Hippie Sabotage - Born To Rise Lyrics

"He gonna have to come back at you. You know it ain't gonna stop at this. I don't want it to stop. Barksdale weak today.
They ain't working with the ammunition I got. No doubt, you carryin' a full clip.
But what you gonna do when you sittin' at the head of the table?
Once you there, you got to hold it down. Sound like one of them good problems."

Purple drank in my cup, I just drink smoke till I'm gone...

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Hippie Sabotage Born To Rise Comments
  1. starwars4reel

    Just watched the beginning clip from the wire!!

  2. Егор Егор

    Like если пришёл после Фисунки)

  3. m paria

    Drink. Smoke. Slam Dunk

  4. Toni Benci

    2019 ❤❤❤

  5. Said Paredes

    Sábado 8 de diciembre de 2018

    m paria

    Jueves 7 de marzo de 2019


    I don't want to hear "IHipHop Distribution" everytime I hear a song that they helped get out there. We know, you don't need to invade the song with it. A better way to do it would be before the song plays, and after it ends.

  7. Eric Philen


  8. Loreley Medina


  9. SocialdDem

    Why do these stupid companies insist on putting advertisements over the song? Guaranteed way to lose my business 100% of the time.

  10. Vishwan_man

    Dude whatever hip hop or trap.. this is fakin dope shit!!!

  11. Barış Akkoyun

    Lyrics Thanks to Maionmenor and Adam Jarrel: "

    He gonna have to come back at you.
    You know it ain't gonna stop at this.
    I don't want it to stop.
    Barksdale weak today.
    They ain't working with the ammunition i got.
    No doubt, you carryin' a full clip.
    But what you gonna do when you sittin' at the head of the table?
    Once you there, you got to hold it down.
    Sound like one of them good problems. "

    purple drank in my cup
    I just drink smoke till I'm gone

  12. brianna hernandez

    Great song

  13. Brett Hirst

    hip hop your nasty watermark out of all these amazing songs....

  14. Jorge Ramos

    still on my 2016 Aug list on fire

  15. Jaenga

    yo ihiphop distribution. why don't you just distribute music and stop ruining it with your watermark


    Jaenga yep I dislike all their videos cause of it and get my friends to as well like either put it at the beginning or the end or both just not twice in the mid smh

  16. gabriel ramos

    Is that French Montana saying that?

  17. Cђєץєɳɳє

    I don't consider Hippie Sabotage be in the genre of Hip Hop, I'm consider them being in the genre of Trap


    aint many whites left only blacks and muts(":


    who cares what you think


    +archie977 you are trippin...Irish love, south side.


    Yeah, i feel like they make some good trap and chillstep, an amazing band really.

    D. S. Graham

    Which is a sub-genre of...Hip Hop music.

  18. Liam Attwells

    Musically, good beats. Lyrically, and vocally, this is dog shit.
    Non debatable. This goes for the whole album.

    Myles Guzman

    Its not about the lyrics smart one. Hippie sabotage is two music producers trying to make bad ass beats. And that's all its about. The beats..

    Liam Attwells

    +ray guzman shitty fucking beats

    Myles Guzman

    +Liam Attwells (Liam95) cool

    Rylan Sprenger

    +Liam Attwells (Liam95) you just said there good beats you fucktard

  19. Spacely

    Hahaa, that beginning part is from the wire.

  20. Miguel Fernandes

    That "The Wire" line at the start!

    Marlo Stanfield Represent!


    I had it feeling it was. thank you for conforming it.

  21. Barial

    Liked the song until the "ihiphop distribution" audio watermark


    +Barial Buy it then, like the rest of us.


    @***** Clearly, one where the standard of English Language education is much higher...

    Kyle Breezy

    Clearly not, because you clearly didn't see what she was implying. Which clearly means your reading comprehension is at an all time low. Clearly, you're from a third world country. I like people like you, little edge lords trying to argue in comments no one even comes back to. You're lucky you argue online and not in real life, based on your word choices and sentence structure and what you -believe- to be effective world play I don't think you go outside often. You should just be thankful society exists to protect slimy little nerds like yourself from proper process of elimination, survival of the fittest. Good day little boy, enjoy your hobby of living on YT comments.


