Hippie Sabotage - Sunny Lyrics

My name on the sunshine you can
My name on the sunshine you can
Ow but thank you for the memory about me
You sunny
Ow but thank you for the memory about me
You're all in all
Now I feel ten feet tall
Send to me your all and all
Now I feel ten feet tall
Sunny, one so true
I love you
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
Ease the pain
The sunshine you came
The suns shine on you
Ow but thank you for the memory about me
You sunny
Ow but thank you for the memory about me
Send to me your all and all
Now I feel ten feet tall
Send to me your all and all
Now I feel ten feet tall
Send me
One so true
I love you, I, I

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Hippie Sabotage Sunny Comments
  1. Dee B

    This is a remake I can support !!

  2. Kevin Hockaday

    Hey everyone my name is Kevin Hockaday I am a new independent House Music Artist. I just dropped my first EP and would appreciate if you gave me a listen Here is the link Thanks!

  3. Alasia Humber

    Currently bumping in 2019 lol this will never get old

  4. Sabrina Garcia

    2019 still bumpin🥴

    Amber Cromer

    Sabrina Garcia same, girl. Same.

  5. Don Freaky Bill

    Remember sneaking in to spring awakening one year just to see them 😂😂 good times 🔥🔥

  6. iThatax

    Musicao da porra ❤️

  7. Blondine Carolina

    2019 Hippie Sabotage - o amor da minha viiiiida !!!! ❤

  8. Humberto Gomes

    "We'll live forerever" brought me here ;D

  9. Alasia Humber

    Still bumping in 2018 and soon will be bumping in 2019

  10. Emilee Garza

    This song plays repeat in my head constantly 😅

  11. Quavon C

    The chillest song ever 😇

  12. Ekisa Roberson

    Love it

  13. Brianna Trevino

    2k18 aint shit changed. Ugh only if i could smoke perfect vibin biking song😏💚

  14. Yasmine Gordon


  15. Jake Jake

    Ihiphop distribution sucks. Say it first or wait till the end. Buzz kill..

  16. Chelsea Philyaw

    took me years to figure out that this singer was a Japanese R&B soul artist hahhahaha still loving this song

  17. jose Tavares

    Homage to the old hit sunny?

  18. donovan b

    I love hippie sabotage but f×ck "ihiphop" anything...thats the dumbest, unoriginal, immature name for a distribution company ever. What are u a wanna-be apple company??

  19. LtTaunton

    Is this the overwatch font?

  20. Tvti Xoxo

    Ease the pain 🔪🖤

  21. Jesse pinkman

    im just layin down chillin with my eyes closed and all of the sudden out of nowhere IHIPHOPDISTRIBUTION scared the fuck out of me.

  22. вσσтүяσcкιηg world

    Shut up

  23. Kayla Nash

    Who still listening to this in 2017? I am 😍

  24. Twisty


  25. Twisty



    look at it ;)

  26. A man of the?12

    man how anyone dont know about this band man?

  27. W.K

    wtf transition? 1:00 - 1:03 :(

  28. mikkel reymert


  29. Solokey

    This sing will never expire

  30. Chris Williams

    I've been listening to this version for so long, that when I listen to the version without the promo, I say it myself. LMAO


    There is a version without the Promo?... horrible.

    Amber Cromer


  31. Lil Toasty

    Sunny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet.
    Sunny, thank you for the love you brought my way.
    You gave to me your all and all.
    Now I feel ten feet tall.
    Sunny one so true, I love you.

  32. Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    Man I love this song! What's funny is that I didn't like this artist before but I now like them.

  33. Shedly Fanfan

    How high would I be if I smoked to this

    Wind Child

    Joseph Fanfan I'm smoking to this right now. It's wonderful.


    depends how much u smoakd

    Shedly Fanfan

    Leafy_is_aight I'm talking about baked as if I'm gone


    Joseph Fanfan Twice as nice.

