Hodgy Beats - Glory Lyrics

If I could ask for anything it would be apprehension
Malice is pretentious, no further questioning
Balanced with a shin splint, steam the pedal leveraging down to Earth how it's sitting
My flows are pimping, this shit rot, ya'll gone have to exhibit
Dissecting my life apart like a frog with no ribbit
I've done it this time, I did it, they snitching to the witness
I've crumbled it down to settlements stretch and move the quickness
Hunger is the sickness, zombies coming with a vengeance
I go figure on the hill like Tom with his inventions
Love for my music, my people, remind me my intentions
It's a battle to get it right when your thoughts are henchmans
True to survive in the night, the fight or flight
Firefight, the fire, the fireflies shining bright at night
The brightest light my future, I'ma eye 'em till it's outta sight
You're free to die, damn right, can't climb my height
I say it louder, twice, I'm 'bout that life until I'm out of life to live
Punchlines haven't received a flow before [?]
Before I'm out the game make sure nobody did it how I did
I should be first on your browser list
Check my music out, it's sick, I might buy me a house with this

I'm black and I'm young and I'm fucking strapped with a gun
They can't talk crap 'cause they dumb
Don't know what the fuck's happening
They say, Jesus' piece like I'm back to back with a nun
He resurrected his life, for his fucking sake just to
Have you some fun

There comes a time in a man's life
Doing crime is just a man's vice
Vaporise, my brain is paying pan fried
I sublime until I am high
You can't tell a man what he can't try
Watch the faith of a mustard seed expand in size
I'm the shit, but at least he can't fly
Jagged edges like a ham pie
I'm getting cheese now where's the damn Rye
She need my wishes, my command right? Right?

I tell my George man I can't wait for you to come home
Drumline, one band, one sound, trumpets and trombones
I feel the fucking growth like processed hormones
My intuition is the unknown
I let it ripen till you smell it like it's cologne
Serving niggas with appetisers, the rap arrival
I put the beat to sleep, call me the tranquilizer
Dandelion in the middle of the desert, bitch analyse it
If she ask me which way to go, I bet I can't advise her
Listen to one of my tracks, label me the antagoniser
Niggas be like Hodgy need to grab the bible
So I grabbed the bible, study like I fathom idols
You after fame nigga, I'm after the title
The best

What it is a man without his word, his word
What it is a, man without his

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Hodgy Beats Glory Comments
  1. Juan Rodriguez


  2. Christopher mad man

    This song is was recommended to me by Spotify and I thank that app for that

  3. devin eduardo

    Wholesome asf

  4. CyHiiigh

    hey dodgy, I'm with you. love.

  5. 3Way Entertainment

    I wish hodgy would make more music.


    Anyone in here in 2019?❤🔥

  7. Braden Jim

    What is the instermental?

  8. mymainbitchissatana

    "there comes a time in a mans life where doing crime is just a mines vice " felt that

  9. Æon Flux

    Back again. Still cry every time.

  10. Pinokyo is tha name

    favorite jam n mood for rest ov da life


    I love cock

  12. David Jashen

    Sample from: air on the g string by Bach

  13. Big Red dyke


  14. Lucifer Crack

    Fucking awesome hodgy.

  15. Manny ESCO

    Long time no see

  16. johnnycage435

    Who ever did the video did a great job

  17. corvus peskey

    “watch the faith of a mustard seed expand in size” im push this man until the end

  18. corvus peskey

    when them people be tryna gang up on me ima remember that first line.. until they try sum

  19. that one guy 500

    Whats the beat

  20. Daniel Lucero

    damn shit two years old

  21. Crash Toaster

    Love it <3

  22. Forever Lone

    Gerald I’m thankful you didn’t hit mainstream. You’re energy and message is really circled around people who appreciate amazing music. I don’t listen to your OF to much, there’s good mellowhype songs and mellowhigh songs forsure. But what you do by yourself turned you into who you are today and I’m most proud of you than anyone in OF. I know I commented two years late. But thank you.

  23. noburrito

    i hope Hodgy is doing well i miss him and all the other OF members

  24. gav

    my new favorite video

  25. Jumex Suplex

    I love smoking and vibeing to this

  26. Vincent Roman

    when i be famous i will help hodgy and canibus to be famous

  27. Scrappy Coco

    This video sick af who did it

  28. J Malibu

    Why doesn’t this have a million views.... you deserve it hodgy... they don’t bro you do....

    Cable Vamp

    J Malibu right? This songs beautiful.

  29. Leanna Flores

    This shit go hard ong💯

  30. Viv B

    Can someone please breakdown the lyrics on rap genius? I find this pretty hard to understand.

