Hiss Golden Messenger - The Revenant Lyrics

Well, my hand's broke, I will survive
With men, planning on, and still, I thrive
Still, I thrive
Oh, still, I thrive

Oh, I can't, the revenant, I can't my kind
When they can thing I love, all the ruin applies
Ruin my time
They ruin my time

When I'm in the room, they kill your kind
I cried, I want tears
When I'm in the room, they think I'm blind
Oh, my friend, not to BS

Fellas in the air
How fragile, the air

In the lane that draw me mad, I devour disdain
When you're mad, see me sometimes, if you try I can

We're drivin' down the land
Drivin' down the land

All way down, and ruin me, I can't shine
In the mornin', I'll be gone, I'll be sleepin' in battle

Sleepin' in my tomb
Sleepin' in my tomb

Oh, I had it, invincible
And I will divide

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