High School Musical Cast - Just Wanna Be With You Lyrics

[Ryan:] I got a lot of things I have to do
All these distractions our future's coming soon
We're being pulled
[Ryan & Kelsey:] A hundred different directions
[Ryan:] But whatever happens
[Ryan & Kelsey:] I know I've got you
[Ryan:] You're on my mind, you're in my heart
[Ryan & Kelsey:] It doesn't matter where we are
We'll be alright, even if we're miles apart

[Troy & Gabriella:]
All I want to do is be with you
Be with you
There's nothing we can't do
Just want to be with you, only you
No matter where life takes us
Nothing can break us apart
(You know it's true)
I just want to be with you
(Yeah, yeah)
Just be with you

[Troy:] You know how life can be
It changes overnight
[Troy & Gabriella:] It's sunny then raining, but it's alright
[Gabriella:] A friend like you
[Troy & Gabriella:] Always makes it easy
[Troy:] I know that you get me
[Troy & Gabriella:] Every time
Through every up, through every down
You know I'll always be around
Through anything you can count on me

[Troy & Gabriella:]
All I want to do is be with you
Be with you
There's nothing we can't do
Just want to be with you, only you
No matter where life takes us
Nothing can break us apart
(You know it's true)
I just want to be with you
I just wanna be with you

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High School Musical Cast Just Wanna Be With You Comments
  1. Nikkie J.

    Now that I started watching High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, it was way better than I thought. The first two episodes were really good. I can't wait until they do this scene. 😍

  2. SleepyJazz _Plays

    Bro sharpay is given crap just because she's not in the Gabriella and Troy fanclub. Smh

  3. brianna distel


  4. 뿅なすびちゃん


  5. Dillon Boucher

    That girl that told sharpay to try acting should go back to London and work on her "accent" cause I would give her a F+ on that accent

  6. Josh Crittendon

    I seriously want to know why Sharpay didn’t roundhouse kick Tiara’s ass 👀

  7. Victoria Lam

    This just makes me smile

  8. Liyah Gragas

    I feel bad for how much sharpay gets close to cool girls and then stab sharpay in the back


    i love this part this made me cry

  10. Gabrielle Payne

    zac sings the songs better

  11. chaconerrilla

    I love Troy and Gabriella soooo much! My beautiful OTP!

  12. lovetobts Bts

    Alguien más murio en el minuto 1:18

  13. yooneration

    I auditioned for Ryan....

    I got *r o c k e t m a n*

  14. Giorgia Carletti

    Imagine if the ladder broke then Gabrielle was well I did want to be with you entail the ladder broke

    Watch the people in the audience start to leave and that’s the end of the series

  15. Kendall Olivo

    everyone talks about the hairflip and that great too but no one ever talks about that smrik in like the last seconds!!! (3:04)

  16. tellacucie


  17. Veronica Palmini

    Vvi la tua foto preferita è la mia vita e poi è vero è vero che yyu la mia isola 🌴 la cosa che non 🙅‍♀️ se è yyyuiioooiJjii

  18. A Zambrano

    "Toodles" that's not a word in any vocabulary,

  19. Tiffany Vuong

    1:18 there is no demographic that isn't seduced by that

  20. Bri

    Am I the only one obsessed with his hair flip at 1:20 ? No? Just me? Alrighty then

  21. Maria Emanuelmle Pinheiro


  22. Maria Emanuelmle Pinheiro

    O meu é importa se vc quiser eu não tenho pra cubrir de coração pra vc vim aqui em casa de Luzia m do dinheiro pra comprar alguns contatos é devido a correria do dia a dia acabei de quanto o anel de todo mal contra

  23. Maria Emanuelmle Pinheiro

    M ô meu cabelo não sei o horário pra mim esse vídeo pra mim amiga obrigada pela compreensão de que eu não estou te tratando da escola de Manu q eu vou pegar

  24. Mely Rodriguez

    School related not
    My fav movie (besides decendants 123)

  25. Maya Van kroonenburg

    they have to make a high school musical 4: sharpays comeback

  26. Namatai Matsveru

    best love it

  27. Cher Horowitz

    2:09 i got chills everytime

  28. Seren's Gaming, vlogs and more!

    **sharpay is having a moment with Tiara**
    Movie: **shows Troy and Gabriella singing**

  29. Anna Lee

    Am I the only one low key is living for Gabriella and chad’s friendship? Like I love how their like brother and sister 🥺❤️❤️

  30. xChan_ Kawai potato

    i like how 3k people disliked because of troy's and gabriella's selfishness

  31. Iman Makaola

    Lowkey Troy kinda looked in this :)

