Hodgy Beats - Cookie Coma Lyrics

Okay, Okay
Everybody celebrate like it's a holiday
Let me guide the way, no it isn't fathers day
Or mothers day but the other day
I had a dream I wasn't K
He slang that yay got done away
In the rectum of the hood and I ain't sprung to say
Guns don't protect them for the good
But they fuckin' spray
Afrochines sucha bad cold dream
I'm dreamin' it's reality, it struggles and it battles me
They wanna fry me like they battered me
I'm a diamond they can't shatter me
Through casualty I'm' actively transparent to a brand clarence
I probably would be deceased if it wasn't for my grandparents
Papa was a pastor, grandma the pastor's wife
Slit your writs and swallow knives, Bitch it's super six for life
I'm too legit for life, I should get a grip and die
Fuckin' take a trip and fly and never come down
I be in my own world, gold teeth in my crown
Bitch I travel round the world, like nigga fuck yo' town
Paper plane takin' off soon as it touch yo' ground
Who said the lost boys a never be found
You speakin' down on odd future, it's a fuckin' pronoun
Twenty-one in the league ho I'm a fuckin' pro now
You mainstream niggas, slow down
I turn this to a ho down
Wavin' that four-four round, empty all of those rounds
On some wild wild wild west shit
Death will probably be next pick to exit
I'm sick of all these bullshit hoes, I got responsibilities
She feelin' me as I'm fe- feelin' on her tititites
To do infinity, I'm the remedy to a penalty
For once I take this shit genially, generally
I'm takin' shots like Kennedy, like fuck the enemy
Whatever enters me is meant to be, I am what I eat
Brocoli pasta, rotisserie, dark meat
Smoke weed till I feel my heart beat
Drink like a alchohlicly close fit from out the closet
The art belongs to whoever draws it, at heart I'm an artist
Who knows his flow is flawless
I got affection for whatever the cause is, who caused it (lemme know, lemme know)

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Hodgy Beats Cookie Coma Comments
  1. Nightmare Nightmare

    I wish I could go back to 2012 so I could stop my mistakes. 17 to 24😭

  2. Takeflight

    2019 and this shit will NEVER get old

  3. Mac Gaming

    I think Tyler would kill this beat if he wanted to.


  4. Michael Duran

    Where will i go. brief encounter
    No need for thx.

  5. Takeflight

    In my top 5 mixtapes of all time

  6. onlyrealcash

    so underrated broooo

  7. cusecuse246

    2016 dope

  8. Adam Rayes

    easily one of Hodgy best pieces of work

    OG Skywalker

    Huge facts

  9. Kyonis Hamiel

    feeling on her tididies

    N H L S T

    Kyonis Hamiel bruh that used to be the reason Id listen to this.

  10. will joyner


  11. youngin

    man hodgy's voice just fucking goes 100 with this beat

  12. Mach 5

    THIS is my favorite hodgy song

  13. sadpum

    It's a fucking pro - noun!!

  14. Got2Bored

    this beat is so summer relaxing but also has a slight emotional touch to it, gotta love it.

  15. A1D3N98

    this beat tho omggg

    Hugo Arruda dos Santos

    +A1D3N98 Say thanks to The Alchemist for producing it.

    Matthew Moore

    Brief Encounter- Where will i go
    is the sample

  16. Jose Rebeiro

    Have you never heard of Jay Dee and Madlib man? Their legendary album "Champion Sound...?"

  17. Jose Rebeiro

    No...He is a producer...


    This is on repeat now <3

  19. Nick Vigil

    damn why are alchemist beats soooo good!!

  20. dee Dellas

    Your profile pic kinda scares me........ :c

  21. Hodgy

    SMOKE WEED....all day erry day

  22. ACB Films

    for the most part...but hodgy has produced songs before. I'm srs.

  23. CallMeE209

    Gerard Damien Long (born November 9, 1990), better known by his stage name Hodgy Beats, is an American rapper and producer.

  24. Xavier J

    no he doesnt....at all LOL! Left Brain produces hodgy's songs.....oh the ignorance.

    Spliffword Medicalz

    Hodgy produced that one 👆

  25. Nathaniel Parker

    This whole mixtape just proves that OF is much more than what they appear to be on the surface. & @Chris Green its the "Untitled EP".

  26. Chris Green

    what mixtape is this?

  27. HDibbles

    Yea dats tru didn't even think of dat good shit

  28. kyky sauce

    beats as in fucks women, at least that is how i see it.

  29. ACB Films

    He produces as well..

  30. HDibbles

    Dudes name is Hodgy Beats but he's not a producer? Lol okay dude

  31. Casual Max

    why does this only show my amount of views?

  32. CJ Soleta

    sounds nothing like method man


    If he added a little more hype in his flow on this one I'd confuse him with Method Man

  34. Eddie Scandura

    Steez is 90's shit. That's like Gangstarr shit nigga

  35. Eddie Scandura

    damn, that's what I was gettin at. Earl all the way homie!

  36. JaycutWasHere


  37. Eddie Scandura

    Hodgy is OF's best rapper



  39. Alpha Frazier

    Bitch I travel round the world, like nigga fuck yo' town

  40. jay martinez

    Hodgy And Domo Are Probably The Only True "Hip-Hop" Lyricist's In Odd Future.

  41. YouDaveyTube

    Can you not read? He is commenting on the the reason why they make music and what the people are like: there's no word spent on the music itself.
    You dumb nigga

  42. Michael Wagner

    he's comparing the structure of the group and their ability to branch off and perform differently styles of music like Wu Tang. Which is an extremely accurate comparison...

  43. Caleb Keaton

    tyler said in an interview theyre nothing like wu tang.

