Hippie Sabotage - Find Me Lyrics

You won't find me
You won't find me
You won't find me
You won't find me

I've been running late
I've been tempting fate
I think I've lost my way
My mind feels like a stranger
I can't seem to take it when you all seem to blame me
I need to go chase this but I am not complaining

'Cause you won't find me
'Cause you won't find me
'Cause you won't find me
You won't find me

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Hippie Sabotage Find Me Comments
  1. M16

    Can I use this for a non-profit use?

  2. Ares core V

    Creo que soy el único de México que escucha a hippie sabotage

    I am Vewol

    No bro, yo tambien lo escucho

    Ares core V

    @I am Vewol ya somos dos 😂

    I am Vewol

    @Ares core V claro que si :D

    castillo Val;;-爱

    No amigo ,yo también.

  3. Handsome Devil

    Just another Bomb Track....that cuts deep n says what the soul speaks !!! Changing minds and Inspiring lives ..... eternally !!! Stay keepin' it real !!!!

  4. Luk

    daaaaamn!!!! it's so good bro!!! one thing! can i use some tracks for my backstage videos for hip hop dancers?

  5. Chevin_xD

    Just found out your name is Kevin. Mine is too. I feel lucky today

  6. Isaiah Walking_yt

    I'm so chill right now bruhs!
    This music is calming. 😌😌😌

  7. Marin Casu

    How can I find the picture on background?

    Trap Station




  9. Kamohelo Thaba

    your music is tune with my life

  10. Ryuler Muller

    Essa é embaçada

  11. Мадина Бисембаева


  12. Fabricio Bill

    you guys never disappoint us fans


    Hippie Sabotage 🖤🖤🖤

  14. Lexie Fisher212

    I'm so hypnotized 💜 All I can say is THANK YOU.🔥💞

  15. Ricardo Velasco

    just chill (:

  16. Chris valdez

    Hit that .75 to catch that slowed version vibe, hella vibe right there

  17. Holy Moly


  18. 772 highway

    Hippie + weed= (•‿•)

    Lolita Carmem

    smoking now

  19. uhZeny

    Who made the art work it’s so cool

  20. Z3R0L1GHT

    all of their songs are so good to animate with wth?????

  21. Alessandro Cola

    Finally 😍

  22. Unknxwn PS2Nerd

    Why is it not on Spotify :(

    Jo3 C

    PS2Nerd simply because
    Pandora > Spotify

    Unknxwn PS2Nerd

    @Jo3 C Who uses pandora lol

  23. Madhurjya Bora

    The artwork looks so similar to hyperbeast artwork from csgo skin

  24. ALI Shan

    I like this one

  25. Astronot

    Fuck me

  26. Grim Chakraborty

    Ayh am feeling turned up
    You've been am fabb guitarist

  27. domciencia

    Pqp só track fodaaaaaa

  28. Sky Green

    Годно! 👍👍

  29. Docje

    That guitar man....

    Maks Maks

    могу дать табы кроме соло партии

  30. Joel Luna

    This lit 👌💯🔥

  31. Edgar Herrera

    Like si viste este comentario con los ojos...

  32. joe rey

    Thank you so much you guys for all you do. Helping to get me by right now.

  33. Wes Suhov

    Mac Miller vibes at the beginning

  34. Matthew vnl

    The bass dropped so hard my mom turned into a ironing bored

  35. Haik Ar

    "You wont.... f%ck me .."

  36. Łowca Meneli



    Gostei 🔊😁

  38. Siddharth Sharma


    You won't, find me x4
    I've running late
    I've been tempting fate
    I think I lost my way
    My mind feels like a stranger

    I can't seem to take it
    When you all seem to burn it
    I need to go change this
    But I am not complaining.

    Cause you won't, find me x4

    Janelle Davis

    Siddharth Sharma kool

  39. ItsOurFault

    This track is FIRE!! The background looks like an acrylic pour painting

    Gabriel B.

    Yet it looks so cool.

  40. Ben Gursky

    Hippie sabotage is so dope!

  41. Shania Thomas

    playback speed at 1.25× is

    Ben Gursky

    Hell yeah! 💯💯

    Jaclyn Upchurch

    Hell yeah thank you 😎

  42. Dafuq

    I have a question concerning your face.


    Are you currently employed?


    Hey is not what it seems.

  43. NolanOnTheRiver

    Never forget when Hippie Sabotage physically assaulted security at a venue. Search it.

    Not very chill IMO


    Lol how long ago was this?

