Hillsong Live - Angels We Have Heard On High / Gloria Lyrics

Angels we have heard on high
Sweetly singing o'er the plains,
And the mountains in reply
Echoing their joyous strains.

Gloria, Gloria, in excelsis Deo!
Gloria, Gloria praise the king of heaven

Come to Bethlehem and see
Christ Whose birth the angels sing;
Come, adore on bended knee,
Christ the Lord, the newborn King.

Gloria, Gloria, in excelsis Deo!
Gloria, Gloria, praise the king of heaven
Gloria, Gloria, in excelsis Deo!
Gloria, Gloria, praise the king of heaven

Glo-ori-a, in excelsis Deo!

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Hillsong Live Angels We Have Heard On High / Gloria Comments
  1. Mangkok TV

    Christmas time everybody. Bless you all. Who listening this on 2019 December ?

  2. Jacklyn Agas Santiago


  3. ruatsanga Rsa Rsa

    Listening to this 2019 November ?? 🖐️🖐️

    Deepak Vincent


  4. Landon Modz

    My favorite Christmas song

  5. Harry Kim

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    Thanks for listening us.

  6. reyjonjon baylon

    When iam playing games iam listening in christmas carols and more worship songs

  7. Jen Hansen

    Please visit www.vaticancatholic.com
    The true Catholic faith....

  8. cool songs

    On all the Christmas Christan music I feel like everyone who hates God just goes through and dislikes them but please go to worship Jesus cause we're not promised tomorrow like if you agree❤️😘💋❤️😍

  9. Alicia Chushi

    My name is Gloria 😍😍😍

  10. Mary Ann Balidoy


  11. Mary Ann Balidoy

    Pray for god 😌

  12. Mary Ann Balidoy

    Pray for god

  13. Mary Ann Balidoy

    I love this song this is the song of god

  14. lexs steelers

    Just heard this song this morning. And received big blessed. Happy holiday all

  15. saketh pulukuri

    thanks for lyrics

  16. I KilledWillSmith

    I am here cause of buzzfeef eat why shells and spit up

  17. Unsafermirror2

    This song warms my heart

  18. Roopwati Bansal

    I can play this on violin🎻🎻🎻🎻😎

  19. Goldenkitty2

    My name is Gloria

    But thats not the only reason i like it I'm also christian i love God

    Sedzani Gloria

    Goldenkitty2 me too ❤ ❤ ❤

    TheMissionary 4Christ

    My name is Gloria too!! :)
    God is awesome!

  20. NinjiSLpirel Yt

    that my song that i gonna act

  21. spiritofkem

    This is my favorite Christmas song! 21 days left! Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for this song!

  22. Erickrico Claus


  23. erick hermocilla

    im catholic

    Kenny Flanders

    erick hermocilla me too

  24. Shekinah Mike Harty

    All glory to the Saviour !!!

  25. Annette Nunn


  26. Amuthavalli Grace

    This is amazing. and I feel I am in heaven hearing this song. I love this song! I am going to subscribe

  27. Gloria Buggy

    I would love this song if my parent's hadn't named me after it...

  28. i_isaac


  29. Vivian Tran

    Awesome song !!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  30. Waylon Landers

    this is a very good song they sung this song at my church and they really got into it and it really motivated me to get into the word of God so I love this song so much and I hope everybody else loves this song and I hope everybody else sings this snog at church because this song brings happiness and tears to others😇😇😇😇😇😇😂😂😂😂😂😂.

    Kathy 24601

    Waylon Landers k


    My favourite Christmas Song!!!

  32. Akanksha Sengupta

    This song is such a beauty...and I am not even Christian .But Christmas always felt important since I was born on Christmas eve....

    Shraddha Dimri

    Same pinch... I feel very lucky indeed


    God loves you! Ask him to meet you and he will. Hope you have a wonderful birthday this 24th in 2018 ;-)

    cool songs

    Bless your heart

    Aniyah Simon

    Happy birthday! Today is Christmas Eve
    God Bless you

    Andrew Hopkins

    and my name is eve

  33. Kaeli Simmons

    I love this song so much i am crying

  34. Star Wars Admiral

    Ohhhhhhhhh Gloria

  35. Jarred Laforga

    I like this song

  36. Kimberlee B.

    This is amazing song......Amen to the Jeuse Christ

    Pavan Nath

    First. Learn spellings. Please

  37. Thecoolgirl !!!

    bit to slow

  38. Sebastian Djo


  39. Ajia Morr

    This is a really beautiful song.

  40. Dominic Steiner

    I can play this on piano

    Jonathan Benjamin

    Dominic Steiner That's really cool!

