Hinds - Garden Lyrics

How many secrets you have that keep you smiling that way?
You better start to behave

And how many scars you don’t share, and why do I care?
Still, I can smell that something failed

And you robbed that map just to run away,
and that car but “don’t turn off the lights yet”?
you know that you’re afraid

And I feel like I’m freezing again
You won’t say you’re bored anymore
‘cause I can take you dancing
Use me to feel home

It’s the same old story of the bad boy
Give me the keys and I’ll...

How many times did you come
until I found you in this dirty spot, in this random place?
I can tell - I can tell that something failed

Give me the money, show me the game
Show me the rules again,
because I’ll play it, I’ll play it, I’ll take it now

And I feel like I’m freezing again
You won’t say you’re bored any more
Cause I can take you dancing
Use me to feel home

It’s the same old story of the bad boy
Give me the keys and I’ll show you how to fight for more

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Hinds Garden Comments
  1. Bliss

    Those basslines are outta sight

  2. hi, bye

    I feel like I am inside a giant washing machine 🤪

  3. Mathieu Plasse

    This is what rock n' roll is supposed to sound like. Congratulations Hinds.

  4. Elektrek Duck

    King of Carrot Flowers is strong with this one.

  5. Flor Pérez

    Why do i find this so pleasant :v

  6. sektor 009

    Ha estado bien☻

  7. The1977Punk

    If you like Hinds, check out Ted Duchamp - Better Days, think you'll enjoy it, have a nice day:)

  8. Nuria Lasheras

    sin verlo un tré y viéndolo un -50

  9. Punketeria1369

    Que chevere pues; cuando tocaran en Filadelfia???

    Jajaja, que punteria tiene la Tia con el Aro. Le disparo a ese guapo en el corazon; como que lo mato?


  10. Nicole Violette

    I love you guys😭 watching you cut the beautiful roses hurt my heart tho

  11. Grace Johnson

    Really nice music video !

  12. Miguel Torres

    Amazingly creative


  13. Elfia

    Mi hija de dos años ama este tema jajaja

  14. M T


  15. Tio Vladi

    Soy de Lat. y estos grupos no llegan pero he escuchado varios grupos españoles (no todos) y cantan en ingles. Mi pregunta es por qué? Solo por tema comercial o q?

  16. LUCKSZ

    Me han dicho que sois un poco malas en directo?


    son mucho mejor en directo que aquí!


    Son malas en todos laos

  17. Calvo Arias

    Viva cecilio g :v

  18. Calvo Arias

    Copia de los pixies

  19. Adry Power

    ¿Porqué tiene tantas visitas esta mierda?

  20. Davidrm

    Helado? Trivago

  21. jorge .s

    Tenéis mal directo

  22. Mr. Souza

    La verdad que nunca he sido muy fan del rock pero vuestra banda me está haciendo cambiar de opinión

    drop taus

    Mr. Souza rock???????

  23. pablosm 2110

    Te gustan los helados?

  24. rai tababa

    woww this is beautiful!

  25. Merls Snt

    Pretencioso, fácil y aburrido. Un coñazo.

  26. 9paperbackwriter


  27. nataly/yatnla

    no me gusta pero me gusta

  28. YungBasqui TV

    Se sabe que alguien no tiene calle cuando mete el morro en un litro.

  29. Ayana J

    2:59 This video is cool.

  30. oyze

    oh sht this has been my tune 4vr never saw the vid b4 lol

  31. Lucas Román


  32. João Moita

    this is so fucking beautiful jesus fucking christ fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  33. HxCMD

    The hinds feat Antoine Griezmann. Nice.

  34. Helena Gonçalves

    Amor de Portugal!

  35. Raquel

    How many secrets you have that keep you smiling that way?
    You better start to behave

  36. Ramon Delgado

    La pintura es de Gabriel Metsu

  37. Snapshot Flo

    This video is incredible

  38. allison

    I loooooove the bridge

  39. Isabella Lynn

    Garden is two years old Viva Hinds!

