Hikaru, Utada - Me Muero Lyrics

Everyday in my life's in shambles
It's easy, took the love away
I got nothing left to gamble
I've thrown it all away

Now and then I'm suicidal
Flirting with a new temptation
Happiness inside a bottle is what I need today
Oh my lover's gone away, gone to Istanbul
Light as a feather
I lie in my bed and flip through TV channels
Eating Godiva
I'm smoking my days away reading old emails
In my old pajamas
What a day, me muero, muero, muero

Loneliness makes its arrival
Depression starts to settle in
Try to go where no one'll write her
And do some crazy thing


It's the good stuff, oh my lover
Smoking, I'm smoking my days away
What a day, me muero, muero, muero
What a day

Gone away...yeah
Doctor, doctor
You give me my lover
Oh yeah
Oh my lover
Gone, gone away
My lover, gone away
What a day, me muero, muero, muero

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Hikaru, Utada Me Muero Comments
  1. Patrick Batemans Waifu


  2. Kenny Pahina

    chubba tubba. chubba tubba tubba.

  3. momokokochuchuchu

    do u mean pajamas? not pyjamas?


    oooooh derp sorry for the ignorance lol 

    Cruz Rodriguez

     Same thing though...

    Manuel Herrera

    @Cruz Rodriguez No, sounds the same, but "pyjamas" si not a word in spanish.

    Whimsical Nessa

    I think that's the European/English way of spelling it.

    Jiaqi Wang

    British English

  4. Johnny M

    She probably used Istanbul because it's a far away, exotic place on the other side of the world from her (whether she's in New York or Japan). If he went to Istanbul, he might as well have vanished because he's so far away that she'll never see him again.

  5. shortiecanbrawl

    Me Muero and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence are two of my favorite songs from this album.

  6. Crown Scrooge

    Fav song on that album.

  7. chakry88

    "Should I go Winona Ryder?"

    Classic!! :D

  8. iPodMusician

    Exactly how i feel RIGHT NOW...

  9. Roderick S.

    I love this song and lyrics. A couple of times towards the end of the song (3:01-3:18) she kind of reminds me of how Alica Keys would sing it.

  10. yaymusica

    freaking love Utada, and one of my favorites off the album!

  11. Nalu Clemons

    Utada is awesome! XP