Hiss Golden Messenger - Lion/Lamb Lyrics

The lion lies down with the lamb
I think that's what I read
But I don't know what the good Lord planned
For those that can't get in their bed
Set everybody free
I got to be free myself
I've looked all over town
I'm ringing out like a rusted bell

Oh, oh

Scarecrow talking to himself
Waiting for his lucky day
Come blackest, blackest come
I'm gonna rise up and scare them away
Backwoods, sitting in a tree
Waiting for the sun to shine
Come the brightest, brightest day
The north wind's gonna be a friend of mine

Oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

They said it won't be long 'til your time's all gone
You can go be free
But it's hard to be free, we all search for new shackles
Yes, we take them happily
First I said I was wrong, then I disagreed
What was I thinking?
I got no regrets, I got love

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