High School Musical Cast - Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Lyrics

A long time ago
In a land far away
Lived the pineapple princess, Tiki
She was sweet as a peach
In a pineapple way
But so sad that she hardly speak-y
Still, if you listen well
You'll hear her secret wish

Aloha everybody, my name is Tiki!
I long to free a truly remarkable fish
My sweet prince

Makihiki malahini who
Hawana wakawakawakaniki pu pu pu

Ryan, the fog!

She dreams of a boy who is under a spell
That has left him all wet and scaly

I sing from my heart of the power of love
Just a girl with a ukulele
Come to me (her), my sweet one, and be still
I'll grasp your tail
And stroke each tender gill
My sweet prince

Makihiki malahini who
Hawana wakawakawakaniki pu pu pu

Now this is where we lean into the whole Kabuki thing

The clouds turned gray
And the big sky cried
And the ocean had a fit

(Ryan, where's my ocean?!)

Then the wind went whoosh
And thunder cracked
And mighty Mount Fufu spit

(Mighty Mount Fufu spit!)

[Sharpay and Ryan:]
T-T-T-Tiki T-Tiki
Wanna speak-y, speak-y, speak-y
With the mighty spirit fu-fu

T-T-T-Tiki T-Tiki
Wanna speak-y, speak-y, speak-y
The words I will not mince

Please make a man of my fresh fish prince
This is real fish talk
No lie

And then the fish turns into a
Gorgeous prince and sings

I'm Prince Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Amakahiki malahini who
(With me!)
Hawana wakawakawakaniki pu pu pu

[Sharpay and Ryan:]
Makihiki malahini-who
Hawana wakawakawakaniki pu pu pu
Wakawakawakaniki pu pu pu
Wakawakawakaniki pu

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High School Musical Cast Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Comments
  1. valchuu

    Esto due una forma de ridiculizarlos, seamos honestos-

  2. Miriam Zahed

    I died at Ryan’s reaction to not being the prince lool 😂😂😂

  3. Hollow Ashes

    Why do I have no physical memory of this scene????

  4. Sister Kickster

    Ryan looks like a mad toddler at the end

  5. Sister Kickster

    Troy looks like he thinks he is gonna die and regrets all his life choices

  6. Helena Bueno

    1:51 is when writers decided this wasn't going to be just a awkward reharsal, but pure madness

  7. Flow The SeaWing

    Did she just say “poo poo”?! 🤣

  8. Shoranna

    After this song my brain is full from Humuhumunukunukuapua'a :D

  9. Jessica Skocik


  10. D!NO

    I would kill for a girl to do this for me

  11. Carlo Jan Ferrer

    Anyone here because of Joker vs Scorpion intro on Mk11?

  12. VODKA Madafaka

    i'm here because of joker...

  13. Giovanni Jubiz

    "So sad that she hardly speaky
    That's the opposite of sharpay lol

  14. Goncalo Casaca

    Joker joined the chat

  15. Jhavonte Falkner

    This was a long lost memory that I thought was a dream-

  16. Jennifer Lee

    Soooo cute😂

  17. Akame the NInja Princess

    Ryan is likr the things I do for this bich

  18. Kalib Spence

    Is this a deleted scene

  19. Brooke Ferguson

    Go back to that were the worst people ever

  20. Omar El Masri

    White Moana be like

  21. Mizmo La

    Troy Bolton simply didn’t deserve sharpey

  22. Cococats 11

    The first time I heard this song I was 10 and I loved it

  23. Tobey Hodgkiss

    my sweet prince:

    Humndcbsjcjdngdncudjgbeh pipioupupuupupuoosnfbdudjfhrhdndndbdbryanthrfignsbdnsjfsjfjdncjccr

  24. Brookelynn W

    O. M. G I just realized “I’ll gasp your tail then stroke your tender Gill”. Wtf Disney

  25. Kimberly Nicole

    I think it’s time for me for watch HSM again because I don’t remember this shit at all...

  26. Zeno

    I always thought this shit was a fever dream...

  27. Kunuuksaayuka

    came here because of joker

  28. Пук Пефко

    You are here cause of joker?

  29. detectiv 009


  30. Killer Queen

    Wow Moana looks great!

  31. Plastic Angelz

    Sharpay is the only thing that matter in all HSM

  32. Smile

    Just came because of the Joker.

  33. Spencer Bowden

    I had this high school musical karaoke game on the ps2 on the song list I saw this and didn’t even remember seeing this in the movie.

    I was like wtf is this?

  34. Kennedy O.S

    That's the new nickname for Scorpion!

  35. Caro Villa

    I'm the only one who doesn't remember this song?¡?¡?

    Caro Villa

    Oh i understand why now hehehe

  36. shannen ong

    troy looks like he may need some therapy after that LMAO.

  37. TV stars

    I came here from the ballinger family's new video! anybody else?

  38. Ynapearl Jimeno

    I love Ryan's face when he found out that he wasn't the fish prince or something like he just looks so salty lol

  39. Rachel Pack

    Zac Efron is just like “excuse me are you even speaking English”

  40. Rachel Pack

    If you don’t listen to the song the title makes absolutely no sense

  41. Lazy Spiderman TM


  42. KHTimeProtecter

    This scene was supposed to be before Troy and Gabriella’s date? I thought this was some kind of fever dream or hallucination.

