Hikaru, Utada - 100 Reasons Why Lyrics

* 100 reasons why
You should love me
It don't hurt to try
Won't you come over tonight

Tell me
Where would you find another girl like me
Admit that I'm the one for you
You drive me crazy
I'll be all you dream of
I'll be all you need
I know what you're lookin' for

[* repeat]

Who else
Knows a guy like you
Needs someone like me
You say that you can't give
All the love I'm cravin'
I'll give all my lovin'
I'll give all my time
I'm the joy nobody else can bring

[* repeat]

You know
That a girl like me
Is the one who gives
ALl the love that you're cravin'
I'd give all my lovin'
I'd give all my time
I'd give all the love I have to give

[* repeat]

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Hikaru, Utada 100 Reasons Why Comments
  1. BusquedaBlues

    on repeat

  2. X Ghostgrime

    This is so good

  3. Akane O

    なつかしいっす、Cubic U