Hillsong United - The Time Has Come Lyrics

Found love beyond all reason
You gave your life, your all for me
And called me yours forever
Caught in the mercy fallout
I found hope, found life, found all I need
You're all I need

The time has come
To stand for all we believe in
So I for one
I'm gonna give my praise to you

Today today
It's all or nothing
All the way
The praise goes out to you
Yeah all the praise goes out to you
Today today
I live for one thing
To give you praise
In everything I do
Yeah all the praise goes out to you

Cause all we are is yours
And all we're living for
Is all you are
Is all that you are

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Hillsong United The Time Has Come Comments
  1. The damn soul

    Looks like Kurt Cobain

  2. Juan Gabriel González

    La mejor introducción hecha por una banda !!!!

  3. G. S.

    Conheci este álbum em 2006 e ele mudou a minha vida época de Ouro do Hillsong United!

  4. DarthV

    UNITED We stand is the best album of 2000's

  5. Peter

    Love this intro*

  6. Ryan Chin

    that bass solo always gives chills, Australia waves man haha

  7. Joatham Balignot

    UNITED we serve JESUS CHRIST until he comes, 2019 and LIFETIME

  8. Viviana Barria

    Qué nostalgia😥me acuerdo que esta música la escuchaba cuando tenía unos 14 o 15 años

    Gerson Granillo

    Viviana Barria Lo mismo me pasa a mi el álbum completo es uno de mis favoritos ¡Saludos!

    Viviana Barria

    @Gerson Granillo asi es...que buenos tiempos

  9. Jethro Francisco

    Nostalgia 😢😢😢

  10. Camila Berbert

    É hora


    Amor além da razão
    Deste tua vida para mim
    E eu sou teu pra sempre

    Graças a sua misericórdia
    Encontrei vida para mim
    És tudo para mim


    É hora de firmarmos o que temos
    Não retrocederei darei o meu louvor a Ti


    Eu sei, eu sei é tudo ou nada
    Sempre darei o meu louvor a Ti
    Sim todo meu louvor a ti

    Eu sei, eu sei é o meu viver
    Dar meu louvor com tudo o que sou
    Sim com tudo o que sou


    És o meu Senhor, és meu salvador
    Vou te adorar, pra sempre adorar

  11. Samu Gonzalez

    No me pidan que supere jamás este álbum !!!

  12. vsuic

    Ohh the memories..

  13. Aileen Purgatorio


  14. Culture Dan

    These are Michael Guy Chislet's guitars used in this album:
    Gretsch Black Penguin (The time has come, take it all, fire fall down)
    Fender Telecaster (From God above)
    Gretsch White Falcon (From the inside out)
    Gibson Les Paul (The revolution)
    Fender Stratocaster (The stand)

  15. Evan Cruz

    So apparently after all these decades... they don’t say
    “I’m caught in the arms of forever”
    “Called me yours forever”

    pogi Gevero

    Nas miss ko ang college life ko sa youth for christ.i miss this song...
    I pray for you Lord

  16. •Isaac israel•

    2:47 KURT COBAIN?!

  17. mario cantin

    Lo mejor de hillsong fue en esas epocas!!!

  18. Vinni Manurung

    The guitarist tho

  19. QueAgradable Sujeta

    Hermosas épocas y recuerdos de mi adolecencia, y cuando abrieron el show de argentina en 2007 con esa intro. ♥

  20. QueAgradable Sujeta

    Con este álbum conoci a united en 2006 ♥

  21. 29lisaS

    The best song

  22. Isac Carhuaz

    5:52 J.D ... ;V

  23. Marcos Agurto Evangelista

    Many years later and I always I'm back for heard this intro. The best Intro!

  24. Bruce Ashnal

    superb intro

  25. Ryan Lauderdale

    Just listened to Echoes off the new album UNITED just released, and it reminded me for a minute of the reckless abandon these older records had, particularly this track. I was a teenager and a budding musician when this came out. Every youth group I knew of was playing this music. All of the worship teams were playing Hillsong United stuff, sometimes to the point of cliche. Then I kinda got tired of this sound, and moved on to other worship bands that had a message I needed to hear at that time. I still listened to Hillsong stuff through the years like With Everything and Oceans and So Will I and What A Beautiful Name, but just had an interest in deeper songs that were more meaningful to me. Then they dropped Echoes, and it reminded me of this old track in such a way that was refreshing to me. Still grateful to get to hear this after so many years.

  26. Alexander

    Still the best intro ever

  27. Maria Magdalena

    Simplesmente fenomenal banda hillsong instruidos pra glória de DEUS.

  28. Trevor

    One of my all-time favourite songs.

  29. Sweetchild Ofmine

    I feel 13 yo again ❤️

  30. Alejo sebas

    0:00 a 1:30 EPIC

  31. Shizu Gaming


  32. Carolis Mella

    ¡Cuántos recuerdos, aleluyaa!

  33. Norman Sulla

    Still singing this great song. Praise THE LORD!

