Hodgy Beats - Interlude Lyrics

Mars Productions
Hey! Yes, hey!
Yup - yeah, whassup? Hey! Hey!
Yeah, yup, Hodgy Beats
Umm, yeah B, let's go

You make me feel like the sky so blue
Your eyes so blue, your thighs so beaut'
Your ego is equal to whatever I'm doin
So when I go, then she go, oops I mean we go
Louis Vuitton bags, flesh flannel plaid
Diamonds in my baby ears thanks to her dad
Niggaz say she high maintenance but them niggaz can't manage
When they gotta pay for somethin they start speakin that Spanish
When I take her out to eat I start speakin spinach
Cause I ain't come here to lose girl I came here to win it
I'm not another fish that just came here to swim in
I start with the words cause - that's just the beginning
You haters fall back or get your skull cracked
It's a game of tug of war and I'll make you fall back
Now back to you baby, I must ask one thing
Uhhhhh - will you take this ring?

Yup, yeah, hey! Hey
Yup... Hodgy Beats
Mars Productions

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Hodgy Beats Interlude Comments
  1. Aaron Rodriguez

    stone man

  2. weetoddtv

    i think hodgy is one of the most underrated rappers

  3. TheGrandArgument


    Fuck that, just play the next song.

  4. Go Try Again

    .......anyway.. I love this song <3

  5. Dirk Diggler

    @littleaskater137 whatever punk

  6. Adrian Garcia

    @DoubleAssClown Yee? bitch shut the fuck up. another nosy ass nigga -.- SMFH

  7. Nick Mendez

    this beat is too dope

  8. ghost of dad

    Yo what the fuck is an interlude for.

  9. Adrian Garcia

    @PwnUser815 bitch stay out of a conversation well wasn't even a conversation since he never replied

  10. lamepv

    whats this beat?

  11. Tan Far

    im the first person to like this video!OFWGKTA!!