  40. Gnarly Charly

    THE CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Radd96

    Creía que esta canción ya la había oído. Pero es que usáis los mismos acordes en todas y los que tocamos la guitarra lo sabemos. Vaya pena dais. Con lo famosa que eras con la canción de Antón , y te pudieron las ganas de ser conocida por esta basura.

  42. Bluebeards Original

    I like the song, lots of influences here, maybe a bit too much of a lifting from Cornershop's Brimfull of Asha guitar rift?

  43. unarrosalforn

    Gran vídeo para gran canción. Y a mí también me recuerda a KIm y los Pixies.

  44. Pedo Con Sorpresa

    grupo español diferente y con talento, España envidia y critica. Porque los españoles muy españoles mucho españoles

  45. Gran Dani

    esos pétalos deberían estar más picaditos!

  46. Ulises Barrera

    This is terrible

    Herbert Joel

    tu vieja es terrible pelotudo aguante the hings ahre q los escuche hace 10 minutos :V aguante sunflower bean

    Elias Molzon

    Herbert Joel aguante Argentina pues :vv

    KroSs YT

    This is beatiful (sarcasm)

  47. Jorge León

    Who's the guy? I'm single

  48. revol148

    Great to see there is so much love for the glorious band Hinds out i crazy youtube world....probably the best thing musically to come out of beautiful Spain since "yes sir I can Boogie" by Baccara

  49. Dean Andreoli

    so great.

  50. Leandro Marcelo Maggio

    buena banda gallega teenger!! estan muy lindas las chicas :)

  51. Edgar Hugo Manrique Costilla

    it´s like im the warus perhaps....

  52. Brandon Fernandez


  53. Isle Of Wight Alternative Attractions

    Just saw these gals at Bestival after having them recommended..
    Blown away, And set ended with crowd leaping over barriers storming the stage..
    Fucking Awesome!

  54. Anahí Sanz

    This is your best music video so far. Congrats! Keep it up!

  55. Lord Baseman


  56. Francisco Fran

    Carlota Cosials se parece a rocky dennis.

  57. Ana Fá

    os acabo de descubrir y la verdad que moláis!!!

  58. clariboia anal

    So now they stopped making white-trash videos only to change towards pseudo-art mall-hipster bullshit.

  59. D Harrell

    Yikes.....there is now hope for us bad musicians.......VEVO!!

  60. Feel Flows

    i like when the drums kick in

  61. Buck3n

    Saw them on Colbert and was instantly hooked!

  62. Glenda Gaytan

    😐 sounds like just anyone can be famous now a day bc this is bad ...

    Rudi Clayton

    Please describe in your undoubtably deep and varied knowledge of music; what exactly is good music hmmm?

    Aaron Emerson

    as many dislikes as your shitty comment has likes, you never wrote a song. write a song and then talk shit

  63. Pat G

    The vegan in me was like, "don't kill the chicken, don't kill the chicken!!!" lol .. Great song.

    Aaron Emerson

    also the poor man who was shot by an arrow wasn't actually shot by an arrow, so that is good. the vegan in me says "probably not, but maybe they killed that poor chicken" probably not, only the production crew will know

    Julia Budd

    It says in the credits at the end that "the chicken was not harmed in the making of this film. She is living happily in a cavern with the director" :D

  64. holly

    i love this song so much

  65. Asian Shoegaze

    This band is kinda like a really bad version of Ataque de caspa

  66. Wilson23

    Great song and creative video! Im listening to Hinds' 3d song in a row and they don't dissapoint so far.

  67. german q.

    too bad this kind of videos tend to attract shit audiences.

    Victor Williams

    german q. What

  68. Brittany O'Barr

    I can't wait until you guys blow up


    Allahu Akbar! *BOOM!*

  69. sjp4ut

    Great music ladies!