  31. Ryan Heinz

    What kind of camera was this shot with? I love the videography. And this song <3

  32. Travis Aipel

    So much different than anything else I hear.. 🔥🔥🔥

  33. WorkshopK

    Luv this your truly h beats

  34. Geoffrey Anderson

    This video depicts the quality time im missing out on with my son...

  35. 47most SOON

    Seeing Hodgy’s progression gives me hope!

  36. SXBER k

    When Hodgy smile in the end he look like Bob Marley and look wise

  37. Nisha Banks

    This video is beautiful

  38. The Coolest Coolie Adesh Mahabir

    I’ve watched Hodgy grow up and matured, I thank God to see such evolution in the youth.

    Jackson Wright

    ^ truth man

  39. Confused Byproduct of Society

    First time hearing him, strangly remebers me of the story of oj

  40. Splinter Omar

    The intro, is it the same girl who speaks on Frank Ocean Blonde album? Sounds familiar.

  41. SiN_Dub.

    Hope to see u dropping soon 👌🏾❤️

  42. DaNamezJosiah [TSEG]

    This go hard s/o my boy RBE Doughboy put me on

  43. Ugh It’s Andres

    Ik I’m late and I’m sorry but wow Hodgy..

  44. Æon Flux

    Hodgy was always my favorite. This made me cry. Thank you Hodgy.

  45. Supernintendro

    When you coming back, Hodgy? It's been two years, son...

  46. ApathyAnimations ,

    He sampled Bach "air" just now hearing it 😂


    *you gon' have to exhibit* 🖤

  48. alex

    what camera is Hodgy using at the end of the video?

  49. Billion Williams

    this was a treat 4 my soul

  50. Marcos Salustiano

    What happen with hodgy?
    Where this guy?

  51. royalrod _

    This is the result of growth 💯 .. Its crazy how time flies seeing him start off with odd future then this.

  52. JZL H

    How is this not over a million yet #2018

  53. Aron Mey

    gawd damn chills

  54. Splinter Omar

    Now this is music.

  55. Cash Chasin Vante

    Mfs gone wish they found Hodgy gems, after its too late

  56. Juri P

    Johann Sebastian Bach brought me here! Best sample I've heard so far

  57. NigNogNas

    this song makes me cry, this video adds to that happy sadness.

  58. Николай Безрукавников

    ты охуенный!

  59. Kcuf

    you know, even though I don't agree with some of his recent statements, especially regarding OF and Tyler, but it's amazing to watch him grow as an artist and I'm loving this

  60. Awfulsticknoob

    At 0:04 that beginning sounds like from another song and it’s driving me nuts

  61. keshabani

    hodgys the truest out of the founding members of
    OF and im so happy so see videos like that. the man stuck to his own values and didnt let all the money lead him

  62. Bob Fluffyson

    One of my favorite music videos tbh

  63. Just flowin

    Ma niggga hodgy always keepin it real

  64. yer*

    wish him and T were still close

  65. OwO What's This

    Can someone explain to me why this song's lyrics show up in the Google info box for Bach's "Air on the G String"?

    Viv B

    It's a sample that's used on this. :)

  66. Parra Paints

    Tyler made this kid now he's done

    Viv B

    Whatchu mean?

  67. Greg Rush

    I hate that Odd Future fell apart the way it did. I understand that life happens and people grow apart but they were all so dope together. I'm glad they're all doing well on their own though.

  68. Gabe Bartlett

    Just heard this for the first time the other day at my friends house, happy he played it man. Been playing it a few times a day ever sinse just legendary

  69. tubbb time

    Kinda odd for the switch but not gonna hate on him. Funny to me some

  70. Stinky Tits Ramen

    still goes straight to the chest. i'm not hard, i shatter.

  71. Jerry Vance Bridges III

    This is classic as fuckkkkk miss hodgy bΣΔTZ

  72. Steezy Langgood


  73. Braze

    Can’t somebody tell me exactly what the woman is saying before the rapping starts?

  74. flower

    This is beautiful

  75. Billion Williams

    Music is peace we never had

  76. Black Huncho

    keep going hodgy u were one of the realest ones

  77. Daniel Piazza

    That beat though, wtf so good.

  78. Kool Aid

    this is art and full of spirit this the music you not only hear but feel the up lift in every second thank you hodgy you did it with this one 🙏

  79. Jeremy Vasquez

    I’m late to this, but man your bars are inspiring my dude, real talk, makes want to get out and be productive man

  80. Adrienne Leslie

    You have a son!

  81. Rob H

    Raw talent, miss this mofo.

  82. Scum


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    i love this video so much

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    This is Hodgy’s best song yet

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    This beat sounds pretty similar to chum by Earl

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    My brain is pan fried

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    this shit always get me teary eyed

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    Without his worth

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