  32. Claire Bjorklund

    hey welcome back I've been missing you for a very quiet a while i missed you at the Mardi gra but i had a lot of fun just for you by M

  33. Jillian Kivi

    i guess i didn’t really think about 1:17 at age 10

    *not anymore*

  34. ella fenty

    2:32 man gabriella was living the life I mean she really made me jealous there

  35. Joseph Mel Baleyos

    The last part of this song is the most iconic part of the song but it's not on the original song... 😢😢😢

  36. Katie Chavez

    this scene makes me so emotional i feel like it shows how much Gabriella changed and brought them together

  37. PennyP 12345

    Ummmm can we please talk about 1:18... Lawd

  38. Mia Leonardo

    Alguien en 2020

  39. Ina Dervishi

    I don’t get why everyone thinks other people stole Sharpay‘s place. In the first movie she literally switched time tables so Troy and Gabriella couldn’t perform (that shows that she knew she wasn’t the best). In the second movie she went after Troy knowing that he and Gabriella were together. And still didn’t allow her classmates on the talent show because she was afraid of competition. No one stole anything from Sharpay. She was an entitled brat that thought that just because she is who she is everyone should give her everything.
    Troy thought that he could get back in time for the show but he couldn’t. These things happen and that’s why there ate understudies. Gabriella‘s singing was just a hobby whereas Sharpay wanted to make a career out of it. But even as a hobby that doesn’t mean that Gabriella doesn’t deserve to pursue it. In her own movie Sharpay‘s fabulous adventure, the lead actress in theater was Sharpay and she became a Gabriella.

  40. juan gacha

    Sharpie es la vic

  41. Niko McSound

    Am I the only one who secretly stalks them together? Secretly rewatches all HSM movies, both their movies and projects? Secretly listens to their songs on spotify? Secretly watches all videos related to them alone? I don't know. I'm all guilty. I just desperately want them together. Back together. #StillHoping#Zanessa💞

  42. Bella Grace-Louise

    1:18 that hair flip thooo he’s so gorgeous 🥵😍

  43. Diamond Patterson

    Tbh I shipped Chad and Gabriella at this part because of the little back hug he gave her at 2:34

  44. Gabriela Moreno Vera

    Why is it that years later I still get so emotional seeing everyone reunite with Gabriella on stage?

  45. Lana Azeem

    Why is Gabriella wiggling so much?

  46. Hannah Lindley

    tiara gold is shapay Evans

  47. Madeline McGinnis

    tell me why I just started crying...............

  48. alyssa Davidson

    I saw this when it came out. I was 11 years old. I remember crying so fricking hard. I loved this movie.

  49. Pixel Pudding

    “[I thought you dreamed of being a star] Still there, just a little bit more of a dream than a reality” - Sharpay Evans, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

  50. Sophia x

    No one gunna talk ab how cute 2:33 is?

  51. Kara Wright

    this was super trash

  52. Sammy :3

    1:17 no puede ser! Desde hace 7 años que sigo viendo este video y siempre me enamoro de esta escena!!

  53. Laina Rahim

    I'm watching this after i knew bout vanessa's breakup

  54. lara r

    1:18 OMGGGG

  55. Multi Fangirl

    Kids then: Sharpay is bad
    Same kids now: I feel bad for Sharpay, she is so nice

    Mona Bohamad2

    Maybe she was supposed to be bad by idk Disney standards or by these movies' standards

  56. Multi Fangirl

    I want a high school like this where everyone is so caring,.. But we know it's a dream which can never come true.. Because sadly our life ain't Disney😭😭😭

  57. Marek Šiveň

    Pekná piesen

  58. Ella Fearless

    popular girl wins over talented girl.. If I were Gabriella I would let Sharpay have the role.. there were scouts in that audience she needed the perf for college

  59. Sara 306

    this is like the everyday of high school musical 3

  60. Annika Olesh

    I love this song

  61. SugaKookiesWithSomeTaeAndMochi

    When you’re single and you have to sing both parts...

    Mona Bohamad2

    Lol actually I literally am single but not really too ashamed or upset about it

  62. Nicole Roxanne Rubio

    It's already 2020 but i'm still into this part 1:17💓

  63. Redeemed Follower

    Can I just say that I don’t like that “Tiara Go͏l͏d” girl. Stuck up snob.

  64. Gabriella Bingham

    When Chad hugged gabriella tho

  65. Sabrina Maghirang

    OMGi just realized Gabriella is so lucky bc on her 1st day of school she met Troy (again) and had a relationship in a week won the decathlon got the role for the winter musicale again in HSM 3 lead role got asked to prom and graduated with troy and we cannot forget about Sharpay and Gabriella are friends

  66. Oxean Potter

    I want to be like Gabriella... She really inspires me.

