Hodgy Beats - DYSLM Lyrics

This song is just for fun, so have fun with it
(Yeah, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun)

You used to love me like you used to
Can you call me "boo" like you used to?
Can you tie my shoes like you used to?
Can you buy my food like you used to?

Times change, but I didn't really
Don't look for better days, man that shit is silly
My momma told me that's it's grind time
But why grind when I could take my time
I'd rather be up in the crib playing X-Box
Banging Three Six 'stead of working at a sweatshop
We had a baby out of wedlock
I'm just wondering do you still love me?
I heard you got a new friend
Well I just keyed his new Benz
I'm jealous that it's him that you're choosing
She cut me short, I got the loose end
Everyday I'm in the mirror, I know I'm not ugly
I don't know why she don't love me
She want a nigga with some money
Oh shit her boyfriend walking this way

Nigga I thought I told you to stay out the yard
And what the *oh my* did you just do to my car
Freaks come out at night
You're the only one under the stars
And I find it mighty bizarre
Like that fat tub of lard from D12
How do you like my new car?
This shit's a fucking V12
Windows roll up by themselves
Have you ever seen automatic seat belts
I'm checking my fucking e-mail, give me a second
(Do you still love me?)

I wreck it and take the spotlight straight from a heckler
And when I say it, relay it
Better not make a messenger
I'll be drinking Ayahuasca with native Mexicans in Temecula
While you crying to your baby momma bout why she's not next to ya
Just get in the fucking car
I'm driving you to your house
You not coming back to this house
If you come right back to this house
I'ma punch you right in your mouth
Turn your lights off then knock 'em out
Sock 'em, bop 'em
I drop 'em out of high school like you're dropping out
Flip phone keep on flopping out
Your only option is getting out of this car and walking out
Back to your momma's crib, don't you look around
I beep the horn and make sure you got inside safe and sound
See you later alligator, after while crocodile
She ain't gotta be with you because she had your fucking child
You're a menace to society
(Do you still love me?)

I'm at my momma's house, I'm all alone in my room
I wish my baby momma call my phone, maybe soon
It's often that I think about her and my baby girl
Off with another nigga in this crazy world
Cause she don't love me like she used to
She don't call me "boo" like she used to
She don't tie my shoes like she used to
She don't buy my food like she used to
Cause them times changed, but I didn't really
Don't look for better days, man that shit is silly
My momma told me that's it's grind time
But why grind when I could take my time
I'd rather be up in the crib playing X-Box
Banging Three Six 'stead of working at a sweatshop
We had a baby out of wedlock
And I know she don't love me no more
Probably cause I ain't shit

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Hodgy Beats DYSLM Comments
  1. Cesar Arroyo

    Don’t know how I’m only finding this now but I’m glad I found it... beat feels like A Tribe Called Quest

  2. NewGenerationTV

    I understand the song to a certain point. Not the best way to end a album like this, though. More of a song to listen to for conscious exercise. the Album was great tho!

  3. Supernintendro

    This dude said he drinks ayahuasca with native mexicans LMFAO. That's deep af, ayahuasca ain't no joke... Serious work.

  4. bubba kush

    This is my fav song from the album

  5. Luis Najera

    is that hodgy on the second part too because it sounds like domo

  6. ianquadrado

    holy fuck this is the best track of this album

  7. StonerDiarys 101

    Only 16k Views? Deserves Wayy More

  8. jose Moran

    what salty fuck disliked this?

  9. hoppyKnitz

    left brain pls drop an album too dis one was gr8

  10. Quinten Tingle

    That was a good album all the way through

  11. xMXWLx

    wats dyslm mean?

    Courtney Champagne

    MaxParris It tells you in the song, do you still love me

  12. xMXWLx

    i got thesame bm problems

  13. Unicorn Power

    this is some old hodgy hahaha

  14. Reymundo Torrea

    watch this blow up in march

    Reymundo Torrea

    forreals my guy


    @Reymundo Torrea Why you out here talking to your self? lol.

  15. Tyler Jewfro

    Reminds me of Slick Rick at the very beginning ha

  16. Dyslm

    We gotta Dyslm here

  17. cudiii

    do this more hodgy

  18. Jayda _

    Love this song

  19. Jarrick Williams

    This Album was Fantastic, Completely Blind-sided by this one.

  20. Joseph Collareta

    Great album, just wish it didn't end on this song

  21. Saadaan Afghan

    i hope you get the recognition you deserve

  22. john1120

    sounds like my old relationships thx hodgy for making sense of my life.

  23. ODG

    this shit tight asf , check out shit hb

  24. Jay Jay

    I just found out who you are dope

  25. Kevin Glazier

    my advertisement is Xbox

  26. Eli Fults


  27. DeRick Velez


  28. Bobby The Guru

    Hodgy be killing it yo

  29. Joseph Picciano

    this song is lit

  30. Cameron Cornelius Ester Ross

    Good Lord

    Cameron Cornelius Ester Ross

    hodgy be on that shit bro

  31. yah boy ozzy

    yo this shit mad unique hodgy got a future ahead of him

    Joe Dirté

    always had a future since the start of odd future

    yah boy ozzy

    Joe Dirt definitely but now he broke out of his shell, he aint never been as good as now and he doesnt seem to be slowing down he definitely matured 🔥🔥

    Joe Dirté

    well said

    yah boy ozzy

    Joe Dirt thank you man you aswell

  32. Andrew Achachi

    Shit is Crazy! Big up from KEnyA

  33. Patrick Branford

    damn bro this shit crazy bro, God bless bro

  34. thatsonyou

    Hodgy snapping harder than a sassy black girl

    Aaliyah Steele

    thatsonyou lmao what

  35. Wardell Strange

    Lol hodgy kind of snapping😂

  36. Zach



    Infernalisk all of em now


    @yung wzrd101
    Just realized haha listening to it on Spotify rn