High School Musical Cast - The Boys Are Back Lyrics

[Troy:] Take it back to the place where you know it all began
[Chad:] We could be anything we wanna be
[Troy:] We can tell by the noise
That the boys are back again
[Chad:] Together making history
[Both:] It's time to show how
[Troy:] To be a super hero
[Both:] Just like a showdown
[Chad:] Will Smith and Bobby DeNiro
[Both:] We're the best, no doubt
[Troy:] Doin' it like we used to do
[Both:] This is our town
[Chad:] And I'm telling you
[Both:] Ooh

The boys are back, hey
The boys are back
The boys are back...going to do it again
Going to wake up the neighborhood
The boys are back, yeah
The boys are back
Climbing up the walls, any time we want
The word is out, the boys are back
The boys are back
Back to save the day
The boys are back, oh yeah

[Troy:] Keep coming with the right, Win the fight, every single time
[Chad:] Undefeated here in our house, yeah
[Both:] We can rock, we can shock
Any time we like
[Chad:] And tonight we're going all out
[Both:] It's time to show how
[Troy:] To be a super hero
[Both:] Just like a showdown
[Chad:] Keep the pedal to the metal, go!
[Both:] We're the best, no doubt
[Troy:] Doing it like we used to do
[Both:] This is our town
[Chad:] And I'm telling you, oh
Look out

The boys are back, hey
The boys are back
The boys are back...going to do it again
Going to wake up the neighborhood
The boys are back, yeah
The boys are back
Climbing up the walls, any time we want
The word is out, the boys are back
The boys are back
Back to save the day
The boys are back, oh yeah

[Troy:] Here to change the world
[Chad:] To solve the mystery, fight the battle
[Both:] Save the girl
(No one) No one can stop us now
We're the ones that make the rules
[Both:] The boys are back
Ooh, yeah
The boys are back, hey
The boys are back, the boys are back
Gonna do it again
Gonna wake up the neighborhood
The boys are back, yeah
Climbing up the walls
Any time we want
[Troy:] No need to worry, cause
[Both:] The boys are back, hey
The boys are back, look out now
The boys are back, gonna do it again
[Chad:] And we make it look good
[Both:] The boys are back, yeah
The boys are back
Tearing down the walls
Any time we want
I'm sure that you know by now

The boys are back!

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High School Musical Cast The Boys Are Back Comments
  1. Damla Bahri

    Playing this when One direction gets back together

  2. Fra Bie

    Best catchy tune

  3. omari tiger

    Omari. And. Tremendous. Boys. Are. Back

  4. Saskia Head

    In 2020 you honestly would not think that was zac efron 😅 he’s soo hot there and now 🥵

  5. Sabrina Neely

    The ghetto kids down the street from me :

  6. Jared Watson

    This entire scene was completely pointless, but it was so awesome they kept it anyway. Not complaining tho.

  7. Melita

    5 years later
    Troy and Chad:the boys are back
    Taylor and Gabriella: not again

  8. Harry Turner

    So horny

  9. The British Ghost

    This was my favourite song of the movie

  10. Laura White

    Zac Enron go away

  11. Amy Little

    The starting kinda sounds like watered down nu metal?

    Also, 0:23 looks like a tik tok dance

  12. PJ Sparks

    Lol I would always rewind this part and my mom would be like

  13. Julia Bode

    Von Us5 geklaut.

  14. Omari boyce

    Omari and tremendous boys are back

  15. Mrs Fahrenheit

    My favourite💀

  16. Vanessa Easton

    Tom Holland and zendaya meme though

  17. keira_baker3434

    amagen being little zac

  18. Hannah Abrams

    When u miss ur childhood


    Troy is the best

  20. Kevin Wilburn

    Make sure to watch hsm senior year on Netflix

  21. Kevin Wilburn

    Big hit

  22. Kevin Wilburn

    Com on man

  23. Kevin Wilburn

    Yes sure

  24. David Romo Reyes

    O N V R E S

  25. Jack

    When the acid hits too hard

  26. Harry

    The cause of feminism xD

  27. Miriam Domingos

    Chad... My first Love. 😄😍😍🤩🤗

  28. StKanGeR

    The Best song ever when I was a child
    2:07 is my favorite

  29. Maria Cecilia Nieto

    La mejor que de la de que de que

  30. Alex Roza

    The duets HSM gave us:
    -Ryan and Sharpay
    -Troy and Gabriella
    -Sharpay and Troy
    -Ryan and Chad
    -Chad and Troy
    -Ryan and Kelsi
    -Even Sharpay and Rocketman
    And we didn't get a Sharpay and Gabriella duet

  31. Katty Vela casquete

    Love Zac efron

  32. Lex TPE

    The Boyz are Black


    The boys are back

  34. Consuelo Ceballos

    Si xoxoxo 💛💙❤️👩‍🎤👨👦👦👦👦🍁🍁🍁🌅🌠🌃🔭🍉🍓☀️✨🌈🌲🌲🌲👦

  35. ella fenty

    me then: Troy Bolton, the man of my dreams
    me now: CHAD f*ckin Danforth 😫

  36. M Hammond

    my whap teacher is Corbin Bleu's cousin and I think it's really mf funny

  37. Skylar Young

    1:43 - the 2nd grade boys at recess
    2:10 - the 5th and 6th grade boys during their recess

  38. THE cooking show with senna

    the boys are back i just love high school musical

  39. Julia Steffen



  40. EHNA

    The creativity needed to choreograph a number like this fam

  41. Mya Pacheco

    The boy Corey Chris Mike

  42. Angie Gonzalez

    this was my favorite song {High School Musical 3}

  43. aahaha *rubs chin*

    Wait a sec- I thought he didn’t dance???