    +Kyle Breezy Props on feeding the troll.

  22. blew4200

    Anybody that bitches about the I hip hop distribution going over the songs. That is the distributor for hippie sabotage cd's. I have vacants and it has the i hip hop distribution label on it....so they can do that on here but they don't do it on the cd


    +blew4200 Yeah it's like a watermark, if people want the music, then buy it. Support the artists damnit...

  23. Dow Moe

    I can't understand the beginning can some tell me, it's when the guy starts singing

    Paul Frank

    @Paul Frank never mind not wiz hahaha

    Adam Jarrell


    Bruno Jimmy

    it the line from consiglieri of Marlo, an amazing character of the tv show THE WIRE, amazing too

  24. Specialized Dutch

    This song pushes my subs soooo hard o_o


    Same here..my 12 flexs hard on this

    val manriquez

    +blew4200 i have 8s and it still knocks

  25. Chosen

    Peter, don't listen to the song if you weren't 'born to rise', if you don't like hippie sabotage, then your ears have betrayed you and it means you have no taste in music at ALL #GlitchMob

  26. Guy Carll

    We can test that assessment if you'd like Amber Rose Wiley

  27. Peter Winters

    What the fuk is this shit? 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dislikes

    Dow Moe

    You just don't know what good music is

    Peter Winters

    You must be deaf

    Dow Moe

    if I was deaf, I would be able to hear this song. Damn your fucking retarted

    Peter Winters

    your deaf and stupid

    Dow Moe

    Cant think of a better comeback huh

  28. harmless zombie

    This song is sick with two 12s bumping hahahaha


    +harmless360 I'm jealous.

    Syndicate Gaming

    Try two 12s, four 1os and four 8s...phenomenal.

    Eric Philen

    harmless zombie I bet!

  29. The Demize

    all i can see is this being played in one of the biggest nightclubs ever and everyone just rockin out to this in the club lol

  30. Scott Vassalluzzo

    White boys holdin it down

  31. dreadful

    wow this makes my ears melt  


    +andy gonzalo (god6less) I know right? It's awesome.

  32. Amber Rose Willsey

    This is total fuck music😍😍

    J Cooper

    As in BAD???

    Mike Diedrich

    @Rastafar-I HabeshaLove As in you can fuck to it.

    J Cooper

    LOL !!!! 


    +Amber Rose Willsey My mind just totally went there after...

    Now I got a fuckin' horn on, god damn you!

  33. Nicolas Boulangé

    This sound is the best !

  34. BiG ALB

    guy on the left so fucking highhhhhh look at his eyes.... damnnn (Y)bro

  35. Thatgirl Loreydi


  36. looalful

    Who is talking during the first 20 seconds? 


    It's a clip from "the wire".  It's a conversation between vinson and marlo.  Season 3, episode 6 "homecoming".

    Barış Akkoyun

    you are a hero

  37. Sabry Alawal


  38. DeezRMyDays

    1:25 ruined it 


    @***** IHipHopDistribution is Hippie Sabotage's record label. go figure.

    Dow Moe

    They put it on purpose so you can buy it

    Dow Moe

    @***** I bought it, it's a good song


    +Rory It's a watermark, of sorts, so cheap bastards like you don't just download the song from YouTube.

    Buy the song if you like it, I fuckin' love HS, I just bought the album...it's not expensive.

    Do like I do, check artists out on YouTube, then buy it or pay for Spotify/Apple Music...

  39. Cody Rounsaille

    Hippie is beginning to become a great hit.. Love them.

  40. Jacy Anderson

    workout playlist


    with you on that one

  41. archangel axios



    +Ryan Scared I'ma have to start usin them in my vines.


    People live in other world thats why