Hillsong United - Yours Forever Lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
Say His Name within the darkest hour
And see His light illuminate our path
The road is narrow but our gaze is set
On the love of Christ ‘til the very end

[VERSE 2:]
We walk in the truth that overcame our sin
Leaving our past and how we once had lived
Giving our lives to see
Your Name made known
‘Cause the love of Christ is what the world needs most

So Lord
Lead us in the ways of Your love
To lead a broken world to Your cross
Lead us in the ways of Your love

We are Yours forever
Our lives won’t be the same
Yours forever our eyes won’t turn away
Yours forever

[VERSE 3:]
We sing Your praises ‘til our lungs give out
To the hope of the world
The One who gave us life
Giving our lives to see
Your Name made known
‘Cause the love of Christ is
What the world needs most

We are Yours forever
Our lives won’t be the same
Yours forever our eyes won’t turn away
Yours forever our lives won’t be the same
Yours forever our eyes won’t turn away

We’re living in the One who gave
His life to see our sin erased
We know
We know
Our hope is never gonna fade away

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Hillsong United Yours Forever Comments
  1. Fabiano Souza

    JD is very crazie... i like this... saiu do desde el Brasil.

  2. Valentina Lesmes

    Horrible esos gritos

  3. Emmuchidna Tuffy

    4/5 years ago my dad was in hospital with appendicitis, close to death. This album strengthened him, he is alive today and plays drums at church, and he's thriving <3 thank you!

  4. Gerson Saravia

    3:47 kids dont try this at home

  5. Rayany Sousa

    JD ❤❤

  6. Yohannes Prince Dionson

    anyone? 2019?

  7. Jesus Follower

    The best concert ever!!!!! .... Who in 2019??

  8. Dámaris Loza

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Emmanuel Anderson

    I love to worship I wish na mm ningekuepoo hapoo ....nikisikiliza na roho mtakatifu anashuka najikuta nikinena kwa lugaa mwanzo hadii mwishooo

  10. Jenine Fernandez

    This is the type of christian music that I grew up with. Eventually got myself into heavier music. Haha


    Im yours forever jesus❤️

  12. Keanan Reed

    one of my favorite praise songs ever, especially becaus intruments are used so rawly to praise God, how can you not move while praising God to this song !!

  13. Ametheist Toast

    YES 🙏🏻💜 such nostalgia, praise the lord

  14. Lourdes Batista

    So cool this song, this is rock that no offends Jesus

    Francesca Toribio


  15. achieng dro

    Rowdy 🎸🎸💃

  16. oswaldo Reynolds


  17. Pearle J

    This song is so good. Great sound awesome lyrics

  18. Alessandra Borges

    Aline Barros

  19. Caio Oscar

    JD glooory to GOD man! You're rockin out the skyies! We are going to be the generation that restore this bronken world

  20. Livan Leon

    I miss this Hillsong <3

    Pearle J

    Livan Leon Hillsong United is still rocking out for Jesus

    Francesca Toribio

    @Pearle J i agree

  21. Jammes Ornias

    Do you guys have any clue on what pedals they used during this era? Live in miami never gets old!!

    hwip sales

    Jammes Ornias check timon kleins board in the webs. i believe documentations of it are generally from this era.

  22. Sebastían Serna Chavez

    deberían sacar un album de todo ese concierto, en serio.

    Senior Chief

    "Live in Miami" es el album.

    AndroidMasterCrack 502


  23. Lucas Santz

    My favorite!! This is ROCK BABY!! 😂😂😂😁😅😆

  24. Yessica Perez

    Los mejores cuanto los amo!!!. ♥💥❤💞

  25. Byron David Martinez

    I was a child when I listened for first time this incredible song <3

  26. Daniel chavez

    Son unos genios tocando que Dio los bendiga

  27. Daniel Sandoval

    JD es el que mejor canta. El baterista es excelente.


    Me gusta mas la voz rasposa de Joel Houston

  28. Bell Lecca


  29. Bell Lecca

    I miss this hillsong!

    Francesca Toribio

    You are right.. they changed but for good! ;)

    adam loring

    Yeah. Too much EDM nowadays

  30. John Espinoza Jiménez

    This song is perfect to go driving😍🏎🎶🎧🎸

  31. Dayanara Padilla

    viva Cristo

  32. Diego Amorizio

    Olha esse baterista

  33. Fer San

    Is this music Christian or what?

    The Unknown

    Do you not hear the lyrics? "The love of Christ is what the world needs most"

    Uhhh is this Christian? 😂😂

    GospelIta - Grazia X l'Italia

    Just because the lyrics are christians it doesn't mean the music is christian as well...this is a satanic deception honestly

    The Unknown

    🤔 No you're absolutely right. I can celebrate Halloween but still not be participating in a satanic ritual right?

    General Carrot

    GospelIta Productions there is no such thing as Christian music

    General Carrot

    GospelIta Productions I pretty sure Satan wants God's word to spread across the world

  34. Vitória Silva


  35. Isaac the Worship Warrior

    2:10 it's like KISS or Aerosmith went Christian. a nice touch :)

    Vane Fernández


  36. Nazyr Keryx


  37. Abel Ruiz

    Mi Favorita 😎

  38. Alessandra Borges

    A versão da Aline Barros é muito boa!

    Denison Dutra

    Alessandra Roberta da Silva Borges vdd

    William Rodrigues

    Realmente, mas não é melhor kkkk s2

    Isaac Lobo

    É uma porcaria na verdade
    Ela é uma porcaria
    Aline Berros

  39. Chucho De Jesús


  40. Gerard015