Hinder - Use Me Lyrics

Alright now
From the top
Wow hey!

She wouldn't spit on me if I was on fire
She said she loves me but I know she's a liar
The sex is good but god she's got no desire
That's alright, she's taking me home tonight!

She's kinda cold but yet she's hot on the outside
Last night got nasty an' I'm still kinda tongue-tied
I hate to say it but she brings out my sick side
That's alright, she's taking me home tonight!

She's got a whole lotta love (anyway you want it)
But it's never enough (finish what you started)
Take me to heaven above (then leave me broken-hearted)
Well I won't be a fool an' fight it,
She's gonna use me and I like it, yeah yeah

I'll bet she's wondering if I'm worth her while,
She's judge and jury and she's got me on trial
But I ain't sweating cause I'm first on the speed dial
Yeah that's right, she's taking me home tonight!

She always leaves and makes me feel kinda sleazy
It's kinda cool because she already pleased me
I'm lyin' here, just thinking this is too easy
Yeah that's right, she's taking me home tonight!

She's got a whole lotta love (anyway you want it)
But it's never enough (finish what you started)
Take me to heaven above (then leave me broken-hearted)
But I won't be a fool and fight it,
She's got a whole lotta love (anyway you need it)
But I've run outta luck (now she said she's leaving)
Leavin me in the dust (but that's OK, we're even)
But I won't be a fool and fight it
She's gonna use me but I like it (like it)
She's gonna use me but I like it!
Yeah yeah

She's got a whole lotta love (anyway you want it)
But it's never enough (finish what you've started)
Take me to heaven above (and leave me broken-hearted)
Well I won't be a fool and fight it
She's got a whole lota love (anyway you need it)
But I've run outta luck (now she said she's leaving)
Leavin me in the dust (but that's OK, we're even)
But I won't be a fool and fight it
And darling I just can't deny it
Because she used me and I like it (like it)
Because she used me and I like it (like it)
Yeah yeah, like it (like it)
Because she used me and I like it (like it)
Yeah yeah

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Hinder Use Me Comments
  1. Trish Cooning

    Austin Winkler is hot as hell.

  2. mike english

    The Dice Man 😎 ?

  3. Dan Dwyer

    Great Band but the Dork guitar player gotta lose the hat..or just stop being a dork.

  4. Luis Guillermo

    🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 Muy buena Canción y soy Dominicano

  5. Ashley Lanthier

    Hinder not the same without him

  6. broken angel

    And you wonder why Babalon is going to kick you to the curb.

    broken angel

    I stopped buying your music and supporting you guys when you basically sang about cheating. Babalon does not play with cheating. Its dishonorable and pathetic.

    broken angel

    That's probably why you fell on hard times. I saw you at Pierre's during a Girls Gone Wild tour.

  7. Dillon

    what the fuck it’s the end of 2019 and I haven’t had good shit to listen to since this dropped

  8. Sakis123 Ragatsis

    Smackdowns new theme

  9. Irving Giovanni Flores Mejia

    Smackdown baby

  10. youronly friend

    i did use you like you use others!

  11. Nicole Inez

    Yeah right. In my dreams, I am a quarter of that confident.

  12. 2pacandoutlawz.com99

    Sep 2019 still hearing, still remember playing this at the strip.club

  13. Dylan Noonan

    Very underrated voice tbh

  14. Юрий Бучельников

    It`s Cool!!!

  15. Юрий Бучельников

    Ну крутяк!!!

  16. D Hamm

    0:20 when I tell my kid no

  17. Larry Smith

    Fix you-------------1 MInute----------------FUK.

  18. Larry Smith

    Some of them Are PIMPS----------Got no Respect for those 1 inch cock Guys.LOL.

  19. Larry Smith

    Let's get 1 Thing Straight---------There are Viscious women and Their Are Viscious Guys.Got it.

  20. Larry Smith

    Fuk--------------Sounds Like My Exwife---------------Used Me.

  21. Brandon2940

    This song and video is 100% rock and roll

  22. Larry Smith

    Hinders on The Road.YEaaaaaaaah.Love Them.

  23. Mel Harker

    Andrew Dice Clay!!! 🤘😎🤘
    Fuck yeah!!!!!

  24. Matt H

    Back when Hinder was good and not garbage now.

  25. Larry Smith

    I Have at Least 3 Hinder Cd's.I own 500-800 CD's.I Lost Count.LOL.

  26. Larry Smith

    Oh YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH.Let's Rock With A Great Band.

  27. Kelli Martin

    I like the new hinder but it's not even close to what the real hinder was I love Austin's solo work he needs to release new music

  28. Auztzimmer Schiller

    Very good... Show ww o rock ainda não morreu

  29. Mister Justice

    Hinder was making it big for like five minutes. Sadly that's like the story for most modern rock acts.

  30. Rickey Engle

    i don't use,,people

    ONLY in TIME

    Looking for the cure

  31. Shane Shepard

    0:00 When you stub your toe

  32. Dim Pap

    Catchy as hell 🎸 🔥 🎤 🎼 ❕

  33. Kelly Halbedel

    Not bad but NOT Hinder without Austin on vocals .....Re-name the band and move on or get Austin back

  34. Ham Mer

    Hinder goes from this rock sound to a new pop country sound. From arenas to state fairs and Indian casino gigs with the new singer.

  35. I AM RAGE

    January 3rd 2019 hell yea still badass

  36. Joan Bar


  37. Max Wilds

    14 or 25

  38. Max Wilds


  39. Max Wilds

    Kevin harvick

  40. Max Wilds

    Billy no jimmie Tommie

  41. wpjohnston0213

    Finally a Hinder song that is fast paced and not depressing!