  34. Forever Luv

    I love all ur song, hopefully many people will love Jesus more and more each day, HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY WORTHY TO BE PRAISE 😍

  35. Fer.Chairez

    The intro is Everything!

  36. Fer.Chairez

    My God! this is my favorite!!

  37. Luan Lucas


  38. pandero pandero


  39. Lucas Pina

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooo
    I just felt 17 again!

  40. Rafi Hagopian

    like metalica

  41. Sexy samy


  42. Colep


  43. Josue Silva

    Gratos recuerdos de mi adolescencia Marty Sampson Jad Gillies Joel Houston JD annie garrat. Michael guy. Brooke Fraser y los demas. A y el fenomenal baterista que lo apodamos en mi iglesia como Chuki por su polo. Todos grandes músicos instruidos por Dios.

  44. dolfo ventura

    My all time music❤💓😍😇😇😇

  45. Lloyd Subner

    What ABOUT ACTS 2 VS 38 have you been baptised in the name of JESUS Christ THE NAME OF JESUS is important it has power it must be used in baptism to be saved check the United Pentecostal Church if you need help with anything time is short we must make the rapture

  46. Kc K

    This was my jam!

  47. TheJeeCee

    Es ist schwer zu glauben, dass Joel Housten die Musik geschrieben hat. Ist er Musiker und Multiinstrumentalist?

  48. André Oliveira

    Show Uhuuu

  49. Isaac Pérez

    United We Stand - Un disco fenomenal que sacó Hillsong United... fue el empujón hacia su época de Oro.

  50. Feliix t_m

    The intro is so cool ❤

  51. Antonio Vargas

    La mejor introducción del mundo 👏 sin duda un lema entre las Iglesias

  52. Manuel Errivares Reyna

    Quina cançó!

  53. Marcos Alfaro

    La mejor Intro 💙
    Excelente Cancion
    Y muchos recuerdos

  54. Culture Dan

    Michael Guy Chislett es el guitarrista principal en este disco, lo que lo caracterizó fueron sus sonidos con el DD-5 Delay de BOSS usando la tecnica Dotted Eighth en ese pedal.

    Josue Silva

    Michael ahora es productor y a su vez regreso con los UNITED como guitarrista

    chato nice

    Pero quiero salir de duda hubieron 3 guitarras eléctricas en todo el album

    yelitza lopez

    Gloria a Dios

    Culture Dan

    @Josue Silva así es bro !

    Culture Dan

    @chato nicePor lo que he visto en la mayor parte del disco fueron 3 guitarras eléctricas y en algunas canciones usaron 4 guitarras.
    Como a mitad de concierto cambiaron al guitarrista de la Fender Telecaster amarilla por Marcus Bearmount con una Les Paul flameada y una Stratocaster y en algunas canciones Jad Gillies deja de tocar su Les Paul negra por una acústica, es ahí donde Dylan Thomas ayuda con una guitarra Les Paul amarilla.
    Michael Guy Chislett toca durante todo el concierto !

  55. Culture Dan

    Gracias a esta canción aprendi a tocar guitarra y teniendo por grupo favorito a Hillsong United.

  56. agustin Rios

    Un clasiico unico✌

  57. Domingos Paulo

    This intro is worth the album. The last one from the series of Live Albums! I still miss these times!


    Domingos Paulo we all do

  58. Daniel Leon

    I have this concert in DVD, my first album United we stand!!

  59. Eduardo Panameño


    Elcimar Biz

    Agree !!!!

    Ronnie Lopez

    like a marching call for the presence of God!

  60. eggydrums

    The quintessential United album. God bless you all.

  61. Jackson Ferreira Rubens

    the time has come

  62. Ricardo Narandan

    Our jam during teenage days... til now!

  63. AnDrOmEdAxX Hola Soy Osiel V:

    Like yes the favorite álbum 😃

  64. Doks Channel

    Meu coração ♥

  65. Ify Nsoha

    OG hillsong right here

  66. Andrés Vega

    *"Por ti por ti es por quién vivo, te alabaré con todo lo que soy. Toda mi alabanza doy."*

  67. Erick MG

    Un clásico :')

  68. Lucas Caetano


  69. Pedro Enrique Zelaya

    Es tiempo 🙌

  70. Biruk Amare

    Praise be to God! Lord we thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for sending your Son to die for our undeserving soul so we may not perish.

  71. KevinMant

    Viejos tiempos 😍 !!!

  72. Nestor Montecé OFICIAL

    I like intro :D album Juntos Permaneceremos, Hola bendiciones :D les saluda desde Ecuador-Guayaquil aquí esta mi segunda cancion tipo electrónica pop https://youtu.be/ESaxdW8BJRU y ya subí mi tercera canción, suscribete por favor https://youtu.be/rUQrwyalh6Q Bendiciones

  73. Richi Pum yeah!

    Nice intro 😍

  74. Krissa Español

    Never gets old 💖