Hodgy Beats - Cannon Lyrics

It's really a fucking shame how these niggas think they better than me
I mean, I'm not signed to anything but, I'm just saying like
You wanna battle? I'm a just go punch lines, maybe you think twice

[Verse 1:]
Oh, if you got beef, you know where he at
With the heavy arms, body parts I detatch
Hungry like a pitbull the way that I react
Eat ya for dinner I skin 'em, yeah that's a pre-fact
Now give me time to reach into the briefcase
Got so much money, it's like an open freeway
Switch lanes flip me off, model bitches get me off
I'm a target, which one of you bitch niggas gon' hit me dog
I pull out she make me soft, wipe you down with a cloth
And it better be Taylor bitch
Cause I'm McCain to all you Sarah Palins bitch
In the yacht when it's hot see me sailin rich
Go back, switching lanes
DB9, they do bad, he be fine, she be mine, and she'd be mom
Flippin quarters while I'm stepping on these dimes
Jewelery, the sun shines, so they be blind, put your glasses on
Titties on the glass, girl put your asses on
Born and raised without a pops nigga put the bastard on
Yeah I'm starving like I'm fucking fasting homes
Better put your hands up, skerr, I crash the song
And I must be hotter
And if they say shoot me, best believe I shot 'em
Got 'em, mothafucka I pop 'em like a pill
And I will pop 'em like a fucking wheel, I'm I'll

You can make your music cause I'm gonna make mine anyway
If you really wanna talk, you could get it anyday
If you really wanna talk, you could get it anyday
I'm a stack my chips and I'm a make my paper anyway
You could get it anyday, you could get it anyway
I'm a just hit you with the cannon, cannon
I'm a just hit you with the cannon, cannon
I'm a fucking throw a fuckin' tantrum, tantrum

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, you niggas don't want beef
Cause I'm Hodgy Beats coming from them Dena streets
If a nigga want heat, he gone really get it
If this bitch think she getting money, she can really quit it
I'm with it, I'm just kidding, I'm not fucking with it
Cause she probley got diseases in the clitoris
Tickets, I'm a get it, by the cops better not
But it's nice when I tie them on the spot
I'm just chilling, I'm just thrilling, I'm just grilling, mothafuckas
On your face it look like you been grilling mothafucka
Cause you blacker than a mothafucka, better back up
Or I'm a get strapped like a mothafucka, you get clapped like a mothafucka
Mothafucka, you think I'm fuking joking?
But I choke your ass out, mothafucka choke him
Choke him like he been lynch
And yeah, I ain't a shit, so I walk with a stinch
And a limp, cause I'm a motha-mothafuckin' pimp
I don't give a fuck, my name gon' be on mothafuckin' blimps and shit
I'm just freestyling straight wiling
Niggas acting like I lay plans like I'm tiling
Yeah, I do, but I'm mothafuckin' wild
And I spoke black and mild, but I'm black and wilding out

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Hodgy Beats Cannon Comments
  1. steezy cheese fries

    1742 ocean blue shit- whose still listening?

  2. Jack Nolan

    this sounds so much like kendrick

  3. streetball102

    thats fucking corny

  4. SkinkleDinkleDew

    want to get cut?

  5. streetball102

    thats fucking gay

  6. Earl Goldstein

    but that would mean Tyler is RZA and Earl is GZA

  7. SkinkleDinkleDew

    I use to have a clan called Teh
    My name was Teh_MoTiOnZz

  8. jorge sanchez

    Gas mask album from the group the left ?

  9. sexylazercatwizard

    Who fucking cares who they are like or who they are, just listen to what you like, yeah?

  10. SandvichBroAlex

    Ay guys Wolf gang say in some of there songs that They Are Just like Wu tang.....

  11. QueensBey

    @LuckyAces1000 Finally, a voice of reason. Thank you

  12. DreDaDon__

    Tyler Hodgy Earl Domo Frank Earl are great Rappers. Yes Frank can rap as well as sing. I wish Casey Veggies and Brandun Deshay was in OF again

  13. yazmatraz

    @LuckyAces1000 one of the best comments on utube....

  14. WESTGH0ST47

    @kkrrll123 n wtf race r u, u look just as white as i do

  15. WESTGH0ST47

    @kkrrll123 thats why the best rapper ever is white, ill be mature enough to not start with racist shit but if ur racist against whites why did u come to OUR country. and wtf u just creeping on my profile?

  16. kkrrll123

    @ShreK7ohSeveN yay another wannabe rapper.... fuck off white boy

  17. WESTGH0ST47

    @kkrrll123 or mabey its my rap name. u dont know nothing noggggga hahahahaha

  18. kkrrll123

    @ShreK7ohSeveN says the bitch whose name is about a disney movie haha. okay dumbfuck

  19. WESTGH0ST47

    Respond to this video... and yea wutang are legends, read my fucking comment... im not dissing wu in any way, i even said they are great

  20. WESTGH0ST47

    wu tang is great but they get boring and only 4 people in wutang can fully deliver plus they only got one producer so the beats can sometimes be similar if u pay attention to the instruments they use, on the other hand odd future doesnt get boring, errrrbody can deliver, they have multiple producers (4), and everybody has different styles so u never know what u gonna get. ODD FUTURE FOREVER!