  34. AJ Spits

    This is the Atlanta song!

  35. Manuel Plascencia

    my bestfreind didnt like this song

  36. NRGpony

    I downloaded the song, and repeated a loop and pasted it over the IHipHopDistribution part. I usually buy music but I stole this one just to spite you. Go fuck yourself.

    yoon seok


  37. Jazzy Jazz

    "I hip hop distribution" 😑

    Joseph Lara

    Why does everyone complain about that??

    Joseph Lara

    +Ethan Heredia lol.. Not really. I mean it's dumb as fuck but it's not that bad and it's real fast

  38. gaia

    sai la 11 mai cooooooooooool

  39. gaia

    trop cool je le mai pour mon anif

  40. Unbound

    iLickCock Distribution LMAO

    Dian Alvarez

    GH0ST lol funnyman

  41. dead husband

    I love your music favorite playlist the smoke too

  42. beastydude123

    iHipHop masturbation station. It's a sensation that takes you on a vacation. Why keep waiting when the beat hits, it will stop your girl's menstruation.

  43. Chloe Nientimp

    It sounds like portishead in the background

  44. Jasper K


  45. Langston

    This song is dopalicious

  46. Elon Schtrudel

    whos that chick in the background?

    CB Dreams

    Sami Swanson. 3 years late sorry 😐

  47. Jadduck

    Guys just listen on soundcloud if u dont want that shitty ugly promo to interrupt the song

    Ermosa Besos


    Cedric Holmes

    +Jadduck you mean the whole song right!

    Sir Taurus

    Rolling... lmfaoo

  48. Orinta Putnaite

    Just drowning into it

  49. Autumn Behrens



    Autumn Behrens Your cute.

  50. Nick Miller


  51. Aliya P

    who is that girl in the picture omg

    Abe Froman

    she hot af


    Aliya P Who are you omg sexy motherfuker you and her the girl on the album cover.

  52. HotChipSandwich

    Is that Tom Hardy sitting on the left?

  53. Amy Duran

    I don't remember hearing "I hip hop" on the version on Pandora lol I don't much care for it

    Breona B

    +Amy Duran Lol

    Breona B

    +Breona Bailey No cause like it really dont bother me at all they just some babies


    Amy Duran Beautiful profile pic

    Amy Duran

    Solokey Thank you


    @Amy Duran Take care

  54. Gabby Douthit

    OMG!!! In love😍😍😍😍


    right there with you

  55. Angi Delaney

    you're a fucking loser! this is a great song. you are ruining it. everyone should unsub this lame ass

  56. Luna

    the intro to this song gives me goose pimples mmm.

  57. decepticons84

    What type of music is this?


    Deep house


    Thanks! :-)

  58. Alex Ambartsoumov


    Fuck you

  59. D Moore

    ...and now i feeeel tennn feeeet taaallll! I luhhhhhove thissss!!!!!

  60. navifan

    I've listened to this song over 30 times in the past three days! #EPIC

    Barhas Borgilhuyag

    @navifan u r robot

  61. Addie Dale

    Its sad that these people aren't more recognized for their work.

  62. Alasia Humber

    Fuckin love this song its like sex to my ears that base is life too !!

  63. Tyrell Coon

    First time hearing this on Pandora last Friday night. AMAZING!!!!!

  64. Brianna Lazar

    Who is the singer?

  65. Marcy Davis

    This track makes me wanna get naked an strip for someone special Lol

  66. 509OffRoad

    Great song until you put your advertisement in it

  67. 509OffRoad

    Probably the best song I have ever heard

  68. grand fusilli

    Thanks for the shitty intro ihiphop

  69. Vasco Frederico

    My new best sound!

