Hill, Lauryn - All My Time Lyrics

[Lauryn Singing]
You can't run away...gonna find you
and take it slowly
You can't run away...gonna find you
and make you want me

All my time it could be spent with you
So what you gonna do?
Make sure your game is true
See all my time it could be spent with you
So what you gonna do?
Make sure your game is true

Well could it be that through these Cartiers I swear
their stares a specimen smooth as Sidney Poitier
Clean cut & dapper seems he's straight & narrow
Tingle in the bone marrow ???
but I ain't that aggressive instead I act suggestive
bat my eyelashes make smooth & subtle passes
timed perfectly with the classic under my dark glasses
(he must have put a spell on my mind) [sung overlapping]
amountin' all the words to do magic
with all due respect he approached it
and offered the roach clip as I respectfully declined to smoke it
(Nah nah I don't I don't do that) [spoken]
Broken the ice his demeanor was nice
he tried to freak it to my mental
(Ay yo it wasn't accidental)
Yo his talk was slick my resume is kinda thick
(So let's blow this scene girl and check this flick)
and show me why ?Paid alive? ain't ya average click
Recognize Paid Alive about to lock this shit


Yeah yeah I know you got a car
but we should keep it in the lot
I got a urge to ride the train
let's do some walkin' in the rain
it sounds insane but meditative for the brain
plus I'd like to get to see if you as crazy as you claim.

[Paid Alive]
?? like Iceberg Slim in Donald Gowens
uncut it's all raw dog hit me off
Paid Alive baby girl on sand this connection
be hit through your burrow territorial section
True I come correct in all mine & denim
truck trues top kid really wear linens
No question I'll show you affection
as I proceed to lead ya direction

[Lauryn: rapping]
Well these procedures that you agreed to
I'm gonna need to know a little more
about ya self & family [License]
well who's paid and who's live?
Where you live what you drive?
Ever did a homicide?
[I hope not] let our molecules collide
In time we'll tell if you can indoor with L
if you tryin to knock it down then I'm not that type of girl
my mind's a pearl and I done been around the world
but if you righteous I might just let you spend the night and...


[Lauren: sung parts]
(See all my tiiiime)...OK that's right what?
Nah ain't nobody about wastin' my time
Like (ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah)
Show me why Paid Alive ain't ya average click

(See all my time...)
[ad libs]

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Hill, Lauryn All My Time Comments
  1. Y Mazon

    Still here 2019

  2. Dahirou Bance

    Nice songs

  3. Carolyn j

    Sampling of "too hot" shout out to Kool n the Gang!

  4. terry board

    Hahaha Jeannie Mai just brought me here also , love me some Jennie !! Lauryn too !!!!!

  5. Audible Intellect

    Crazy great relationship brought me here

  6. Honey Amber

    Jeannie mai brought me here! 🎶🎶🎶🎶


    Me too! Even though I grew up in this era, somehow this song slipped under me!

    Nashata Durrant/burke

    Same here lol

    Kenyetta Coleman

    Me to girl LoL

    Victoria Hester

    Sameeee!! Love her!


    We love you Lauryn hill ... For ever

  8. Scott Johnson

    Classic. My ish.peace.

  9. van e

    where is she now?

    Evian Pree

    van van still doing her thang. she tours and plays shows. i just saw her on nye in oakland, ca.

  10. Prout Prout

    Détente total

  11. fabio solydad

    Até hoje não encontrei uma voz tão tranquilizante com a dessa minha pretinha , salve Laurin hill

  12. jacob sober

    Lauryn hill's best song

  13. keepitmoving

    Today’s music just can’t compare with the music from the good old days. Today’s music lacks so much smh.

  14. Chika CK

    TOO HOT !!

  15. Jamie Kensley

    Wish she would bless us with another album. Love this jam. One of her very best!

  16. pretty Cali Brown

    this song is so dope

  17. KeepitRIO

    This is the Lauryn I miss 💕

  18. She said

    First time hearing this .💖

  19. Benny bell951

    lauryn ALL MY TIME could be spent listening to your music!!

  20. De Bo

    Gemini love right there

  21. Melly Flores

    Wish they had this song on Spotify

    Albert Corona

    that's what I said.


    Melly Flores RIGHT

    Ryan E

    I agree. Looked it up yesterday and not there! ☹

  22. Força Clean Grupo

    Hummm adoro as músicas da Lauryn Hill👍

  23. Aline Correa


  24. Sarayna Francois

    Favorite Lauryn Hill song. My queen 😍

  25. Denis Henrique

    Princesa, Lauryn Hill.

  26. domo732

    Why can't I find this song in iTunes?? 😩😩

  27. Vixtage Cartel

    My Favorite.Lauryn Hill song☺

  28. Hanna Ribeiro

    The best!

  29. stay true


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    love l x

  31. Tae

    love this song!

  32. Dr. Jé

    "Well Mr. Live I decided that I like you, and if you try to get to know me better I won't fight you "

  33. Love Electra

    song name is "serious", also see the remix with 2 pac

  34. Gabriel Ferdinand

    Please L Hill get it togather the game needs you we love you, the best untapped skill ever

  35. Jaime Garcia

    Absoluetly love this song


    too hot

  37. jdgoudlock23


  38. HoneyMoe1987

    All my time it could be spend wit u

  39. jackfarrel171

    very vey good!!!!!!

  40. aura jaz

    she have so many thing to say...

  41. Shakur

    i love you

  42. alohasmurf

    my favorite song of ALL TIME. if i was stuck on a desert island with only 1 song... this is the song.

  43. Rebeca Sol

    I love her.

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    lovee this.. wish music like this was still around

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    very good..

  46. Johnnie Lee Behlin III

    MY WIFEEEEEEEE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  47. dahighbar

    @treehuggerdude4 Yeah especially when she says "we all have a right to be who we are" everytime we submit our will to another person opinion apart of us dies" man so true..I applaud you for coming out to your family man, Its Freedom time...Make sure you check out her song Selah its magical

  48. Johnnie Lee Behlin III

    @treehuggerdude4 I Agree !!! We have 2 keep this musiq alive always & 4ever!

  49. 1peaceloveandoneness

    She can do no wrong in my eyes!!! Love this womans music!!!


    lauren hill is best.

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    @cyprianm69 4 Real. Peace

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    Sad this was never officially released!!!