  21. JAY EAZY

    all yaw can shut the fuck up cuz ODD FUTURES FUCKIN RAW,go somewhere wit all that hater shit bitches!!!

  22. Mufti Hossain

    @Mellowhigher1017 when people say they're the new wu tang, theyre not talking about what they rap. its the fact that they're a collective of rappers, making a movement, pissing off white america. some make beats, some are mc's. even tyler said its only annoying because of how much people say it. IDGAF what anyone says, they are the new wu tang. they're the same kind of thing, but rap differently. understand?

  23. Earl Goldstein

    Earl>Hodgy Hodgy> Tyler

  24. McLovinMcNugget

    @Spookimitsu if anyone is a new wu-tang, it would be Army of The Pharaohs, not wolf gang

  25. brian martinez

    this beat is fuckin sick

  26. 5greenbay

    Hodgy beats > tyler

  27. shaqreia Carlton

    all the cannon remix have been fire i love hodgy you want to battle

  28. FluenCy100

    @Spookimitsu "Not related to wu-tang just because they are a collaborative of emcees and they make their own beats"?????? . thats the only thing they have in common, so it sounds like youre the real herb hating on OF's music......its Wu-Tang and Odd Future forever dumbass

  29. Timothy McMillen

    what song is this beat from

  30. Rex Bachemin

    2 people haven't been hit by the cannon.

  31. MorteJay


  32. alec

    TheKkc92 was just using a reference to how popular they are going to become, you dont have to fact rape him.

  33. jt ar

    @OzarkaWaterFTW do you have any songs you could show the comparisons like one from each group that sound similar?

  34. Jason A Durant Sr

    I think all of yah who say ya tired of the wu tang comparisons, yah need to look at the bigger picture. They compare them because all 9 members of the wu was individually dope, just like wolfgang and rza, gza and inspectah dec made some dope as beats, just like wolf gang, and wu came out with there own style and started a new era in hip hop, just like wolf gang. Just had to educate yah, Peace...

  35. adrian sanchez

    @SlowedandMixed the album gas mask by the left i think

  36. haha21

    where is the album cover from?????

  37. 85boondocks85

    Easily the best person to go in on this Cannon Beat. MellowHype/ OFWGKTA

  38. Spookimitsu

    Will you be disappointed when I say No.

  39. Brian Booth

    @TehHipstz0r my nigga saved the day


    @cathal3191 Problem?

  41. Cindy Fumei

    @cathal3191 the only thing that died after the 36 chambers is apparently the batteries in your hearing aid.

  42. Spookimitsu

    Like I said, Delusional.

  43. cathal3191

    @Spookimitsu your white right?, your from america
    and im gonna go ahead and guess you smoke weed?

  44. Spookimitsu

    You're high. And apparently delusional.

  45. cathal3191

    @Spookimitsu wu died after 36 chambers there only kept alive by cheesy white american stoners

  46. jimmyhayers

    Comparing Odd Future to Wu Tang isn't doing them any favours, as good as Wolf Gang are the Wu are the fucking kings.

  47. NewSoldierLogic

    @TehHipstz0r Exfuckinzactly!!!!!!!

  48. TreeLo

    @igo247365 lmao, left brain aint make this beat. dj canon did. original song is liil wayne "cannon"

  49. onarrot4000

    wu-tang is sick. So is OF . They are two different groups. Everyone just shut the fuck up

  50. Christian M


  51. PassTheMusik

    Dont compare these guys to Wu-Tang... Why? Cause EVERYONE on the Wu can fuckin rap. From RZA to Ghost to Killah Priest. The only one that can rap in this crappy shockrap group is Earl. Everyone else sucks. Straight up...

  52. superbayernhey92

    hodgy would shit on kanye west

  53. TheBonified1

    @dizy91 You take everything they say in their songs so seriously. People that try to act all crazy and weird now and people like you piss me off.

  54. kobe bryant

    @DeliChease yeeee hodgy beats lol

  55. kobe bryant

    @TehHipstz0r its really hard to say that when tyler says they are not the new wu-tang then hodgy says they are. On the song "BASED" on mellowhypes mixtape on 1:17 it says we the new wu-tang lmfao
    and the song tangwolf starts just like the wu-tang start their songs
    see what i mean? they make it hard on themselves not to be compared

  56. Ghent

    got. DAMN.

  57. Liam Maynard

    golf wang shakespear reincarnated with a nigga twist!

  58. amor49er1

    There's only one Wu Tang and there's only one Odd Future.

  59. KING YIKEZ89

    weak ass bars no hate

  60. superbayernhey92

    the only reason you could say that is because they are so different than any thing out

  61. Spookimitsu

    Not related to wu-tang just because it rhymes with wolfgang.
    Not related to wu-tang just because they are a collaborative of emcees and they make their own beats.
    Please stop with all the "they the New Wu-Tang" soundin like herbs,
    Wu-Tang is still forever mofos

  62. Mike Lord

    OFWGKTA!! The new wu-tang!!

  63. adam welander

    @streetslasher666 listen to his new shit cuh

  64. adam welander

    @streetslasher666 ever heard of a mixtape? dumbass u weak af

  65. dominique carroll

    Hodgy Beats Swagged It Out!!!!