  43. WXRDXG

    I cant be the only one here cuz of joker in mk11

    Duffu sdthea

    Who would have thought that joker liked high school musical 2


    @Duffu sdthea i guess he had to "choose his next word wisely" lol

  44. boigamer543 MC

    I came from the joker

  45. Enigma ?

    Who is Here from Mortal Kombat, the Joker Release?

  46. Khloe Garcia

    Ok I do not remember this from HMS 2

  47. SpecOpsKy

    *joker has entered the chat*

  48. kingslime

    Thanks joker. ._.

  49. Sophie -

    gotta say..... sharpay really popped off in this song.

  50. Farias Neto

    Anyone here because of the Joker interaction with Scorpion in MK11 ?

    Korean Chapstick

    Omg me : )

  51. sotjamz

    Boss I habe cancer

  52. Hannah Lindley

    that song doesn’t make any sense

  53. Shar1ey

    Im British and when i heard "and mighty mount fufu spit" i wheezed...

  54. Karen Bogdan

    My friend brought this up at school today so I decided to watch it

  55. Funny 😁

  56. Alex G237

    Ryan is an absolute legend

  57. Beverly Simpson

    Ryan worked so hard and didn’t even get a crown:(

  58. syarifah syazleen

    why i dont remember this scene in hsm or is it just in the dvd?

    catryce Thornton

    It was deleted

  59. Claire Tidemann

    This is the saddest thing I have ever seen! Lol 😂

  60. Maria Veronica


  61. little_ devil



    Ladybug kwami?!!

    It's a joke 😂

  62. FBI

    _the art of seduction_

  63. Arm cylo

    Fish voice sound like dory 🤣

  64. moooooooooooo

    everything about this is hella weird and it's hard to imagine the movie with this in it, but still i think it would have made a great comic relief........

  65. Swirl Sparkle

    In third grade, I had a student teacher who left for Hawaii to teach there. She surprised our class a month after she moved away and she told us to learn this whole song so we could sing it before she went back to Hawaii
    I was the only one who actually learned it

  66. Emily Mccabe

    In google it’s says that it means humid pork scoops and pork!😂😂😂

  67. Xavier Lajara

    I still can’t get over the note that Ryan does when he says “Come to her”.

  68. Grace K

    troys reaction at 2:45 like I don't wanna be here and ryan like no fair but tray would most likely let him be the prince

    Grace K

    I meant troy not tray lol

  69. Nathan Labrador

    Ryan: How over the top do you want this to be?
    Sharpay: *Yes*

  70. Failingpepper 11

    Me trying to speak Japanese

  71. Jubilee Jigsaw

    YouTube in 2016:
    YouTube in 2017:
    YouTube in 2018:
    YouTube in 2019:
    YouTube in 2020: *Let's put this on the recommendations lol*

  72. 胜利

    AJJAJAJAJAJAJAJA siento que no vi esto nunca

  73. Mr duck Head

    Troy its so scared

  74. Apenas Desenhando


  75. Joking Banana

    No one:
    Not Troy:
    Not Gabriella:
    Not Chad:
    Not Taylor:
    Sharpay and Ryan: PU! PU! PU!

  76. Lyric Rogers

    I wish this was kept in the movie when it ran on TV and not just a deleted scene tbh

  77. Jonathan Wat

    This is a weird song....

  78. k a i z e n ツ

    First she tries to act Mexican now Hawaiian 😂

  79. TheCryingYak

    this scared me like you wouldn't believe

  80. Sarah Melo

    I don’t remember this song on High School Musical

  81. Bella Besa

    I love this song so good 😊.

  82. Harashimi Park

    When the title is a real fish

  83. Mishkas YT

    At first when i watched the movie i thought Sharpay’s name was Shatpie lol

  84. Selma Fick

    I <3 this song

  85. Inaya Taqiyah

    gonna tell my kids this is moana

  86. Jordyn Spears

    “ I’ll grasp your tail and stroke each tender gill” uhhhhh ok so never realized how sexual that was

  87. hawyee

    i don’t remember this scene like at all im so confused


    it was only in the extended version

    Meity Pramushinta

    Because this scene was deleted from original movie

    LilMizzGoddess x

    Yeah I'm guessing ppl or the producers or whatever thought it was offensive to Hawaiian peeps so they had no choice but to remove it


    This is real fish talk no lie then she makes many inhuman voices that sounds like a constipated dolphin trying to poop

  89. Kaile’s Randomness

    I love love love ryannnn ahhh he deserves so much better

  90. Annabeth Chase


    Zac Efron reading this part for the first time

  91. Lana Martins

    This song is very very funny
    I Love hahaha

  92. Phoebe Menzies

    why this was not in the movie????

  93. A Jones

    Am I the only one that doesn’t remember this?

  94. Emma

    This wasn't in Italian version

  95. Izaya

    why did i forget about this song's existence

  96. Elim Kwok

    Ah yes, the mating dance of the elusive Candace Flynn

  97. Xime GaGa

    This part was removed in latin America :( i've never seen that before