  70. Pisces Babe

    The local cannabis dispensary I go to was playing this in the background when I was in the waiting room. I had to ask the receptionist what the name of the song was. So. Glad. I. Did.

    grand fusilli

    My cannabis dispensary is my dealers car, and tyler the creator is usually in the background 

    Pisces Babe

    Sounds sketchy as fuck. Legal weed forever.

    grand fusilli

    @Slug gy oh it is, and i am not shitting you when i say that i live across the street from the police station 

    Abe Froman

    tyler the creator lmao


    ThatGirlSMOKEY SLUG haha really forever !?

    that ish is new

    except if your talking about before prohibition.... but that means it was neither illegal or legal..

    whatever have fun

  71. Deminion Small

    Found this on pandora been jamin the album since

  72. Iggy


    Gucci Wasabi

    Hahahaha lmfaoo

  73. Sunnie Patterson

    yeah i'm in love with this song..... and you all should know why.

  74. JuiceLemon

    ♥♥lovely tune♥♥

  75. Parlee Lang

    Holy Shit

  76. Cedric Holmes

    I hip hop distribution... the fuck is up with that shit!!

    jamie mallet

    who gives a fuck? it's still dope.

  77. LaLunaa

    fucking perfection

  78. Nahys Victoria

    this is an amazing song

  79. PLP P

    All these sounds coming together are a masterpiece. this is what my soul was looking for.

  80. playboyy47

    H20i got me here listing to this dope ass song. Good stuff

  81. Blake Finkenbinder


  82. john palma

    The girl on the album is pretty who is she?

    john palma

    Fuck you lol


    @john palma No one knows who she is lol....I'd guess a girl the songwriters knew closely and wanted to display her photo.

    Allen Ivy

    man das fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked up

    CB Dreams

    Allen Ivy Sami Swanson

    CB Dreams

    Name is Sami Swanson

  83. Purzhinkitti

    Who is the female vocals?

  84. Cali Living

    Been slapping this classic since the beginning of this year... I Love Hippie Sabotage (thanks to XM Radio, the chill station).. I will say this Sunny album is an adventure when putting your head phones on (high on some tweed or not) this shit KNOCKS!  Great sexy lounge beat that just puts you in a groove.. If you call some one Gay for listening to this chances are you are very BLACK AND WHITE when it comes to music period! 

  85. SuperCortes10

    Simply amazing 👌👌

  86. Kency Geffrard

    It's weird how I like this song so much, IT GET ME SO CREAMY

  87. Corey Clifton

    One of my favorites!!

  88. killswitchh

    I reeeaaaaallly want to slap the shit out of the guy saying, "I hip hop distribution." 

    spooky juice

    @Azrah Khan copyright issues and shit, super lame i know


    @ShamuLesbo they should just like do it at the end or beginning

    spooky juice

    @bas vigil but then you could do a youtube to mp3 free download. they do that shit to prevent that, otherwise it wouldnt be smack dab in the middle. makes me mad HUMPH


    @ShamuLesbo oh i got you. yeah i haven't tried downloading them i just started listening to them, but that sucks.


    +killswitchh It's snoop dogg

  89. Envy Mobb


  90. Daniella Ali

    Ease the pain! <3

  91. Qtac

    Great song but thumbs down for ruining one of the best parts of the song with your promo bullshit

  92. Chioma Beyioku

    Whats a dead day without some Hippie Sabotage to pick you up ; ) 

  93. 0x00101F

    Why do you have to take a shit right in the center of every perfect song with "ihiphop distribution?"


    0x00101F a fucking memory adress as your name hahahah

    Lil Hippie

    This made my day XD


    Ha ha I agree but had to laugh my ass off when I read that

  94. jsze _

    where can u download this album? :O omg

  95. Alice inWond3r

    Ooh yeah

  96. jacqueline rodriguez

    Best song ever!

  97. Aleza Casanova


    Besma Kacem

    following you now! Also, I sent you 75+ # instagram followers. Get thousands of more at *InstaPhamous. COM*


    @wareva lmfao

  98. Thomas Humphrey

    so annoying having the youtube channel tag in the song.


    Is it their record label?