Hippie Sabotage - Your Soul Lyrics

Just because we're not alone
You echo words you've heard
You let me go just to watch me discern
Just because it feels the same
'Til the morning calls
Evil roads feel the sun so cold

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Hippie Sabotage Your Soul Comments
  1. Israel Montez

    2020 🦊🤠

  2. MAFIA1097

    forever a banger

  3. Çağrı Gürel

    ya işte öyle

  4. Nicholas Dionne

    My neighbors love this song so much they threw a brick threw my window just to hear it better

    Ray Quintana

    they must of done it when they knew he was at the mall ...or in [email protected]#h

  5. Shadow Kingpin

    Newly discovered and in bliss 12/14/19

  6. Kenny the Clown

    I love this song!

  7. Kaleb mays

    Seeing them live was a dream come true 🔥

  8. Jonathan Vargas


  9. Riss TheKangaroo

    Anyone still got this goin in December 2019?

    Poetic Justice

    Fuck yeah bro

    Lucretia Martin

    Hippie all the time

    Kosmic Siren

    @Poetic Justice same

    Elite Gains

    Riss TheKangaroo Yessir 🙏🤙🔥

  10. Jeremy Morin

    Love it still never tired song yet. All hippie beats fucking best high mellow shit hear caked out your tree are nned escape reality for a bit blast head phones and drift away. From that one person that earned it most

  11. aLmoSt hypnotic P

    They stole this song n didn’t cut the artist in... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5xunFULxLY&feature=youtu.be#

  12. Eric Croft

    I luv the flow it's great for ur soul...

  13. cLab2022

    As much as I love this song. Gotta give original credit to Coasts - Your Soul. It’s a shame HS never gave them credit for ripping their song.

  14. Daniel Soriano

    Thanks PANDORA

  15. Rosemary Monreal

    Yes why not ❤️🥃

  16. Jesus Fly Mushroom cap

    Just because we might be young.. You and cool words you heard.. you let me go just to watch me discern.. Just because it feels the same.. Till the morning comes.. Even roads still the suns still cold..

  17. buddyhellrazer

    Fucking thieves

  18. Shubham Singh

    stolen song getting millions of views... well what do ya know.

  19. JayTheBootyMan

    Just had a dream and this song was in it, woke up this morning and took me an hour to find it. I was levitating and flying down the block I grew up on and passing hookers and random people I didn’t even know. I guess i was on the way to my bro’s house to ask him if he wanted to drink a 40 of Old English with the last $10 in my pocket.

  20. J Z

    This song sounds how molly feels.

    Kittykat Sanders


    Heath Weeks

    190mg deep. Oh Yeah.



  22. Rosemary Monreal

    2019 love this song 😍😍

  23. julian ramirez

    Makes me wanna fucking drink, and drink and drink, and drink and drink and drink and drink. Till I drop dead!

  24. Shaka Virgo

    Can you like.. do anything bad? It's illegal to make someone a fan in one or three songs.

  25. andrew arellano

    Roll call

  26. Max Valstrand

    Ah shit evryone WHOs disliking this f u c k.y o u

  27. My Lee

    I swear this song never gets old

  28. Cedric Davis

    I like this song

  29. Avin R

    This song is fucking amazing

  30. Gone fishing Baker

    I am in love with this Crew 😍❤️❤️😍

  31. Samantha Wright

    Happy I came across this song it relax me put me n a good vibe

  32. Jsmyth259

    Cant believe they stole coasts song without giving credit or clearing the sample. hs are cunts.

  33. Howard Minkler

    The first time hearing this I was on molly hanging with some chick I met at the bar and this was on repeat the rest of the night, loved it ever since lol
    (Don't Do Drugs)

    Billie Stump

    Howard Minkler don’ do drugs 😂😂

  34. Arthur Cockfield

    Can anyone recommend more stuff like this? Chill af with an absurd amount of bass.

  35. Lilah Corbin

    this reminds me so much of 2016

  36. Chrissie Julien

    Yup, I do but I'd be driving on i275 or 95 South..

  37. battle hardened

    If you like this song I wanna be friends with you.

  38. Prince Ali

    Why did it even say ihiphopchicken distribution

  39. Kayla Graham

    Coast did it better hippie sabotage ripped them off!

  40. Don

    If anyone is interested in hearing the not-stolen original

  41. Scott G

    #1 track 4 good vibes ! 24hr loop

  42. Vilmantas3580

    Finally found artists good for my soul

  43. TheCudder4life

    Still the best Hippie Sabotage song

  44. Saurabh Manoj

    this song makes me turn the bass knob all the way ...

  45. Spree Deezey

    2019 and this still slaps

    Obianuju Obi

    Spree Deezey right

    Breana Williams

    Yea its dope.

    Spree Deezey

    Breana Williams too much nostalgia

    Breana Williams

    @Spree Deezey 😁😁😁👌

  46. Ally

    Well damn wtf happened here?

