Hillsong United - Go Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
In the Father there is freedom
There is hope in the name that is Jesus
Lay Your life down, give it all now
We are found in the love of the Savior

[Verse 2:]
We are sold out to Your calling
Everything that we are for Your glory
Take our hearts now, have it all now
Let our lives shine the light like the morning

We've come alive in You
Set free to show the truth
Our lives will never be the same

We're giving it all away, away
We're giving it all to go Your way

Roll back the curtains from our eyes
And now we can see You
Shown us your way, your truth and life
We offer our lives to bring You fame
We're caught in Your freedom
We're caught in Your freedom

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Hillsong United Go Comments
  1. J B

    This is amazing!

  2. Thelonious Coltrane

    Is there no copyright to the Ole Ole Ole chant?

    In the 1950s, "Ole Ole Ole Ole" was first heard in American Television on the sitcom I Love Lucy. Dezi Arnaz used the chant during his song to Babalú-Ayé, an African deity. The song was written by Margarita Lecuona in 1939.[6]

    In 1985, Hans Kusters, the head of Belgian music label Hans Kusters Music, asked music producer Roland Verlooven and singer Grand Jojo to "write a song for the Belgian football champs Anderlecht called “Anderlecht Champion”".[7] The song was composed by Armath and Deja, and recorded both in French and Dutch by the Belgian singer Grand Jojo. The song was released that year by Disques Vogue.[8] The following year, Vogue and Walter Capiau recorded another version called "E Viva Mexico", which introduced the chorus "Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, We are the champions". This now represented support for the national Belgian team who did well during the World Cup
    in Mexico. Both versions of the song used a slightly different
    variation of the chant, which probably was also originated in Spain.[verification needed]

    Tony Marshall sang a German cover in 1986: "Wir sind die Champions (olé, olé, olé)".

    In 1987, Roland Verlooven produced an internationally popular version of the chant, "Olé, Olé, Olé (The Name of the Game)". This song was written by a musical group called "The Fans".[9] The song was released in Spain by label Discos Games, and in Germany by ZYX Records. The Japanese version sold 1 million records in Japan and received a gold record.[citation needed]

    In 1988, the Czech songwriter František Ringo Čech wrote the Czech lyrics for the Olé, Olé, Olé (The Name of the Game) which was recorded as a music video and sung by choir of famous Czech football players, which included Antonín Panenka, František Veselý and others.[10]

    In 1998, Chumbawamba recorded the hit "Top of the World (Olé, Olé, Olé)".

    In 1999, the chant was used in the chorus of "¡Olé!" by the Bouncing Souls on their album Hopeless Romantic.

    In 2009 the chant was recorded by Overtone and used in the 2009 film Invictus.

    In 2014, Brazilian superstar Carlinhos Brown used the chant in a World Cup inspired song called Brasil Brasil.

    The chant is sung frequently by the audience, composed mostly of youth and young adults, at the end of Hillsong Young & Free songs.

    Coldplay uses the chant during the performance of their song God Put a Smile Upon Your Face in their Live in Buenos Aires album.


    Martial Ark

    I feel as though the world has had enough of such trifles, no one's really getting stolen from or hurt so why don't we just let bygones be bygones.

  3. Khen Del Rosario

    Am i the only one who is concerned with the way Joel strum his guitar lol, this is a very great song.

  4. 보머전쁘러빈

    still MY FAV SONGS 2K19 NOV25
    anybody HERE WITH ME✋✋♥️

  5. HamboLuke

    1:32 - 1:39

  6. Maik Queiroz

    Brazil <3 *-*

  7. Ángelo Soto Vergara

    Si bien me acomoda la versión en Español, el ambiente de alabanza que proyecta este video es sencillamente maravilloso, unidos alabando a Dios...,

  8. davidson love jesus

    when jesus see you,you all see god

  9. Mahergya FM

    Ole ole ole ole olee

  10. Karoline Stevvven yo

    Yes that's what we want

  11. reynolds Yatumu

    在天父裡 我有自由
    將我生命 完全擺上
    因你活躍起來 自由彰顯真理
    我獻上一切給你 給你
    我獻上一切 行你旨意
    完全擺上 回應呼召
    生命中的一切 為你榮耀
    獻出我心 求主悅納
    讓我們如晨光 為你照耀
    如今我看見你 你彰顯道路真理生命
    我在你自由裡 我在你自由裡

  12. sapphire wuv

    This was our camp's theme song :"> I miss singing this with everyone

  13. Samuel Santos

    Podiam liberar uma versão em português dessa música, meu Deus, sensacional 🙏🏻😍

    Jeicimaire Leal

    Mas já tem! Chama Tudo por ti, só que é do Diante do Trono.

  14. Intoydan2x Paidrunknow

    Tumatayo balahibo ko sa awiting itu , napaka Ganda

  15. kevin simiyu

    Matt always nails it

  16. Alvir Passion

    Who's watching 2019?^^

    kenechukwu osonwa


  17. eurossocial

    Too WORDLYYYYY.... Where is the difference of the Born-again Christians the outside World? and all these Long hair to men??? Oh my God, Hillsong has taken the Down road. Too sad. 😭

    Nathan Magaoay

    eurossocial what's wrong having a long hair in men?