  70. Marga -

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  71. Oramalac Bunbury

    like si vinieron por recomendación de bunbury

  72. Matthew Cochrane

    This is amazingly beautiful! i need to meet you human beings!?

  73. Sabrina Sulong

    Wes Anderson vibes! ^_^


    +Sabrina McDonnell i thought the same lol ^^

  74. Hugo Rivas cordero

    Cuando vienen a México !!!!

  75. comrade hermit

    Hinds are fucking epic. Like the Replacements meets Shonen Knife. Best new band since Sleigh Bells blew up my eardrums with Treats. I love me some noisy noisy ear sugar. More please!

  76. james webb

    Yes there is sexism in the musical industry, for sure. And its bullshit. But you've spent too long crossing the line with your crap and this time is just one too many for me not to say anything.

    First you showed up on "los protegidos" and all of those shitty shows made for housewives on Antena 3 (the miserable product of ATresMedia, one of the largest media conglomerates in Spain) and you weren't exactly a top class actress. But as we all know in Spain, only those who come from the right family are successful. Was it an open audition in which you got your roles?? Mmmmmmm, no, that was the first time that daddy helped you with your silly spoiled girl's dream of being a famous actress. And then you tired of your acting dream and it was TIME FOR CARLOTTA TO BE ROCKSTAR!! DADDY HELP ME ONCE AGAIN MAKE SOMETHING SHITTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE.

    And then for God sakes the shitty teenage actress from "los protegidos" playing 4 poorly diddled out songs shows up for a set in Glastonbury!! WAIT WHAT!! Do you know what bands go through to be able to play a set and Glastonbury? And there you were playing a set, without having done more than 15 shows in your pathetic life. Thats when I had to investigate about the career path of this little shooting star.

    And there I found you on youtube playing your first song on the guitar, a shitty cover version poorly sung and played with your new friend, so that Daddy can see that you now know just enough to be ready within a year to play "la bamba" on stage. C F G. Do FA SOL and repeat Carlotta.

    And then only 7 months go by between that video of the spoiled girl who didn't know how to play more than one song on the guitar, and when you release your "demo tape". That demo tape with professional album sound quality (right demo tapes are always recorded with a producer, aren't they??) with the two guitars perfectly in place, with the voices highly edited, with BASS AND DRUM LINES, BEFORE YOU HAD BROUGHT IN YOUR FRIEND WHO YOU ABANDONED FOR NOT BEING AS COOL AS YOU, NOR THE OTHER ONE YOU FOUND OFF THE INTERNET. And you, in an interview on a live set, talking your only halfway decent English, began to say that the demo was written and played by you and your new friend on lead guitar, and no one else. And when the interviewer starts to question you about that in a sceptical tone "You played the drum and the bass too??" you back track and say "mmmmmmmmm, no, some, um...........friends helped us." Right right friends. Not your boyfriends who have been part of Madrid's music scene for almost a decade or the session musicians that your father found for you.

    After those songs, you bring out two songs more in just the same way. Proffessional recording, everything just perfect bla bla bla, And you go and play in the best clubs in London and Glastonbury as if it were nothing. 4 miserable songs. Without having any more material to offer. Oh, and you were only able to play them poorly. I saw you in London and it was very obvious that you had no iea what you were doing. Yes, in the same structure with the rises and falls in rythm and intensity as the "demo tapes" but really poorly played. It sure smelled like ghostwriters and producers that wrote the entire musical structure and then showed you how to copy it. AS IF YOU WERE A COVER BAND

    And then 4 songs more in one shot, and now you've got 8!! Now you have enough to say it's a record. And now you appear in Rolling Stone (daddy sure had to pay the magazine well for them to give you such a good review, didn't he?? In which they paint you as the Jesus Christ of Garage Punk, ufffffff)

    Ya, in real bands it's never like that. Never. Not even in the bands that make it to the big time as fast as you can say "FAME". When a band writes its own songs you can see an evolution to them. Maybe the lyrics don't change much, but the rises and falls in intensity, breaks, and structure evolve over time until they become the final version recorded in the studio. And even then, the band normally improvises over that version when they're on stage. Not just churning out carbon copies like you. You started off playing poorly copied versions of the disk, error filled and all, and with time have come to copy it better and better, just as someone who always plays the same 8 songs over and over would. Without changing a thing.

