Hill, Dan - Wishful Thinking Lyrics

When I sleep through the night
I always dream that we are back together
Must be wishful thinking
Then I wake up alone
The bed seems oh so empty
I start sinking through waves of wishful thinking

I was the one who said I needed room to breathe
You were the one who said that love was meant for you and me
I was afraid to give too much
Oh girl, you gave the world to me every time we touched

When I wake in the night
I reach for your shoulder, come up empty
I don't know what I was dreaming
Then I whisper your name
All I hear's the sound of my heart sinking
Is it only wishful thinking

So soft your sigh, so sweet your lips when we made love
Didn't know how happy, girl, you made me, til you were gone
And see the warning solitude (how could I let you go)
I'd give a lifetime just to have you one more day, oh

Is it only wishful thinking (tell me I'm not dreaming)
Or maybe you'll come back one day
Is it only wishful thinking (only wishful thinking)
Maybe you'll come back to stay
Come back, baby

When the night starts to fall
I swear I hear your breathing in the darkness
I could spend the whole night dreaming
Oh, how our bodies would burn
One on one I ache for your return
Don't let my heart keep sinking, oh

Is it only wishful thinking (oh know that my heart is sinking)
Maybe you'll come back one day
Oh, someone tell me, is it only wishful thinking
That maybe you'll come back to stay
Who can say

When I sleep through the night
I always dream that we are back together
This is only wishful thinking

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Hill, Dan Wishful Thinking Comments
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  2. myrna paz

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  3. myrna paz

    God is all knowing and God is powerful when you believed

  4. myrna paz

    God said I have abundant mentality, gift by Our Creators in Jesus name, Amen Glory to Father God in Jesus name, Amen

  5. myrna paz

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  6. myrna paz

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  7. Wjahndtale

    Two great Voices and a great song!

  8. rosirene647

    Amei o video,minha diva está linda nele!!!!!

  9. Lykourgos Zoakos

    In which cd is this song?


    +Λυκούργος Ζωάκος To my knowledge this song is not on a Celine Dion cd,maybe on a Dan Hill cd(?),I don't know sorry... Sorry for my english ;-p

    Lykourgos Zoakos

    thank you! I didn't know that! your english is good! :)


    +Λυκούργος Ζωάκος Thank you,I make my best! ;)


    Real Love

    Katherine Fontaine

    Lykourgos Zoakos it's on Dan Hill Real Love ... he's the writer.... beautiful like all his songs ... love him !!!?

  10. Christine Bories

    Lovely song

  11. Daniel Lambert

    A tribute to both of your talents.

  12. Saiful Islam

    Really good songs...

  13. lostintimeline

    dan hill performed great love songs over the years but for some reason he didnt become big like michael bolton and celine dion.his music is romantic and he has a powerful voice.also his latest album rocks .i hope he will make another duet with celine dion something unlikely but they made a great team then

  14. JB Floyd

    Great duet

  15. Bastor Mehdi

    the best voice celine dion

  16. Edel Pulog

    I love all his songs...

  17. jennifer estaca

    what a song love it thanks for this Dan Hill and Celine Dion

  18. brucetanta

    Sweet song

  19. Alejandro González

    What a wonderful couple for music ^^

  20. CaterinaEvClub

    beautiful pictures=)

  21. summer sunshine

    nice song!!!

  22. SHAYDJ08

    can anyone send me this on mp3 please , greetings from ireland

  23. steamyboy69

    uhmmmm, dan hill and celine dion together are unstoppable forces, but the song lacks a certain kind of uuumph!!!

  24. Steph9229

    @celinefan13 It was in 1989 ;)

  25. Nassim Beneddra

    wich year this song?

  26. Steph9229

    @celinefan13 Thank you!
    I know less the Dan Hill's songs, but he sings very well, and his voice fits very well with that of Celine.
    Thank you for you comment!

  27. Nassim Beneddra

    Absolutely wonderful, Dan Hill was singing "It's a long road" the soundtrack of Rambo, the first blood (one of most beautiful song of story of hoolywood)