Hillsong United - Heaven Lyrics

I need Your Love
Like the desert needs the rain
I need Your touch
Like the fire needs the flame
One moment without You near
Is heartache I cannot bear
A lifetime with You O Lord
Is Heaven I long to Know

Come over me
Like the oceans meets the shore
Shine on my life
Like the morning
Steals the night
one moment without you near
is heartache i cannot bear
a lifetime with you oh Lord
Heaven i long to know

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Hillsong United Heaven Comments
  1. Akane franco


  2. Alugo Victor

    All I need is a touch of heaven O God!
    To live within ur love

  3. Kauanne Costa Ribeiro

    Wonderful song! <3

  4. Kauanne Costa Ribeiro


  5. Ttv Killercroc

    I went to winter fest in Nashville Tn and hillsong y&f performed it was amazing couple days later I went to church and there they where guests at my church the belonging co. it was crazy😊

  6. Brian O'Leary

    Brothers and sisters THE USA IS A CHRISTIAN
    FOUNDED COUNTRY!!! We are not to worship ANY other GODS in our land such as
    other faiths do!!! per the TEN COMMANDMENTS!! WE ARE COMMITTING SIN IN GODS

  7. Olive & Eunice

    Whyyyyy do worship songs have to go and ruin it with creepy lyrics like "Jesus, have your way with me now" ? :((

    AKD Videos

    It fo3rdns on how u take it ..u shouldn't even be thinking of it as a bad way

  8. Matheus Marcos Silva Soares

    Alleluia, Alleluia

  9. Brian O'Leary


  10. geoffrey wachira

    I need your touch my God
    My desire is to live for you
    And if you ever bless me
    And my pride rises high above
    Please remind me that
    I am just a speck in your world
    And that i need you more...
    Than you will ever need me

  11. Nancy Simashela

    Jesus died for us. Not so we can have a piece of him but the whole of him. I want you Jesus, i dont want anything else but you. Matt 6v33. God first and everthing??

  12. Julio Cadena

    You are Good. Jesús.

  13. Rozielma Lisboa


  14. a l

    how do i live? O__O i want life... but cant seem to find it, although i search in christianity~ O__O GOD~ JESUS O_Wdlkasjdklasjdkasd

    ... can i please have a sane mind?

    ..sdakljslkjdlaskjdlaskd can i have u?

  15. Yoojoon Kang

    At this point, I am really desperate for a touch of heaven. T_T

  16. fuedogg

    I was lost but here I am found. Thank you lord! 😃

  17. maria kuyan

    I'm nothing without u Lord

  18. Andjella Jean-Jacques

    I don’t know why people dislike the song. They probably have a problem with themselves.

  19. Luis Glaister

    Dios es todo!❤️
    God its All!❤️

  20. will kouadjo

    This song touch my heart. Thank you jesus Christ!

  21. Jamel Williams

    Thank you for this song Hillsong! When I am facing a hard time in my life or when I'm falling short, this song reminds me how much I desire God and his love. This song is powerful and very anointed! Amen!! Thank You Jesus.

  22. Owen Nyamuzihwa

    Whenever you feel things aren't okay, always remember that his LOVE endures forever.


    2k20 ?
    New year
    New life
    Jesus took the grave 🥀

  24. Iron Ballz


    I used to be a HAPPY @ 18 :-D

    When I first TRULY FOUND GOD AND GOD’s LOVE IN MY LIFE... y’all won’t get it until you experience it for yourselves...

  25. yacob simion

    I will open my heart to you..Lord. God bless you

  26. Nyansa. bln

    2020 and I’m still here 🕊

  27. Alicia Roopnarine

    Whose listening 2020

  28. Guardian Angel

    Authorized king James version holybible tyndale

  29. Guardian Angel


  30. javier calvo

    Lord is god!!!

  31. M M

    I had drifted from God and for the past few months I had been praying that God restores my fire. He used this song to do just that🔥 Thank You Lord Jesus❤️🙏🏾

  32. I am

    We are listen at 2020? God is gread

  33. Vitória

    "All I want is to live within Your love
    Be undone by who You are
    My desire is to know You deeper" For 2020 ❤

    Katarzyna Be

    Me too❤


    @Katarzyna Be Amen, sister! 🙏

  34. JJ L


  35. Avery Escobedo

    I lost my passion of going to church. The anxiety scared me away. Right now I’m searching for a new home on earth but your always home in my heart Lord so I don’t fear being lost. I love you more than life itself.