    So, the real Story of Carlotta and her magic fairy tale friends:

    1. "Daddy make me a rock star!! I'm sick of acting in all these shitty daytime shows!!"
    2. Daddy with all of his contacts in ATresMedia (major media conglomerate in Europe) finds her an agent, recording studio, producer, and session musicians to do everything for her.
    3. These people have you sing lyrics they translated for you over a base track they recorded for you. You're a SINGER STAR!!
    4. A teacher, found by daddy, teaches you how to play all of your parts of each song so you can actually do shows.
    5. Daddy gets you shows in London, Glastonbury. and USA (although he's just not as influential over there....)
    6. Daddy buys you good reviews and articles in Rolling Stone and Vice and all of the typical magazines wherever he gets you booked, in order to get people believing you're a real live garage band and not just gaggle of rich kids acting like their not.
    7. You're already getting tired of the SuperStar life.

    Well, I don't mind that you complain about sexism. But don't complain that people tell the truth when they say that your daddy gave you everything on a silver platter without having to do anything, and that it sure seems like other people wrote your music when ITS THE TRUTH AND YOU KNOW IT, and WE ALL KNOW IT TOO.

  77. Jaime Pitillas

    que genio Gsus

  78. Riley Farrell

    😎😍Fucking love this band. So fresh and different. HINDS!! 🤘🏻

  79. Rocket Van

    Sounds good! It remains me a little bit of Palma Violets and the early recordings of the Vaccines

  80. lincbond442

    This band makes some interesting and fresh music videos.Este grupo hace unos videos musicales muy interestantes y originales.

  81. Robert Gawronski

    En términos simples - artístico, natural, excitante ...

  82. Robert Gawronski

    In simple terms - artistic, natural, excytujące ...

  83. th3FT pUnK

    One of the best girl bands out there

  84. Petrescu Sergiu


  85. Ellie Grant

    this reminds me of Pixies. brilliant

    Ellie Grant

    well that escalated quickly


    +Ellie Grant Strangely i never was much a Franck Black fan, i wonder if i even better like some Pixie Lott material... i'm half jokin' there

    clariboia anal

    the only difference is the pixies actually had wit and content


    Lol, they wish

  86. Beja

    Awesome, awesome, awesome

  87. jeff oliva

    Having a half minute of silence at the end was pretty stupid to do.

  88. Starry&Bohemian

    This band is way overrated... i mean i do not think they're bad... it's just that all this fresh teeny hype is exaggerated...
    I feel there's a potential here anyway, this could be just the basis for better works n sounds to come...
    I would be curious to come back in 5 years time and hear how their 3rd album will sound like... soonic evolution or static flight?
    DumDumGirls are not in the same league, ok they're not from the same generation.
    However Kid Wave & Wolf Alice have both female singers as well and are from the same generation as Hinds, they are clearly more exciting to my ears

    jeff oliva

    Kinda like the Go Go's first album, basically sounded like a garage punk demo. Bully is also a up and coming, female fronted band that seems like they have a potential, already good song crafting.

  89. Brad Suske

    Gerdaine Pibbers "Lilybelle"

  90. Brad Suske

    Actually, the "Geraldine Phibbers", listen to it ladies and keep up ypur hard work, youre amazing...

  91. Brad Suske

    Has a Poe, Pixies vibe...outstanding

  92. Brad Suske

    Love, Love!

  93. Reese Stephen

    This chorus screams California

    Thomas 67?