Hodgy Beats - Crap Lyrics

[Left Brain:]
Left Brain

Bitches all wanna be in the club with me, me
Bottles of the rosay in that V.I.P., P
With the Wolf Gang, Yeah you wanna be
Just because you got that ass don't mean you gonna be
I know what you want, you want this dick inside you
You want me to be your man and stand beside
I'm a player, A.K.A. a slayer
I fleed out the scene told her see you later
Bitch, chocolate chip, what you drinkin' tonight
I'm sippin on that promeslane, cold and sprite
Yeah I'm moving slow, but the music is fast
Don't even start thinking about my cash
Yeah I know a nigga just payed for that cab
Cause driving drunk will end up in a bloody crash
But fuck it in the end of the night, I'm very well
And you can go and tell your friends the fairytale, Whoa


[Hodgy Beats:]
Keep on playin''round
Watch you bump yo head
Hit yo noggin hard
Should've listened to what I said
Wisdom from the wise
Eyes all bloody red
Intoxicated dreams
Woke up in hell instead
Of my cow kid cottin
And a lady of breast
Neighboring my flavoring
Tryna see which move was next
Bitch I'm a secret agent
Fuck up as my gun
Maggin' up, extended thumb
Dragon tounge, nigga fire
You needa stop playin' round
Curiousity killed the cat
But you roll in dark and nightime like a bat
Niggas be on the corner tryna teach themself how to ollie
And I ain't catching them catching the 7 bus home until I got it
Life of a teenanger, young, black in the hood
Inspirations of making out so everything can be good
Mellowhype lifestyle, odd future records
We the hot shit got them sneezing out this pepper, oooh

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Hodgy Beats Crap Comments
  1. Damonte Rembert

    Here in 2019?!!

  2. Food Stamps

    I will always love this song.

  3. Christopher Jones

    2019 here. Just reminding you to go fuck yourself

  4. Cobe Anderson

    6th grade year ah the memories

  5. Andre Souza

    With the wolfgang yeah you wanna be

  6. Dwight P

    Song brings back alot of memories, high times

    Μπαξεβανάκη Γεωργία

    +Dwight P times when my mama's couches were hitting the blunt hard and cry, from athens.

  7. SaintLulzington

    I'm shitty this mixtape never got released. This song brings me soo far back. 4 years.

  8. A Dizzy

    Bruh, is it just me or does Left Brain sound like Common?

    Russell Russell

    @A Dizzy A little. i was thinking Bun B a little bit

  9. Caylani Lisa Engels

    pause at 0:26

  10. Favo EyMag

    Left brain doesen't even look like a human, he looking like the fucker from the hobbit with the swollen face. I normally don't give a shit about how guys look but he just looks to nasty too look at

    Lucas George

    17 now kid, hows it coming along?

  11. Cola Outlaw

    So dope!!

  12. Jack Spasm

    Check out elefant tusk we got the soundss that make yo gooch wet

  13. 00max0max00

    Bumpin this shit through my mother fuckin computer- teleportin that shit to my xbox one- BOP!! left brain starts rappin out my loud ass speakers. haha this shitt is my shit, this my jaaaam homie

  14. Cherish G

    Left Brain got the perfect voice for rap. I'd like to hear a mixtape from him.

  15. nordsman

    constantly wishing I had left brains voice.

  16. Jalil Moses

    IF YOU GUYS LIKE THIS CHECK ME OUT https://soundcloud.com/jalilmoses/two-jalil-moses-x-lucid


    shut the fuck up

  17. Sly Law

    Hodgy produced this himself

  18. mr miyagi

    flying lotus type beat. i like it. hey stupids this isn't offbeat.

  19. Vladimir David

    Marcus Wilson, You son of an ugly loser bitch shut up. MellowHype : Hodgy & Left. MellowHigh : Hodgy, Left & Domo. 

  20. Chulk Chogan

    Left brain produces crap...

    Emanuel Kowalkowski

    So does your mouth

    Chulk Chogan

    Im making a joke about the title you dumbass.


    @Flatlinecinemavideos Stop liking your own comments. It's pretty obvious he knew you used the joke the to insult Left Brain. Emanuel made a joke back you numb nuts.


    @urunashua  calm down look at the song title


    Dude, I'm sorry but you're a complete idiot. I know the title, re-read my comment. Then reply, got it? Or do I need to read it for you?

  21. PhlpxWslf

    Left Brain Produces the most of it.

  22. Soloman Tesfaye

    It's mellowhype when they both produce the track. Left Brain didn't help in producing CRAP, he only features

  23. Phatsaxxz

    beat is off.

  24. MrCoThread

    dat beat

  25. parker nakashima

    he does kinda sound like mc eiht but he also sounds like pit from doomsday productions...

  26. daniel elric

    In 6 months im gonna be signed with OFWGKTA. Its time for new members and a comeback

  27. Solid Ocelot

    I thought that then in the video for KARATEMAN at the start it advertises it as MellowHype, pretty sure they call themselves MellowHype whenever they collaborate.