  44. Jaizaah Muehl

    Fire Again. and again,and again,and again. keep it comin.


    Come on Bro @TRAPGANGSTA

  46. h1ph0pjunk1e

    Hippie sabotage the best kept secret in the music industry


    C MD, really?. Please tell me how may radio station near you are playing this song

    C MD

    @h1ph0pjunk1e fuck a radio station. They got millions of views on yt and headline festivals lol this aint indie shit here

    Rowan Tree

    700 million views on their top video lol but yeah they are a bit low key to an extent

    Luis Gutierrez

    Bro its no secret all their songs have millions of views


    h1ph0pjunk1e It's what hip hop should sound like,Even his Rap songs are way better!💯👁️

  47. Julia S

    You Sac boys put 🔥 in my life

    Rick Hunter

    I like your name

    Ben Gursky

    They are dumb fire fire 🔥 🔥

    Andy Lopez

    What you mean Sac boys ?

  48. Ruslan Crowned

    finally waited, saw the release in Instagram and waited until appear 😍🤙

  49. Preston Sasso


  50. Preston Sasso


  51. Jacob Samuel

    You won’t.... find...... me.......

  52. ELS Music

    Thanks for song ❤

  53. Nathan Price

    Thank you guys so much again 👌

  54. South East Adventures

    like before 50,000 views

  55. Jacob Johnson

    fuckin right!!!

  56. tarax3elizabeth

    ughhhh, so obsessed with hippie sabotage

    Ben Gursky

    Same! They just too 🔥🔥🔥

  57. Hocine Nezai

    Hippie Sabotage has his own way in Trap Music ❤👌


    Facts.....but isnt it two guys?

    Hocine Nezai

    @ItsOurFault yes it is lol but they put a name that puts theme together.

  58. Miguel de oliveira

    So fucking beautiful

  59. SHILL

    What an emotion... where's the longer version?

  60. Lildream AYY

    There's always that one person who's gotta dislike somethin when it's awesome as freak

  61. indigo mama

    Love you brothas soooooo much. Keep manifesting n the universe is yours kevin n jeff! You both are truly ahhhhhmazing. Thank you from my heart n soul. Keep on keepin on yo!!!❤💛💚📿🤘📿💚💙🖤

  62. M B

    Finally the new song!!! 🔥🔥😍
    Full Hippie Sabotage Niveau

  63. Donovan Sidwell

    You won't... find... this comment. Vibes always 100!

  64. Josh Tse

    🔥 🔥🔥

  65. Eric Apachito

    When u break up with ur gf and hippie releases this 🔥 I guess it's not so bad after all


    keep the head up, keep thriving for better!

    Jo3 C

    Fuck hoes hippie it up to the money makin


    When you had an abortion and hippie releases this


    Me too i break with my girlfriend last year I was feeling like a world end thinking my kids her everything and was when I found hippie sabotage and chance all and make me thinking the other side of my problems


    Eric You Damnnn Right💯🤙🏽

  66. T money

    I've been feeling so low. I lost my momz on mothers day. Life has been hard. My bro's right here always come thru for me when i need them. I'm so thankful for finding you guy's. I love everything about you guy's💚🙏💓👽

    Jesse Alfieri

    Similar way I discovered them! Friend committed suicide and the night I found out came across Trust Nobody and the lyrics literally felt like he was describing my life! Started looking through the rest of their music and I'm hooked. Sorry for your loss keep your head up music always helps get me through bad times too!


    Sorry !!! Your message make mee appreciate more my fathers sense it’s alive keep up!!! Blesses...Sol Sbrns

    ¢7 Music

    i knew how you feel

    alex dutmer

    Stay strong

    zach lajoie

    I lost my mom on father's day 2018 i feel the pain

  67. Shaunta’ Resnick

    I just shit my pants! Fuck it was beautiful!!!! I’m your fucking biggest fan

    Clyde Livingston

    Haha wtf. The visual.

  68. Steven Gasnolar

    Some serious talent!!

  69. GV Gaming

    Estou chapado com a morena e ouvindo ela, aqui é Brasil

    Marcos Mathias Junior

    para de mentir kkkkk

  70. Savizo

    V I B E S

  71. Milan Samko

    that vibes!

  72. Preston Duplessis

    Like me

  73. SAME BOI

    Hippie Sabotage is awesome.

  74. Nates phunk

    Always fire just listened to ur other u released 🔥🔥🔥

  75. Winddancer twoeagle

    Dope as hell

  76. Trap / City

    First brother ♥️ excellent music

  77. Ethan Wright

    First aye?