  36. Rubí A. Del Orbe Cedano

    Who else in 2020?

  37. Dário Teca

    my heart wants something new for 2020
    Happy new year!

  38. Tina Williams

    I pray for all Worship leaders/teams. They go through struggles just like we all do. They need prayer. They have to get up and preach and sing Worship even when they are not feeling so good about things. I pray for all of them, they God is always first, that they never lose faith and know it is ok, not to be ok. God Bless everyone out there. Much Faith and Love in 2020.

  39. Shea Sun

    A couple of weeks after breaking up with my boyfriend...I feel like I hit relapse again, but I know this heartbreak is for Gods ultimate purpose for my life. I pray for healing and joy of singleness.

  40. Lu Silva

    Louvor lindo ♡

  41. Paul Mbote

    This is one song which has kept me going throughout the year. How I love you Jesus____my only redeemer.

  42. Jessica Mayara

    Eu sinto muito a presença de Deus nessa música 😍😍

  43. Lisa Diva

    Love this song so much, is there anyone still listening in the final month of 2019?

  44. Thiago Silvestre

    This is one of the most touching songs ever!

  45. ʀɪɢᴏ sᴇɢᴏᴠɪᴀ

    Me encataaaa❤❤❤❤

  46. Paulo Dela Rosa

    so cool,,,,,,that was so instroment..,,mm,,, i think thats a real hilsong

  47. Best Praise Worship

    What do you often think when you listen to prayer music????

    King J-dub

    A move of God where the whole world gets saved.

    Best Praise Worship

    @King J-dub amen

  48. Andrea Lozano

    God is so good ❤️

  49. IronFist TM

    Que hino lindo meu Deus!! 😍🇧🇷🇧🇷

  50. FaithHopeLoveSVTNctzennie

    one of my favorite songs and it makes me emotional listening to it again

  51. Mayala Mungeya Esperance

    I lost my job last month my boss called me in is office to tell me that my job it's finish but I keep my eyes in God he will provide something new for me he will make a new way for me and i will testify he's good ness in my life

    Gaming Oherload

    Amen. Stay strong in your faith.

    Marthalin Kareth

    Jeremiah 29 : 11 read this sister! ☺❤

    Mayala Mungeya Esperance

    @Marthalin Kareth thank you soo much sis i did read and I have peace after reading that God knows how to answer us through prayer

  52. Joanna Klinger


  53. Christian Hymns

    I'm trying my best to get back into my faith I'm only 16 and I need help with my faith when I hear this all I did was cry and cry please pray for me

    Wung Fuh

    Christian Hymns The Holy Spirit is our friend, comforter, counselor, teacher.. Just called on Him, He is more close than you can imagine. Our father is too good to hold Him back from us.

    Gaming Oherload

    I am 15. My church has this thing at the start of the year where the first 21 days are used for prayer and fasting. This year I am really going deep in it and I have grown so much in my relationship with God by just spending an hour a day praying and reading the bible and listening to these worship songs

  54. Its Me

    I love you I love you I love you Lord to infiniti

    The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes. The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. The decrees of the Lord are firm, and all of them are righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb.
    Psalms 19:1‭, ‬8‭-‬10

  55. Swifter

    cant wait for christmas!!

  56. Augustine. C

    i just hope we sing this, our hearts still align God's command for us to walk by faith and not rely on the emotional highs we get at conferences/during worship and solidly know God by His word that we may walk with Him even in total darkness

  57. Lanna Lang

    Que voz perfeita !

  58. Paula lins

    I don´t even believe in God but I believe in the future and this is pretty af.

  59. Miry Gallar

    Pensé que era una chica que cantaba... Muy linda canción

  60. Samuel Olasanmi

    beautiful, beautiful, worship song

  61. Taiwo Gboluwaga Amole

    I'm a ballerina but I love dancing to christian music and I'm also a christsin

    Taiwo Gboluwaga Amole

    Sorry I meant christian

  62. cdeeson2

    I just listened to a message about sitting at Jesus feet. At first I wasn't sure if just "ONE thing one needful first". Then I heard this song:)

  63. Holly Samer HS7

    Whats this guy's name?

  64. Marita du Plessis

    First time I heard this song and followed the lyrics. Wonderful. Thank you so very much for sharing your blessing with us. May all who hear this song share in the blessings.

  65. Daniel Filho

    Cadê os brs assistindo em 2019?