  28. Marcus Wilson

    Mellowhype = Hodgy, Left Brain, and Domo

  29. AsianSensation

    Left Brain looks like an easter island head

  30. psaro kotopoulo

    Still a better love story than twilight

  31. Michele Lombardo


  32. Chris nineties

    left brain kind sounds like MC Eitht

  33. paro

    I mean if the song says by mellowhype its probably because Left Brain produced the music my lol

  34. paro

    If the song is called its probably because Left Brain produced the music

  35. Sambo Gambo

    I love vyrons voice!

  36. 0 0

    Giant nose jeez.

  37. bobby nash

    this is awful

  38. Beats ProdByATHS

    got some stuff on my channel you'll wanna hear come check out some of the artist i work with

  39. MrGeeRot


  40. Beachedwhail

    not necessarily. hodgy made an album alone and left brain featured on on of his songs. it's not mellowhype.

  41. Dalton Argue

    Left Brizzle my nigga!

  42. Shweepin An Creepin

    The comments on this video are a goddamn circle jerk

  43. thuggin_n_buggin

    niggaass call this good producing? lawwwwd this beat is terrible

  44. ColeWorld1221

    Left brain is terrible he's good at producing lol

  45. BlockedCheese

    joey badass said that

  46. toby henry

    Your version of Christ is anti christ ^_^

  47. joe tristen

    @blakefalling. Upside down cross is a satanic sign. IDC tho

  48. Dan Lamar


  49. tyler felsted

    i'm pretty sure for this song, hodgy made the beat pal

  50. coolhackerguy

    I don't understand how you can be anti to something you don't believe is real...

  51. NotACop47

    *they're *atheist *Anti-Christ

  52. Justin Russell

    Left brains verse sick as shit, eerie flow

  53. Ethan Mason


  54. coolhackerguy

    Because they like to fuck with you, and they're ignorant.

  55. 卐惡平卍

    Why would he feature that on his forehead?

  56. coolhackerguy

    Cross of St. Peter?

  57. 卐惡平卍

    Wtf so they gotta wave it around?

  58. Fleece Johnson

    No, Fuck you !

  59. 卐惡平卍

    Whats with the upside down cross?

  60. SlowwyThv King

    Listen to this while high gone fuck witcha head !!

  61. Trey Jones

    Stop hating on left brain....he Aite...he ain't bad at all

  62. Terry Mick

    Left Sucks at rapping lmfao, at least he tries tho..

  63. mynameismyname

    left brain produces

  64. Brian Paskey

    left needs to rap more

  65. justin adams

    where can i get this sickass beat at damn this fucking beat

  66. Trey Jones

    dis beat is chill af.....GAWTDAYYUUM

  67. Amonee B.

    iKnow What You Want You, Want This DICK Inside !

  68. Justin Cambie

    Left Brain, you much better in produce music than rapping on it. So don't rap on it.

  69. Exploring With Jared

    Like if you came here for Hodgy!!

  70. kyky sauce

    you should listen to left brain too hes silly :D

  71. Butt Head


  72. OGHAVOC89

    Why yall bitchin about who make the beats.. They shit fire right?

  73. MrScrake MKX

    Nobody gives a fuck. Lol

  74. Eddie Scandura

    I think left and hodgy got board of mellowhype one day

  75. protOMGphzy


  76. Fartskin Stephenson

    ASAP is just my nickname.....

  77. 1997zep

    You guys are fucking stupid. No idea what Mellowhype is

  78. Gabe Latham

    i wish my crap wasnt as hot as this

  79. iamcooldontyouthink

    i'm sorry for being a hard-ass

  80. Daquon

    Hodgy fuckin killed it

  81. aquezad12

    haha tell a nigga to his face! not a chance

  82. TheOCS01E01DVDRipXvid

    Mellowhype is Hodgy on Left Brain's production. Hodgy produced this track so it's Hodgy Beats Feat. Left Brain

  83. Monica Lewinski

    I Get High Listening To The Song.

  84. iamcooldontyouthink


  85. D Sweezy

    Download link?

  86. Keynan Pelly

    Good smoking weed beat right hur

  87. WangGolf420

    Yea this a hodgy beat

  88. tommyboy6171

    I believe the two of them together is mellow hype and not hodgy beats ft. Left brain ..... Just for the record

  89. Awesomemeham

    hodgy beat's name should be right brain.

  90. acidxaidy

    is that thing on leftbrains face a cowbell or a nose

  91. Morgan Frigon

    are you stupid hodgy and left brain even said in an interview most of the time they collab on the beats and hodgy writes beats for some of the songs left brain just makes the majority.

  92. Ayy

    stupid bitches be so gullible

  93. Fam:coronaflores

    that nose looks like an upside wine cup

  94. MrColio06

    Actually i heard someone say something about people who are left brain (or some shit like that, i was high) are really smart and right brain is really creative. or vise versa. vagina.

  95. Zakkkk95

    If you've ever watched the film Sinister, this beat will somehow remind you of it! I don't know how but it does for me, lol

  96. xEliptic ShocK

    Have you notice that OFWG has something wrong with their facial apperances
    ~No hate~

  97. Trey Jones

    like the beat but its not even if u kno wat i mean

  98. Jay LegacySkate

    aw man.... P.S #SkateLifee!

  99. JunetynF MonsterShamanMusic

    ROFL!!! at the typr of shit I knew I'd see if I kept scrolling down.