going hard son

    p.s I get a alchemist type vibe on the beat.. rad so rad

  56. SirClark

    This song makes me think that the reason he blacked out his OF tattoos is to "burn away" (aka Fireplace) The hate he feels he has said before and that he wants to spread peace not the stuff he had said before. I dont know just an idea.


    never thought about that. or why he would name the album fireplace but that shit makes sense. good observation !

    Calypso TripleMelon

    He broke out. He woke up. You're on the right track.

    Aaron Rainbolt

    lmao if you gon get a tatto then keep it

    Benjamin Puentes

    SirClark fuck yeah i believe that

  57. SirClark

    Sort of happy this wont go mainstream style big. This is just the true OF fans left for this I fucking love this group.

  58. Griimnak

    Funny, Hodgy finds God and Ab Soul finds the Devil. #dwtw #ftntos

  59. neet

    Glad to see Hodgy has matured but this album is just very mediocre/boring. Maybe it will grow on me, like almost every album I'm iffy about does, but whatever. I really like this song tho.

  60. Acktvboy Officiel

    BiG Up and Respect G

  61. Preston Martin

    god damn, yall sleeping on Hodgy

    Benjamin Puentes

    Preston Martin right mofocas act like he hasnt been rappin well

  62. Katherine Avrith

    yess!!! wow I never thought anyone would write lyrics like this!!! LOVE THIS NEW ALBUMM <33 im vybiinnnnng with it!!!

  63. Mr. T

    alright this is a lot better than that Aura vid.

  64. León Friedrich


    James Peterson

    Atheist and Satanic aint the same damn shit and IF you think that you dumb af

    12345688u503 678910

    MICLO3793 looked it up it is lol I'm not bein ignorant


    Rainbow Trifecta “666 is my number you can get it from my Tumblr, When I ask him shit I get no answer so God is the cancer”


    @12345688u503 678910 upside down cross isn't satanic.

    Thaspacegoat Æ

    BANANA LIZARD You’re a perfect example of someone who shouldn’t even be allowed to listen music cause of the shit you spew out. Some people just don’t get art at all.

  65. ej P

    shit is fire, 100% fire so tired of this fuck shit getting played, and this nigga is consistently moving hiphop forward.

    Okaga Ca


    # Thunderup

    Martin Ellis indeed

    Rockey Washington

    you might like this too then.... https://soundcloud.com/rockeystl/tracks

  66. Obadiah

    Olbi Slice is gonna vibe this shiiiit

  67. Alfie Kelly

    this is gonna be shlept on because of j. cole fml


    Who the fuck J. Cole?? Ha

    Vicente Villegas

    Maybe, pero significa que solo los elegidos podrán verlo.


    Ab-Soul too

    Lesser Dog

    tech 9 aswell

    Benjamin Puentes

    Even cole gettin shade from all these trap wannabes

  68. Abi lv Santiago

    fam u gone blow up fuck Tyler and Earl

    Michael Smith

    SirClark have some faith homie you never know where Hodgy is gonna go especially after this shit, mad love for this dude though waking up is a gradual process and he's doing it for himself

    Early Bird

    Abi lv Santiago never disrespect earl

    Abi lv Santiago

    he deff is I can see him going mainstream

    Joe Dirté

    yeah leave earl outa this or i'll poke your eyes out

    Jason Gomez

    Abi lv Santiago If you wanna say that aight Fuck Kanye West

  69. Dravion Philmon

    my nigga hodgy flow in💯💯💯

  70. Lamp

    idk, just not feeling this album like the rest of you...

    Cameron Cornelius Ester Ross

    Filthy Liberals fucking liberal

  71. kick flips

    this beat is fucking golden.

    Harry Jenkinson

    this beat is fucking perfect

  72. Sean Wire

    Jesus ~ this fuckin album better not be slept on


    Sean Wire well it is doe

  73. Jack McCallum



    Jack McCallum your picture fits the mood

    D a r k

    Jack McCallum is it really?

  74. Patrick Branford

    Hodgy the Goat 💯 they not even knowin

  75. Wardell Strange

    I'm glad he stopped with that demonic rebellious bull shit😒


    i think he just did that for OF and mellowhype

    D a r k

    Wardell Strange meh

    Early Bird

    Wardell Strange fr i like this style better

    The Conscientious Advocate

    Wardell Strange
    Everyone has to grow up at some point

    Benjamin Puentes

    Wardell Strange it was style of OF lol he always been a good lyricist

  76. wolf lounge

    the best glad hes back

  77. Cheezy E

    Ayy 🔥

  78. Kalkin Bui

    So hype that hes doing shit again.

  79. eyesofchaos

    Back like he never left!!!