Hodgy Beats - Dreaminofthinkin Lyrics

I never dream constantly, onto better things
Living inside my self-consciousness
I walk up to the doorstep, on the mat, and press the bell that rings
Dealing with goals that I'm conquering
Edit segments until it works for me
I never sell myself short, enough for purchasing
Removing the king from his throne, that's how you hurt the king
I look at life and drive thru it like it's Burger King
Death is upon us, [?] this is the murder scene
To the first degree
A freedom writer, there's no purgery
When shit gets I'll, it's good for surgery
The light shining through the window, the curtain's clean
Time to get out of momma's house and go serve the fiends
My goals are magnified but it's all still a blur to me
And I'm okay with not having it all figured out
No right or wrong way to live life, that's something to think about
From a shack in Ashanti town to a bigger house
There is gold inside your soul, you gotta dig it out
Search for it, [?] forward
Pain is love nigga, and hurt's torture
A couple tricks up my sleeve, I'm the sorcerer
Of course [?] of the resourceful
He floss inside of Porsche then clutching the turbo

I never dream constantly, onto better things
I wanna fly away, just need my set of wings
Tired of going back and forth like I'm on a swing
A lot of shit buzzing around, I'm the hornet that stings
Born as a prince, more of a king
Engagement life, never wore the ring
Love my life in the numbers, one for three
Money make her come but will she come for me
If I chased her man, she would run from me

I never dream constantly, make realities
Smoking, burning calories
Falling short from an apple tree
My art is golden in gallery
I miss my homies like I'm Master P
I let it burn man, this whole bag of weed
Crack the seal and pouring out all the drink
And if my album leaks, I'ma just call a freak to fuck me til I fall asleep
On the couch she pick me up, drag me across the suite
Ran into my subconscious we ain’t talk for some weeks
It's [?] we meet, finally

Oh, let me hear that (For sho')

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Hodgy Beats Dreaminofthinkin Comments
  1. Marqes Burton

    I always wanna know where that sample come from


    its from myron - no other love

  2. These Vids Cray

    420 likes i like it but cant eeen do it

  3. SoulBrotha91

    Anything with Knxwledge, 99% chance I'm already gonna like it

    Michael Pasillas

    Soulbrotha 91 RIGHT haha

  4. AlexOVarietyHour

    This album was fire.

  5. J Vee

    name of sample?


    Myron - No Other Love

    Gregorius Emily

    man u shouldnt ask for sample, disrepect to the producers smh

  6. kahlil edozie


  7. Asheru

    Still waiting for hodgy to really blow up

  8. liquid

    knx still the best producer out here

  9. Hüey Stone

    Soon as I head this, I know it was KNX himself. The drum work and sampling is incredible.

  10. Jarrick Williams

    Midday Vibes.

  11. Lil nigga G mane

    Fucking love this song

  12. DOOM US

    trippy beat

  13. Snake 7299

    Hodgy is so fucking different.....it kills me that he isn't more famous

  14. Wardell Strange

    4th favorite song on the album

  15. cashless clay

    that whispery voice kept getting me
    albums nice tho

    Bryan Rodriguez

    cashless clay I hate when people say this about voices in the back, like it bothers them or something. It's a beautiful sample and sounds perfect in the back. You're concentrating to much of that bothers you, that part actually makes me feel more of a great vibe!

  16. GTW VLOG

    still waiting on earl

  17. Marlon Clarke

    "There is gold inside your soul, you gotta dig it out." more positive words from an evolved hodgy #keepitup

  18. Vicente Villegas

    Buenisimoo el disco perro! Hace rato tenías que sacar un album.

  19. Patrick Branford

    u something else for this shit! 😂😂

  20. Luka ob

    Hodgy just woke up from a coma

  21. Patrick Branford

    damn my nigga . I hear you 💯

  22. Sam Malacca

    Hodgy fuck with Stonethrow record now...

  23. Alba Ordonez



    As soon as I heard the drums I knew lol, nobody does it like him.

    Alba Ordonez

    facts bruh, I fw your beats btw

  24. Nao

    al cien

  25. drew


    Ernesto Campbell

    drew name of beat

    [Prod. Dotaki.]

    2. dreamngofthnking_

  26. thatsonyou

    Dude wtf this is so good

  27. wolf lounge


  28. Tommy Bermudez

    damn where the rest of the songs at? shit is Ill though nevertheless.