  66. Kamidi vamshi


  67. faith of jesus


  68. lwethu molapisi

    Come into me Lord forgive me for forgetting who you are

  69. Ye Jin Euh

    Love the intro.

  70. Rosa Marize Gonzales Garcia

    I really feel the lyrics <3

  71. Dushime John

    Proud of you

  72. VOAN VON

    Our God is great!

  73. Trice P

    I've been battling with lust. But I know no weapon formed against me will prosper. Please pray for me as I constantly fight for my purity. God is all I want, now and forever. I fear Him, I praise Him. Let all my brothers and sisters who go through the same suffering be delivered, no matter how long. Because I KNOW. He delays our deliverance for a greater manifestation of His mercy. I love you, Lord. Always will.

    MarieElena Cambria

    That is mind blowing. Thank you for sharing Trice! May the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the God of our Fore Fathers, I am that I am a wrap you in a misty veil of His Shadow and guild and protect you and your loved ones. May he pour down upon you His peace which transcends all understanding. May His Joy be your Strength. May our King's Glory shine through you, a broken but willing vessel eternally. Amen!
    When I was in my 30s, Christ became my husband. and He does delay but only to manifest His Glory which is His Hope in Us! ...In YOU!

  74. Confidence Ramohapeloa

    Though I'm not understanding Jesus my only answer the Holy Spirit is the only one who gives me understanding

  75. Naomie Mesidor

    Amazing song. ❤️Love it. May God bless you all😊

  76. Mary B

    If you love Jesus
    👇🏻👇🏻 press

  77. sac XD

    come to Colombia!!!!

  78. Carlos Felix

    All glory and grace goes to Jesus Christ

  79. Preston Alopea

    Can’t get enough
    “Lord speak to me now”

  80. Diego Borges

    Todo dia é dia pra esse Hino!

  81. SarahNJ01

    This song is so beautiful glory to god 🙏🏻❤️

  82. Augusto Rocha

    Quem veio aqui por causa do Pablo Marçal da um like

  83. James Han

    I love his voice!^^

  84. chris bonsu

    Wow, wow, wow. Most powerful worship song for the 21st Century. The power of Humility and Total Surrender. This song will shift and change your dynamics in the physical world and in the REALMS of the Spirit. Unlocking the bounded people. All chains broken. Because of the ANOINTING, every yoke has to Break because of Higher POWER&AUTHORITY of The Lamb of God. God bless your. May The Lord take you to another dimensions in life. Thank you for this song. Tears dropping down. 🙏🔥

  85. Thomas Abbott

    Hillsong Worship
    Touch of Heaven - Hillsong Worship.
    Truly Beautiful song here

  86. Mukbang Legends Bang Bang

    This is my one of my favorite song in my playlist 🤗🤗🤗🤗🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  87. Philippe Barbosa


  88. Cornelius Shihepo

    such worship just opens the doors of heaven

  89. Reddawg 1989

    Ive just recently started going to church regularly in my life! Its amazing. My church played this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago and cried listening to it!

  90. Franciele Santos

    Mais algum brasileiro que escuta essa música? Mais alguém escutando em 2019

    Ton Alves

    Linda essa música...

  91. Nati Saav

    hey guys I need prayer. one year ago I heard this song and it touched my heart like nothing else. I lost the spark I tried so hard to keep. I want to have that moment with God, that one moment that makes me say "God you truly are the most important thing in my whole life." Currently I have friends with suicidal thoughts, friends doing drugs and I am simply surrounded by people that are dragging me down, I want people that will lift me up and accept me and help me grow closer to God. I am trusting God to do what only He can.

    Nnenna Nnajiofor

    Hello Nati Saav.
    Jesus loves you this is your opportunity to come back and love him too.
    Be free from those acquired spirits in the association of friendship.come and get the touch of heaven.
    Knee down and cry out to him,to show you the condition of your spirit man.Give your life fully to Christ,meet a man of God after you've spoken to him in your room

    Nati Saav

    @Nnenna Nnajiofor thank you so much! this means so much to me! I think 2020 will be a good year and I have been getting prophetic word after prophetic word about my calling and how I can help others around me! God bless you have a great day! I am learning to give it ALL to Jesus!

  92. Chou Chou


  93. Purple Reign

    Lord speak to me now

  94. Angelina Silva

    im broken, im lost, i never knew what i wanted in life, i felt incomplete, and hearing this let me see god's amazingness and blessings. today im renewing my faith, turning away from darkness and i believe that god's plan will never fail, for he is glorious, walk his path🥰