  44. aubrie tarvin

    0:24 zack does the woa

  45. Solo Erick

    When the boys get together to cuddle after 2 weeks of not seeing each-other:

  46. ledo.travel

    Can’t stop listening to Axel’s favorite song <3


    2:44 to 2:46 to 2:57 then to3:05 they turn back to teens

  48. Memelord Catwoof Dogmeow

    I'm glad the boys are back. They've been gone for a while.

  49. Foodsb4dudez

    So no one's gonna mention how kenny put some of these moves in Rotten to the Core 😂

  50. Hannah Gutierrez

    It's 2020 and I still love this song

  51. M. H.S

    Chad/Corbin: I dont Dancr

  52. Ms_Princess Of Attitudes

    Be honest boys how many of you did this?

  53. Javier Alejandro Rentería Saldaña

    Muy bien verdad mi amigos de verdad que hacer todo.

  54. Antonella A

    I remember I loved this when I saw this film and I saw it many times but Hey now I would like a girl version of it
    now. ♥ :)

  55. alianna Peterson

    What happened to mr. I don't dance huh

  56. Honoka Killer

    I love this song the most of all high school musical song

  57. leavemelonely

    In another universe, Justin bieber & jaden smith in never say never

  58. Freeman On

    Ya the Boys are Back!!!!! I hope that I can Do It!!!!! A the othe Day you said I could hear the movie LEMONADE MOUTH DRINK!!!!!

  59. Perfect Storms

    I had the phattest crush on this Troy. Still do

  60. Bob Bob

    Amanda Rea Smith love this song about High school Musical of Boy are back.

  61. K P3

    I remember when my friend and I recreated this using stuffed animals and Barbie cars... ;-;

  62. Jasmin Weiß

    US 5 is better 💞💞💞💞

  63. Benedict Lee

    Bromanice as a song

  64. Anna Buoncristiano

    this is me and my best friend, and i'm a girl.

  65. tina wbrr

    remember when boys wore jeans like troy? good times

  66. Catrin Nowaczek

    I'm 18 and I know every single song from the HSM franchise

  67. abortion survivor_PR

    Sasuke and Naruto when reuniting

  68. LeMoNaDe mOuTh

    Okay Troy Bolton created the woah change my mind.

  69. Yankee 1147

    Name a more dynamic duo

  70. MasterGaming

    this goes hard

  71. MarvelFan 25

    When you and you gang of friends haven’t seen each other in a while and reunite.

    The Gang is Back!

  72. gaby's blog

    my sister and I used to do the choreography along with them ... badly at first and it got better with time man good memories

  73. Anita Hudson

    Who would have thought Ted Bundy was covering up as Troy Bolton all this time ?!

  74. Caitlin Quinn

    Looking back at HSM people in high school would never wear these clothes they were! It’s black nike joggers and more black things...the good old days in the early 2000’s

  75. FatherBrian 710

    Who else really digs the guitar sound in the background???

  76. That random person On the internet

    Me and my best friend after that one class we don’t have together

  77. Alora Paige

    mcr be like:

  78. ꞦẰT -

    My mom and dad let my sisters name me and since this just came out when I was born they named me after Gabriella. My name is Gabriella aswell

  79. Amira Hassan

    2020 anyone ?
    The series ruined this. This was the best thing Disney ever did.

  80. contrastellar

    Just two absolute bros dancing and sword fighting in a junk yard, nothing to see here.

  81. s.a.g.e sisters

    imma tell my kids this was tom holland and zendaya

  82. alessia ruwu



  83. Nomis nom

    Its so funny that the song refrences Will Smith and Robert De Niro

  84. kofi

    when he said “look out now” at 3:09 I heard Michael Jackson

  85. Nathalie Chmiel

    Boys stay boys

  86. Batman Cancer

    this is game grumps

  87. Rhian Davidson

    This is Steve and Bucky reuniting in Civil War 👌🏻

  88. Jasmine

    this is one of the best HSM songs. i'm obsessed!

  89. TheLeah2344

    I had a HUGE crush on Corbin Bleu. 😍

    Micaela's Channel

    me too🥰

  90. Jasmine Perry

    Its 2O2O and im still coming back to this 😂 ah..good ole days.

    susan landheer

    Me to. The best thing.

    Isaac Steinbach

    Same I was 10 when it came out I’ll be 22 soon

    Jasmine Perry

    @Isaac Steinbach oh wow , i was 8 when it came out but im turning 21 this year😂 crazy how time flies

  91. Rawad Shams

    Ohhhh the cringe

  92. Hannah Schaffer

    When I see my girlfriends when it’s been a while. Except we cheerlead or some shit

  93. Hannah Schaffer

    Looking at Troy in this video like:


  94. HonestiW

    Love your song,moves,looks your incredible, unstoppable

  95. Space ace

    i wanna know the lore behind the junkyard-dwelling clan of armor wearers. Who ar they? is the junkyard their home? have they accepted zac and corbin as two of their own? why are they wearing armor? do they have fights with rival clans of junkyard dwellers?

  96. Gamerqueen

    Their girlfriends: he is not answering my calls, he is cheating on me!