  44. Donte Looney

    Exactly. Just a bunch of dickriders who think they have it figured it out cuz they listen to Eminem

  45. jajajaja404

    I feel like most of odd future's fans arent even hip hop fans

  46. jajajaja404

    I dont even know why people dont like this ep. I love it.

  47. Brwnskiin1

    lol i jus noticed the upside down 666 in the backround

  48. Tre Eiht

    Pro Era's 15x better

  49. Aaron e

    For being in the same Hip-Hop/Rap music styles they're songs have completely different meanings ad backgrounds of where i comes from

  50. Noah

    he's not comparing them lyrically, he's comparing them on how they are both groups that had many styles within it.

  51. themexicanwolfman

    wrong deerskin is from ALL CAPS by mf doom

  52. rhosteen80

    this is the insturmental of earl sweatshirts deerskin

  53. streetball102

    he didnt compare them he used them as an example are you braindead?

  54. Imaboss75

    People sleep on left brain but when he's on a track he kills it

  55. Keith Fields

    All the OF haters should slit there wrist and swallow knives

  56. M1keCha

    The future or hip hop is here

  57. SkateJunkiesTV

    exactly black hippy the best group right now imo, and the best of the west

  58. London Craver

    Black hippy is 10x better. Wu tang clan is 20x better.

  59. flyculture21

    wow, your cool. What a douche.

  60. coolhackerguy

    fuck man... DOMO

  61. flyculture21

    They need to make thier good songs longer.

  62. Noah

    Hodgy and Earl are much better rappers in my opinion but Tyler has a style I like. Also Tyler was the one who kind of developed the group and is the "leader." He also produces some beats so it's well deserved credit.

  63. MF_Dunn

    @Kalani fallon Alchemist produced this....

  64. Can Cer

    Domo's good too.

  65. Onii Chan

    This was produced by the alchemist

  66. Kalani fallon

    Left brain produces all of hodgy's music and makes his beats

  67. Lord Quad


  68. bonaderno123

    Who produce this?

  69. andy eulett

    i like his hat


    Thats funny how his grandfather is a pastor and Hodgy's a atheist...irony lol

  71. Kevin Brown

    As I'm feel'n on her tit-tit-ties.

  72. Zeno Evol

    This song lost a murder case

  73. gully gone

    In the rectum ah da hood

  74. tyler lopez

    dumb ass nigga who thinks youtube is some philisophical community
    im just drunk
    and your gettin all butthurt over this
    aint you? well fuck you and every of fan who complains about everything on youtube.

  75. tyler lopez

    fuck you
    i dont give you a shit what you say

  76. Reported990

    god damn hodgy has always stood out to me in OF this right here just makes him stand alot higher now.

  77. gully gone

    holy shit do you hear the beat...

  78. gully gone

    holy shit do you hear the beat...

  79. Sisco Hollard

    Goddam I want a cookie right now

  80. QualityKush

    I cant seem to find the comment where you made me look "dumb".

  81. twofoneshawty

    you dont know shit why are you even talking i made you look dumb once before just stop it.

  82. QualityKush


  83. twofoneshawty

    no i mentioned Wu Tang and NWA because they are very popular with Hip Hop fans and everyone could go yea i see what you saying unlike some people who never heard of the JETS so they dont know Roddy, Trade, Fiend, P, Dza, and Mikey or some might not know Juicy, Monroe, and Chevy are all in Taylor Gang. So before you something next time think dumb bitch. And another thing OFWGKTA shits on Taylor Gang, And JETS idk theyre team is lacking in alot so OF over them as in team wise so stfu.

  84. QualityKush

    Man you only mentioned Wu-Tang & NWA but there are plenty of music groups, Curren$y puttin alot of people on with Jet Life Records, Taylor Gang doin the same and ODFWG is the lowest on the list of "Good group of rappers" but Hodgy kills it

  85. tyler lopez

    if you didnt notice i gave you respect fot tht but fuck you now your just hatin

  86. P-SouL87

    there are so called fans like that, and i mention that in my statement. so once again fuck boy READ CAREFULLY. lol dumb ass

  87. P-SouL87

    appreciate this music he has done on this ep some to a few people said they didnt like it, and i called it out on why i felt they didnt. my opinion get off my dick. everybody is entitled to their own opinion. and u dont like a song.. cool oh well. but you and i know that this is different then his usual shit with OF. im not down playing that at all never said it was wack i infact like this shit better. but for those who only knows hoddgy for and from OF will only appreciate that more. there are

  88. P-SouL87

    before you reply to me, "READ CAREFULLY!" on what i wrote about that 1, 2 im not starting controversy, because people agree to how i felt about some of the viewers/listeners on this particular ep/song means im starting controversy? you're trying to argue with me about my opinion is starting controversy u dumb fuck. no one else on here is arguing with what i said and how i feel. but you! so unless u replied to the wrong person, next READ, and making sure you replying in the right comment box.

  89. tyler lopez

    hodgy has always had his own style and this ep is definatly a progression from what hes been contributing to of. i thing i hate is people who start controversy over everyones style, ect. just shut the fuck up, nobody wants your half baked opinions! especially hodgys work. ive been bumping this for months its dope as fuck and something youve never heard before. dont lie:) i agree with both these dudes. there spot on.

  90. twofoneshawty

    opinion but if youre retarded ass could read i never said Odd Future and Wu Tang music sound the same or sound just as good i just said theyre a group of young rappers able to do music together well and then break apart and make good music apart.

  91. twofoneshawty

    how cant you compare them are you retarded

  92. xxMassMurderer1235xx

    As an honest die hard odd future fan who has almost every song they ever released, I love this release more than his usual stuff. When Hodgy and Domo get on this real ass hip hop shit, it's amazing.

  93. Stayy Highhx

    Is this a sample from another song? I feel like I've heard the beat before