  47. robzie1989

    Chicken soup for the soul

  48. Pratik Sinha

    This album art is basically my life

  49. Christopher Stubbs

    It's a great song I just wish it wasn't so repetitive

  50. Keanu Hansen

    Bruh I love this song sooooo much bruh

  51. bittymongoose


  52. Tajé Harris

    6 years still and im still paying it

  53. Nate Sebree

    just so everyone knows, Hippie Sabotage completely stole this song from COASTS (an amazing British indie band). Not being a large band, they've never had the money to sue these two horrible people for what they've done. Also, search "it's like Hippie Sabotage 2016". They are horrible people and deserve to have their careers ruined. I boycott every fest that puts them on their line-up.

  54. Kcool Peeple tv

    A very nice vibe 🎶🎵

  55. emwonsix

    I feel this in my soul 💔😢😭

  56. Walte Rhoods

    Anyone else think about their heroin addicted family members and friends life fading away slowly from this song? Can't be just me

  57. Eboney Ross

    “ You let me go just to watch me discern “

  58. Yousef Tommi

    2019 anyone??? Damn is it only me?

    Davey Timberwood

    Still here Bro!

    Todd Lagerholm

    Still listening

    Sonya Bugg

    We're here with you homie december 2019 🙌❤

    Nicholas Dionne

    Nigga im here😂😂😂

  59. Carlos Gonzalez

    Love this song! Clean the fucking room tho. OCD

  60. Kitsuneツ

    2019 August ❤️

  61. Tyler Thompson

    #Brilliant still listening in 2019 and beyond 👌🏾👏🏾👑♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Landon Willis

    Tyler Thompson what brought you here

    Tyler Thompson

    @Landon Willis Great music

  62. The koolaid Network

    This sing speaks to me and i can vibe with it when i get high u know lol

  63. LUKE DEE

    He was brought here because of madhessian lmao

  64. Joshua Zhao

    I heard this song at a seaside bar by the Pensacola Beach in Florida.

    Luis Perez

    It may have been me blasting it through seaside lol

  65. mack crabtree

    Such a beautiful song makes you transport to a better mind set

  66. Brydon Walker


    fucking hate that.

  67. ally.gator_

    Listing to this song 24/7?

  68. Garrett Vaughn

    Been one of my favorites for 5 years now

  69. Clash Stabb

    Like my house that

  70. sabrina brown

    No one should be speaking of anyone cheating when his supporters have been cheating for years back in 2015 doll not delivered, 2016 Hotel being ramshackle, being spied on for seven years straight in Lincoln, Omaha Nebraska and Tennessee and Chicago as well, him having the heads up to the point the FBI visit was a joke, Police department visit was a joke in 2015,2016, no checks delivered in 2017,2018 and 2019, this all happened before Cat 🐱 daddy came in the picture! Good Luck!

  71. Victor Hernandez

    Summer vibes

  72. William Durazo

    I used to bone to this song

  73. Irina Orlova

    This is literally one of my most favorite songs!
    Especially the vers by KnowMads as it has meaningful lyrics)

  74. Rupak Sarkar

    Why does it sound like Andy Dwyer sang this ?

  75. Ayedeal 13k

    Love this track... St8 fire to the soul

  76. kanda margkrathok

    I made a story to this
    Live life a bit more and don't underestimate others or yourself because you have no reason to. Just sit and relax to this song and chill lets your terrible dreams float away on the shore.

  77. Cataclysm X

    Am I the only one that thinks this song is super sad? Still love it vehemently though!

  78. keenan jaar


    Amanda Rittershofer

    no its not you are

  79. Johnathon Shelton

    For anyone interested. This "remix" is actually by Coasts. Hippie Sabotage didnt even credit the actual band.

  80. Aymeric Vanius

    Un son qui résonne même en Ardèche

  81. Mariah Johnson

    This song is stolen tho

  82. The Dude

    Great chill grooves to bang when building a massive 4th order bass system, while wondering what itl sound like on 6 18s at full volume cant wait! Ya Nailed it hippie, spot on

  83. Peter Rodriguez

    I always listen to this music when I am at work and I don’t really see the video but now that I at home relaxing .... it’s nice 👍🏽

  84. Luke Keister

    this song is good but THEY STOLE THE ORIGINAL SONG. Coasts created this song and h sabotage straight took it and gave no recognition

  85. Riley

    Original: Your Soul by Coasts

  86. FIFAGoals

    Shoutout to them for straight up stealing this song lmao don’t support these clowns

  87. Jared K

    Might as well credit Coasts.. oh wait, they ripped off the song and claimed it as their own? Well that's probably why

    Black KFC Manager

    Jared K no, they just took their song and made it better. 😁

  88. Kellen Whitney

    Best fucking vibe ever EVERYTIME I play this shit I bounce into a GREat mood yo love it

  89. o0ThunderGod0o

    I requested this song during request hour at a club on board a cruise I took and the place went wild. A lot of ppl didn’t even know who Hippie Sabotage were.

  90. Steven Morton

    Love this song!

  91. James

    Imagine diving into the deep blue water with your friends on a hot sunny day in the maldives :) ya’ll having fun ,forgetting al the stress and just chill

  92. Elizabeth Gullickson


  93. Mmroses Joey

    My stuggles, My life , Kept going with inspirational music like this , I am 23. Heard when I was 21😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤕🤯🤯🤯🤯🌞🌛

  94. Amber Tasker

    Love this song!!!

  95. Clement cyrus

    Alabama shake

  96. Daniel Aaron

    This and I found you are my two favorite songs by them. Both are fantastic