  41. Mark Castillo

    great song

  42. Katie Kat

    beautiful this song brings tears to my eyes

  43. Love 1226

    What does excelsis deo means!?
    We're gonna sing that song on our family day

    Anthony Nguyen

    gloria in excelsis deo means
    Glory to highest God or Glory to God in the highest

    prasanna pinkz

    Anthony Nguyen - oh!!that's nice!! 😍 Evn I got to know that now😅...bt in which language?

    haakki's aviation and travel

    @prasanna pinkz it's Latin!

    prasanna pinkz

    @ haakki's aviation and travel..
    Aww😍..am really in love vth the song!! Nd am from India!

    Susi Sattler

    Love 1226 means God..deo. is good. excelsis

  44. Mrs. MjM

    I love this song so much!😃

  45. Toby Blake

    Looks like the aurora borealis in the background

  46. CallOfDutyBarbie

    So beautiful :')

    Eduardo Vidarte

    CallOfDutyBarbie ñ

  47. Tammy Kapral

    ME TOO

  48. Slapping Stuff

    God bless you all

    The J-Girl11 AKA Kawaii Savage

    Slapping Stuff God bless u too

    angel muffin

    Thank You. Peace Be With You

  49. Abhiroop Ghosh

    I love it!! Amazing!!

  50. Brenda Nelem

    when I hear this song I remember when I was singing this in my church in french . And I really love this song I wish do not forget in in french and english too .

    Tammy Kapral

    me to but i do not go to chrch eny more

    Brenda Nelem

    +Tammy Deblieck what happen before you stop going to church ??? Please tell me.

  51. Caleb Kang

    wow this song is the best!

    Gregory Simpson

    Caleb Kang but u seen dat

  52. Jino Nadar

    love it like minsun

  53. Padtai Dee


  54. Dr. Bill Mlongetcha Jackson

    Come and worship with me, the Lord will bless you this wonderful moment

  55. gdrums 28

    Me too, Love it

  56. Familia Torres

    I love this song it makes me cry sometimes
    because it's Jesus us songs and Christmas
    song. Christmas is my favorite holiday I love
    Christmas! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Malith Lakshan

    +Mario Torres If you are referring to that dry feeling in your throat and a little weight at the heart, yeah I too feel it!

    Familia Torres

    +Malith Lakshan That's where the precious Holy Spirit resides...in our hearts!

  57. Snow Armstrong

    I love this song

  58. Sofia buitrago

    I like this song in Spanish 😍😍😍

    Diego Vazquez

    Who sings it in Spanish?


    Juan Direction



  59. caroline liane

    I like this song alright. I hope the Christmas Bell ting tong include in make it even perfect I guess... Still like it... verrrrryyyyy muuuucccchhh...

  60. Lucky Star

    Beautiful music.

  61. Lucky Star

    Pit sings this song to Palutena?

  62. Lucky Star

    Pit sings this song to Dark Pit?

  63. Lucky Star

    Gloria icarus!

  64. Lucky Star

    Pit really loves this song!

  65. Lucky Star

    Pittoo surely does not like that song.

  66. Lucky Star

    That's a kid Icarus Christmas song!

  67. Lucky Star

    Isn't that song belongs to Pit or Dark Pit?

  68. Law19157

    What does Excelsis Deo mean?

    Vinnie J. Sourn

    Glory to God in the highest

    Wayne bell jr.

    +Law19157 U2 also says it on their "October" CD in the song "Gloria".

  69. Random Girl Randamu On'nanoko

    I sang this in choir 4 years ago in a christingle service at the church

  70. TheLordShinnok

    I watched this whole entire video 3 times I live in hills like mountains best.

    Richard Marriott

    I agree as I feel more at peace during the winter. It is a very beautiful time of year. I love the snow too.


    +Richard Marriott Beautiful video I'm not religious I'm interested in Supernatural & Paranormal.

    Dina Grisanti

    My total favorite song. I think because it embodies everything we should be celebrating on Chritmaa. The Lord on The Hifhest of everything. In my home he is above everything. All my puctures then him at the very Top overlooking the room. I Live this sobg soooooo Much. Simply Beautiful.

  71. Bulan Madin

    I love this song

  72. Savio Colaco

    Wonderful carol

  73. Tarjohn Motellang

    I love this song

  74. m1 210

    I found my new favorite song!

  75. Deborah Akintola

    Glory to God in the highest

  76. chillin_viben

    Love this song

  77. The Unknown Death

    I'm playing this in a assembly and concert on my flute

  78. Serena Berry

    we are singing this song for choir and I'm alto and its song really powerful

  79. Mckenzie Prewitt

    I sang this and played the alto saxophone and my clarentet for this song

  80. Hazel Martinez

    I love this song and it always makes me happy when I am sad

    jenifer Ransom

    I can see/hear why. :)

    Hazel Martinez

    Wat do u mean why

    jenifer Ransom

    Hazel, I am saying I can understand why it makes you happy.  Because it's a gorgeous and uplifting song. 

  81. Molly Duncan

    I love this song

  82. Bianca Elena Gaman

    we sang this at chorus

  83. Lea Sass

    i like this song wow amazing nice job :) :) :) :) :)

  84. It's Confidence

    my song   :D