  18. Fredy Mayorquin

    I miss this so much :(

  19. Ernestina Igoni

    Gets me sooooo PUMPED, so lit for all the right reasons 🔥☺️

  20. Respeito Igualdade, Aqui é Vasco!!!

    Jesus Vive ❤❤

  21. MuD MiC

    This kind of Praise shook the grounds and made the demonic world to tremble in fear...What happened? we don't hear this anymore, why?


    EDM took over 🤣🤣

  22. chris van

    Im not a church person but wow love the atmosphere in this this is what a concert should be

  23. Ricardo Ochoa

    2:37 Oley song

  24. Apple Opiana


  25. Samson Bulus

    Am blessed by the song

  26. 이형민

    What does ole mean?

    diego caicedo

    In spanish is an expression of Joy.

  27. Estefany Pacheco

    Hillsong concerts look so fun

  28. Harry Kim

    So Manoah took a kid with a meat offering, and offered it upon a rock unto the LORD: and the angel did wondrously; and Manoah and his wife looked on.

  29. Dominic

    I think we need more like this to add on my playlist for pump up morning.... thanks for this song!! to GOD be the glory

  30. Lorrainy Lima

    Ole ole ole ....

  31. Rebeca L.

    This is not worship!!....This is not the Holy Spirit!!!
    sounds like nirvana...ANATEMA
    I can not imagine the angels worship the Lord in this way!! OMG

    _ wayne

    pharisee. 2 Samuel 6:16. stop despising, look what happened to David's wife.

    diego caicedo

    You can not imagine it this way but God yes.

  32. Paul Joseph Ordeniza

    I missed songs like this, those were the days where just hearing the intro of theses songs you really wanted to jump especially when chorus comes hahaha. Glory to God !

  33. Elisa Pereira

    I love this dvd ❤ i have in my home ❤❤❤

  34. Larry Parane

    Aftermath, to me, was the most complete worship album. I can listen to it all day, all week.

    Zhor - Minecraft

    Larry Parane yeah DR.DRE really hit it out of the park with that one.

  35. Rodrigo Neves



    ole ole ole ole, ole ole.

  37. The good. The bad. AND THE LEFTOVER CRACK!

    I need drug money

  38. Niklot Laudehr

    Even tho I dont know the lyrics to this song, it really pumps me up!!!

  39. Josue Layme


  40. Dennis Bobongie

    what is this blasphemy? worshiping God is supposed to be sacred and revered. not a rock concert. Protestant churches have just about destroyed Christianity with this profane behavior

    Peter Ko

    How do you feel about the organ being used to lead worsip?

    Marvic Segundo

    All kinds of music is From God. And all kinds of music can use to praise GOD! Think before you speak bad words to the other!

    Dave Galuga

    David is much more radical when he worshiped God. Music is from God whatever the genre is. So start worshiping God! ✌️ Ole ole ole ole 😊

    EJ Maza

    Here comes the Pharisee

    _ wayne

    @Dennis BOBOngie

    Even King David, a man after God's own heart, worshipped and praised so hard that he was leaping and dancing before the Lord. (2 Samuel 6:16) And I don't have to remind you what happened to his wife, who despised him.

    And btw this is a concert. Have you been living under a rock? The Lord speaks in many ways now. Calling worshipping God blasphemy. You of little faith, your heart despising this worshippers, is the true blasphemy.

  41. Douglas Reis

    Gravem musicas nesse estilo novamente!!!

  42. Peter Adewole

    we need sounds like this again. Raw and more real. Lots of guitars! This Is the most overwhelming live recording have ever watched! (full concert video). best concert ever!!

    daniel Diaz

    Peter Adewole )0))000


    I agree with you need this one more time!!

    jdskt DM

    what we really need is the presence of God move in the place, no guitars and sounds as you say

    MuD MiC

    True!!!, let the old times roll again Hillsong UNITED

    Mr Peco

    Peter Adewole yeah that was the very particular vibe of this concert
    A decade of hillsong was along more polished with Nigel and Darlene
    Just a bunch of guys, and as you said RAW
    Hard Rock wouldn’t be accurate, and Grungy wouldn’t really capture it too but yeah RAW

  43. Martha Castillo

    The best concert ever!!!!!!!

    Katie Thorley

    Martha Castillo all for the glory of God!



  44. Ana Thao

    we always play this song for our camp :) it's awesome

  45. Ben E. Miller

    I am still yet to hear this song again in concert

  46. Royer Mendoza

    ¡More songs like this!

  47. Anthony Soo

    Yeah!!! Ole!Ole!Ole! Praise God! Such an energetic song!

  48. Rick Henrique

    Quem é Brasil da um salve aí :) Deus bençoeee !!!

    Leo Gomes

    UUUUH! Salve

    Lorrainy Lima

    Eaíiii Brasil!

    Stranger Things

    Salve 🙋

  49. Jacob Martinez

    Who's the girl singer??

  50. Quang Nguyen

    Does anybody know the phrase they sing after "We're giving it all to go your way"? Thanks!

    Nygel Solís

    Quang Nguyen *When we're singing* Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole

    Quang Nguyen

    Thank you!

    Isaac the Worship Warrior

    Quang Nguyen they have subtitles just so you know. lol who knew

    Quang Nguyen

    Isaac the Worship Warrior I know, but, like I said, none of the lyric bases include the "Away we're singing" part

    Isaac the Worship Warrior

    Quang Nguyen again, lol.

  51. Higor Macedo

    Quem é BR, curti ai

  52. Artur Rodrigues

    Amazing 🙌🙌❤

  53. Alan Andrade

    go go go!