Hillsong United - Freedom Is Here Lyrics

The future comes alive
You speak Your word and I
I’m running into Your hope
Because I’ve seen Your light
You bring my world to life
I’m coming after Your love

I’m not shaken
I’m not letting go

And everything comes alive
In my life as we lift You higher
Let Your freedom arise
In our lives as we lift You up
Sing it out
Sing it out
Your freedom is here

So take the limits off
No matter what the cost
I’m running after Your call
And I will run this race
See You face to face
So let Your power overflow

I will not fear
I will not hide Your love
Your love
All of my life
I cannot deny Your love
Your love

So take the limits off
No matter what the cost
I’m running after Your call
And I will run this race
See You face to face
So let Your power overflow

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Hillsong United Freedom Is Here Comments
  1. Jean Alex

    Oww 🙏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Worst Nightmare

    Hi...can i know whats the difference between hillsong worship & hillsong unnited? Different team or?

  3. Ann Bacchus

    I listen to this all day and night love it they're the best

  4. ijoorhge Andrees

    Aún aquí del 2020??

  5. jhony bel Martínez

    In the Salvador 🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻
    United in the grace of Jesús

  6. Ai Tee Yah

    Come to Philippines again, please! :)

  7. Maria Labra

    Presioso Hillsong Worship, bellos todos los amo, bendiciones 🙋🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 Argentina.

  8. Felipe Durán

    2034 ??

  9. Diego Espinoza

    God is Freedom! 😊

  10. Chiquinho Souza

    Melhor banda musical gospel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  11. king Amy

    Your love😘

  12. Beverly Hand


  13. Trevor Gabriel


  14. Luis Gore Gonzalez


  15. Marvin Calderon

    Love the song!

  16. gilda williams

    Missing Droff tho😟

  17. gilda williams

    You guys are awesome 👏 God bless y’all 🙌🙌💪💪❤️❤️

  18. Beverly Hand

    Thank You very much Jesus Christ our Lord Almighty for the freedom you carry all the sacrifices you carried the cross now i have freedom to rest. I only remember your teaching in good ways. Peace of mind.

  19. David McBrayer

    The drums/percussion is greatness on this

  20. Bacilia Rodriguez

    You are so beautiful and I m ❤️❤️❤️ your#1 fan and I love you

  21. Cássia Souza

    Jad ♥

    Brayam Marrufo

    Cássia Souza jad my favorite artist.

  22. Vivian Wanini


  23. Timothy Maharaj


  24. Nelly chiwaka

    nice come to Harare zimbabwee ,we in the midst of storm but listening this reminds us that God is in it.sing it out ,singt out freeeedooooom is here!!

  25. Jhon Flores


    Devin Salmun


  26. Gigi D

    God bless you hillsong... Love you and Jesus loves and Jesus is Lord!!! I want to cone see you guys please come to Oklahoma

  27. Dee Mwambazi


  28. Kurt Estonilo

    wow ano

    Kurt Estonilo

    tagalog kayo

  29. Zenny Ferrer

    The Glory be to the FATHER in heavennn!!!!

  30. Sergio Torrens

    I was there!

    AK Rukundo

    Nice! In spirit He reigns always.


    All of the instruments are great..

  32. Birdy R

    AMAZING!!!! <3

  33. Stany Kalala

    My screen got destroyed b’cause the replay button 😱😱🔊♥️🎻🎹🥁🎸

  34. matias sanchez

    6:40 an army marching going forward

  35. derrick kusangwa

    We want them back This same style. absolutely wonderful

  36. skyoflight


  37. Рената Ибрагимов

    Мечтаю побывать в такой церкви 💖 прославить нашего Бога

  38. Charles Maswanganye

    I am freeeeeeeee,thanks you Jesus

  39. Hardie Jalned

    Praise God!

  40. alex fernandez fashe

    😀 Come to PERÚ !!!

  41. Victor Henriquez

    best concert!

  42. Pro Light

    Wow. Drumming towards the end is absolutely off the hook.

  43. ponlok chhiv

    Appreciated to Hillsong & Drummer

  44. Maruba Silaen

    Good Evening. Sorry.

  45. Isaí González

    Drums on fire 🔥😎

  46. Esmeyser Lorenzo

    algum dia quiero tocar con ustedes jeje bendiciones.

  47. Ray Vidinha

    WOW ♥️

  48. Priscila Sant

    This music is the best!😀

  49. Kevin Lawrence Taylor

    Great song with great drum work, Jesus loves that!

  50. Joseph Barnaja

    The drums awesome
    Guitar awesome
    Singing awesome
    Everything in this song is awesome
    Like if u agree

    roy benson


    Boitumelo Melody


    Barry Hass

    God is awesome!

  51. Ani Toconas

    2018 !! ♥

  52. James Kuc m

    God's best song he's ever created Jesus has made us all free through his workmanship thanks for your love and grace lord

  53. breeana nyanyol

    Love this song

  54. James Kuc m

    Words can't discribe this song God this must be your favourite song

  55. Wan Lopes

    Essa música é mt massa!!! Freedooom is here!! 👏👏👏💥😍

  56. Jann M

    Best concert ever! Wish they could come down to Johannesburg in South Africa and do the same.

  57. grace sts

    Best best Sony.

  58. Maria Sousa


  59. Ai Tee Yah

    ❤ this song. hillsong united, classic. #collegedays

  60. Gustavoroyal Lima

    i love this song

  61. last hope.

    come to Argentina!! 💞

  62. Micah Sheneman

    BY FAR the best intro to any song

  63. Jhonata Reis


  64. Tatenda Makoni

    electric for days

  65. Dalila Carvalho

    Come to Brazil!!

  66. Genesis

    -William Wallace

  67. Frederik Perl

    Just love the old songs!!!

  68. LION

    YeS ✌️

  69. Green Verde

    2 Corinthians 3 ,17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.



  71. DandySpeedyAndy

    Love this song!!Can't really understand too much of the lyrics but it's awesome

  72. Michael Ogbea

    Pls, try to add on screen lyrics to your videos. Many of us have been requesting for this. God bless you and keep up the good work...


    If you are using a pc, hover on the bottom border of the video and click on "cc", it activates the lyrics...hope that helps!

  73. Chris Nehmer

    Remember when UNITED was good and played songs like this? Oh the memories

    Mauranda Lewis

    don’t I B.B. b guanz prime hubby yvgvbhvbvbbb

    Mauranda Lewis

    Ehyguanz prime h

    Mauranda Lewis

    guanz prime ddbhhhhhhybbhhbbbhhhhhhbhhvvv h. Hhbt

    Mauranda Lewis

    Jarrod Peace ghhvhgvzgggvggghggggvg

    Mauranda Lewis

    Hitalo Augusto bhy

  74. Stephanie Hermanns

    Wow! This is obvious freedom!!!

  75. Kirana

    YESS so happy!!!! This song brings me so much joy and excitement in the Lord ♥

  76. João Marcos Augusto de Oliveira

    Its impossible not loving this song...

    Ulisses Araújo

    conferindo aqui!

    James Kuc m

    Amen Glory

  77. Wellington Lima

    Top demais, aleluia Jesus ... ♥