  67. Ian Cassady

    This is such a throwback and out of all Disney movies the HSM series was by far the best I think. This was literally my childhood

  68. brightheart talks

    Not to cry about "my child is dying with the decade " lol but for real I wish I could go back and appreciate moments like watching these movies when I was younger more

  69. natalie bro

    I’m guessing I’m the only one who ho cried

  70. Cortney Abrahams

    This the most beaitiful voice i've ever heard

  71. A J

    1:17 This will always be the MOST HANDSOME part of the whole HSM movie series. Looking at Troy Bolton makes my heart meeeelt

    N Feldman

    A J I’ve never agreed with something more

    Bùi Bảo Trân

    omg that's so true. Best moment


    I love Troy / Zak Efron


    Chad JAJAJAJAJAJA 1:40😂😂

  74. uhuhuh1966

    1:18 Zac gave us FULL ON orgasm face then smolder

  75. Kaho

    Who’s watching this in 2020?? 🙋🏼‍♀️💗

    Petedrew 23

    Yo ❤️

    Victoria Lam

    This video puts a smile on my face

  76. Julia Rosado

    Zac Efron almost died.

  77. Helena

    this performance is just BORING as fuck sharpay was fucking disrespected and this is bullshit, they're not even dressing a costume for the show omg now i realize how i HATE this movie, i need a sharpay movie where she gets what she deserves

  78. Yoza Anugrah

    No one sings at college!

  79. Alina Reybey

    Idc how old I am My ovaries will always burst at 1:20 with that hair flip 😂❤️🔥

  80. Audge Lee

    Im sorry but when chad wrapped his arms around Gabriella, I had major ship reflexes

  81. Shikhar Srivastava

    came here from south park...

  82. Michele

    and now gabriella married a prince and troy is part of a circus

  83. Maddy M

    Screw them they totally messed with Sharpay’s chances to shine

  84. rani

    are u kidding me?!!!!! troy ruins sharpays chances for juliard, tiara steals her position as queen bee of the school, and then the whole cast sings HER song without her! these people are horrible. just once could they help sharpay out instead of stealing the limelight from her?

  85. Reneé Summers


  86. Tadeja Ivanič

    I know this Is wrong saying But lets not forget how sharpay behaved during that Time I mean she would sucedded if only she would be a little bit more nice

  87. Im JessBlue

    Sharpay got betrayed by everyone and no one noticed for a long time. Even her brother didn't stand up for her. Sure in the first and second movie she was mean and just wanted Troy and her place in acting/singing.But in this movie everyone just turned her and Troy who betrayed her like most of the time, got into HER dream school. But next thing you know, he picks another school that will provide him basketball and acting both. Messed up if you ask me. What you y'all think?

    Im JessBlue

    @Lu_Sea_Ah well was selected for it

    Sabrina Summer Studios

    I agree


    @Im JessBlue it's not as if you ended your written "opinion" with "what ya'll think?", right?

    Im JessBlue

    @Kopite Well I wouldn't have commented back if your comment wasn't so rude as if you were coming at me. I accept your opinion but not if your coming directly at me. And if you didn't notice, at the end of all those movies, Sharpay was nice So back off.


    You’re right.

  88. jagoda Swendzynska

    Super 😍

  89. atonio kualoa

    2:32 2:34 2:38😭😍😍😍😍

  90. Summerplays

    Where can I get a Troy. Still wondering till this day.

  91. Maria Isabella Mariscal Pereira

    They did Sharpay dirty

  92. Gamer_Grace2004

    I feel so sad for sharpay. She is queen. I mean I also looove Gabriella and Troy. They are so cute. But sharpay deserved better. It’s a good thing that Vanessa and Ashley are bffs in real life. I love them both.
    Zac is also cute.

  93. Laura Cilia



    I can’t believe my childhood is over 😢 it feels so weird 😭😭 WE NEED A TIME MACHINE I WANNA GO BACK

  95. Squishy KookieChim

    *"No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart.."*

    *I wish that was true..*

    *Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella Montez)*
    *ended up marrying a prince I think.*

    *Zac Efron (Troy Bolton)*
    *Ended up in a circus.*

    *No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart.*
    *I really wish that was true. It's been 11/12 years. I wasn't even borned yet when HSM 1,2 and 3 was made.*

    Juliet Capulet

    Then how old are you?

    Victoria Lam


  96. Heidi James

    1:18 🤤🥰 🥵

  97. axel jernberg

    Who is here 2020