  42. Jacob Goodrich

    Reminds me off college. Lol we’d play this song in our band when we ran out off songs to play. Good times 🤪

  43. visho89

    Last song before feminism came into existence.

  44. Ashley Bacher

    Bought this CD in high school from a church rummage sale. I almost died because they had no idea how unchurch like the album was/is. Still one of my favorite memories from my teenage years.

  45. Johnathan Utahzio

    This is the cheesiest shit I’ve seen since Nickleback.

  46. Jason Petruzzelli

    Austin is Hinder

  47. Daniel Bohatkiewicz

    Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey will do that. ;)

    ONLY in TIME

    We was friends on fakebook

    ONLY in TIME


  48. Angry Little Toe

    I still would.

  49. Wrecker '56

    This video reminds me of when me & my band would have some WILD parties at one of my houses!

  50. mateus morais


  51. stephanie speltz

    I don’t care!! I will always love Hinder!!!

  52. Jacky Bonez

    video clip ruined it all no super cars but muscle cars

  53. Luis Fernando Flores

    A good start with this great song yeahh....

  54. Sherry Mcvay

    Sexiest man in years !!!

  55. Lisa Hoffman

    Blower rocks

  56. Ross Martinez

    now that's HINDER!! not so good with new material....come back man..Austin😎

  57. James Adams

    my girl loves this group!! she wouldve fit right in!!love ya babe😘

  58. Dustin Hale

    Straight up Oklahomans

  59. Nishant Sengar

    Wtf is up with hinder's vocalist?

  60. cheeks Costillo

    Ah Hahaha got to love groupies

  61. lamardsol

    never heard of you but i just remixed this song into a dance hit

  62. Nick Walker

    If only I had more than two thumbs up...

  63. Monkeyliver19

    I miss 2008

  64. Brain Storm

    i use to get so much pussy when i was 26!!

  65. BloodyWolfJones

    now how many girls did they smash on that set

  66. Veronica Arms

    I love this fuckin song it rocks.

  67. Trish Cooning

    My ex used me&I didn't like it at all he can go to hell.

  68. Henri Miettinen

    why the fuck u guys had to delete born to be wild music video to YouTube mobile?!!?

  69. Sonny L

    American gold youth!

  70. Iconic_PotatoHeadz

    good song

  71. Witchy woman Cools

    Jamming to this in 2017 !!! Austin come back !!!!!! We need you !!!!!! Lol.

  72. Monkeyliver19

    looks like a lot of fun

  73. Lee-Sidney Gianluca

    Thumbs up if you want Austin John back

    Louise Brooks

    His voice kicks ass can hear enuff


    Triumph 1983 Well he shouldn’t have left them. Nobody made him. He’s moved on from rock music

    Leaf Tube

    colemann76 he only left because shit went down

    Christopher Regan

    Actually I think its Austin Winkler.

    snap well

    I just want him to make music and tour again. He doesn't even necessarily have to be with Hinder. He WAS Hinder, so he could do well on his own.

  74. Robin*John Jackson

    That is so cool I like that song.

  75. Everything but Nothing

    I bet this music video was the shit to be a part of..these goddesses they got to spend the day with. not even fair

  76. Gerald Martin

    these guys went to Yukon High School in Yukon, Oklahoma

  77. Gerald Martin

    Hinder f_cked when they replaced the main man-I haven't and won't buy anymore of their bs

  78. Mitchell Williams

    This band was the GnR of the 2000s. Raw and in your face with unique vocals just like GnR was back in the day. Hey ramaining Hinder members. Do yourself a favor and let Austin come back. You aint replacing thise vocals

  79. Regie De Jesus

    that susu though

  80. Dinar Chat Voted #1 by Dinarians

    great tune

  81. The Undead

    I can't get over how much he looks like Snape in this music video.

  82. Julie Jackson

    Do any of you know of Austin coming out with his own album? Is it Austin John?

    David Carter

    yes it fucking sucked he and the rest of hinder need to get back together

    Julie Jackson

    yes they do can we all get together with this and write someone about wanting him back?

  83. Julie Jackson

    I love this song and video cant stop watching it. Everyones so hawt in it.

  84. Brent McLean

    you know it's a party with ADC working the door lol

    ONLY in TIME

    Alternating direct current ha ha

  85. Jennifer Sherman

    I love anything by them and they do a great concert!

  86. Joey Barcenas

    I did not know this song was from 2008

  87. Kimberly Damien Mitchell

    he still makes music

  88. Valerios Souris

    1:26 Sebastian Leto...

  89. Kenneth Dileo

    now this is kicking ass 😎

    Julie Jackson

    Sure is I love it


    Kenneth Dileo hi kenneth doleo

  90. Shannon R Divas

    My uncle a ex con rent free dope fein also my grandma favorite but so much for math addicts condemning their families houses... So the state nt paying cause Detroit dope dealers and drug addicts and hookers found a tax free loop hole... While I'm paying 10,000 te social security, and 14,895. in taxes after a business property lost, not paying for TVs and such for crack heads te steal...

  91. Shannon R Divas

    Nice song

  92. şakir tekir

    I didn't know that Professor Snape had a son.

    Itt Zu Velasco

    LOL... You made my day :'D

  93. Angela Mitchell

    dress up like that on stage with you lol

  94. Angela Mitchell

    well can however some time
    what are you still need a copy

  95. Jesper W

    used up whore with the blonde hair

    Rachel L.

    Jesper W whe one with pink tips?

  96. Ross Horan

    The DICE!!