High School Musical Cast - A Night To Remember Lyrics

[Troy:] Guess now it's official
[Chad:] Can't back out, can't back out, no
[Gabriella:] Getting ready for the night of nights
[Taylor:] The night of nights, alright
[Troy:] Don't panic
[Chad:] Panic!

[Jason:] Now do we have to dress up for the prom?
[Zeke:] Dude, I don't think we have a choice
[Kelsi:] Yeah, it's the night of all nights, gotta look just right
[Martha:] Dressing to impress the boys
[Chad:] Do I want classic or vintage or plaid?
[Zeke:] Where's the mirror?
[Jason:] I think this tux is too baggy
[Troy:] Too tight, it makes me look weird
[Gabriella:] Should I go movie star glamorous?
[Martha:] Sassy or sweet?
[Taylor:] Don't know, but no one better wear the same dress as me!

[Guys:] It's the night of our nightmares
[Girls:] It's the night of our dreams
[Guys:] It's too late to back out of it
[Girls:] Hey! Makeovers, massages
[Guys:] Don't know what a corsage is
[Girls:] Been waiting all out lives for this

[Girls:] It's gonna be a night
[Guys:] Can't wait
[Girls:] To remember
[Guys:] Oh man
[Girls:] Come on now
Big fun (alright), it's going be the night
[Guys:] I guess
[Girls:] To last forever
[Guys:] Lucky us
[Everyone:] We'll never, ever, ever forget

[Sharpay:] Getting ready
[Ryan:] Get ready
[Sharpay:] Get, a-getting ready, ready
[Ryan:] Get ready
[Sharpay:] Getting ready
(Here we go)
Get, a-getting ready, go

[Mr. Evans:] Hey, you've been in there and hour, man
[Sharpay:] So...what should I do with my hair?
[Ryan:] Where's my shaver?
[Sharpay:] Ooh, I love it
[Ryan:] I look like a waiter
[Sharpay:] Should I fluff it?
[Both:] It's getting late, I already should be there
[Guys:] Her mother opens the door, I'm shaking inside
[Girls:] He's here, it's time, the hour's arrived
[Guys:] Don't know why, her fathers staring me down
[Girls:] Where's my purse, lip gloss? Now I'm really freaking out
[Guys:] Then something changes my world
The most beautiful girl, right in front of my eyes

[Girls:] It's gonna be a night
[Guys:] Can't wait
[Girls:] To remember
[Guys:] Oh man
[Girls:] Come on now
Big fun (alright), it's going be the night
[Guys:] I guess
[Girls:] To last forever
[Guys:] Lucky us
[Everyone:] We'll never, ever, ever forget

[Guys:] Who's that girl? She's so fine
[Girls:] Who's that guy? I don't recognize
[Guys:] Who's that girl? She looks so good, yeah
[Ryan & Girls:] Guess you never really noticed but you probably should
[Everybody:] Big fun
[Guys:] On the night of nights
[Girls:] Alright
[Guys:] The night of nights, tonight
[Everybody:] Let's dance
[Guys:] On the night of nights
You know we're going to do it right

[Girls:] It's gonna be a night
[Guys:] Can't wait
[Girls:] To remember
[Guys:] Oh man
[Girls:] Come on now
Big fun (alright), it's going be the night
[Guys:] I guess
[Girls:] To last forever
[Guys:] Lucky us
[Everyone:] We'll never, ever, ever forget

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High School Musical Cast A Night To Remember Comments
  1. Emory Jae

    Lol it’s funny how Taylor said no one better wear the same dress as me as if Kelsey didn’t have that dress in her hand the entire time 😂😂

  2. Tyler Freijomel

    I can see Ricky Bowen doing 1:01 on the show.

  3. syarifah syazleen

    I loveee it when the girls and boys a scene like this another one is the summer time

  4. Hannah Lindley

    all the boys asked all the girl to the dance night

  5. Jones Is Not A Robot

    The most unbelievable part of this is that Ryan is worried about how he looks.

  6. Sierra Beard

    Fav song

  7. Saul Gutierrez

    I can't believe that Monique Coleman (Taylor) was in her late 20s or early 30s when she was on these movies... way to old to play a high school student!!!

  8. 전엘라

    2:38 how da heck did the girls get down without any stairs O_O

  9. Princess laura Princess laura

    So cute 💖😍

  10. Brinney 23

    “Dressing to impress the boys” or like... dressing to impress yourself.

  11. jheckie14

    I'd have egged them if I was in that canteen, fk u and your happiness

  12. valeria pineapple

    just imagine the cast of hsmtmts doing this song omg

  13. Charlotte Tam

    who else knows the dance??

  14. jagoda Swendzynska

    Super 🤗

  15. Breonna Smith

    Perioddddd!!!!!!! My part is at the end like when they ending t he dance I’m like yesssssssss

  16. Abby

    Does anyone realize that troys tie isn’t tied

    Latonya Hill

    Abby 😂😂

  17. Lucy Setchfield

    Literally listened to this before my prom, hoping I didn’t wear the same dress as someone.

    2 hours later I was wearing the same dress as someone else.

  18. Najmar Calhoun

    I still wanna learn the dance starting at 3:21 😭😭😭

  19. Julia Bautista

    Of course the iconic duo need their own dressing scene 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Christina

    If the girls switch places with the boys in the beginning, I feel that would make a lot more sense. It’s hard to get excited when you have to spend all your money and do extra stuff to get ready 😂

  21. V Persaud

    Michelle Obama In the white dress at the front getting down tho. 🔥.

  22. Dioselyn Marquez

    Anyone 2020

  23. Agent_L

    3:49 the black girl in the white dress is killing it 👌👌

    3:41 look at her during the circles on the right

  24. Mariella Malubay


  25. Jack Pandalord

    Video is awesome but song quality is 💩

  26. Courtney Skinner

    And it makes me look weird! I died

  27. Courtney Skinner

    “Don’t panic!”

  28. Brandon Caulfield

    Troy at 8pm: never ever forget
    *the next day*
    Troy at 11am: why am I waking up in a field?

  29. Maria Wierzbicka

    Anyone noticed? When martha said that thing about impressing boys kelsi made a weird face, what a queen!

  30. Janielle Mcfarlane

    I had wish dat troy and Gabriella had kiss💗we should have seen the prom

  31. Got Cha

    Sharpay has the most beautiful dress

  32. Shayne Kim

    Dislikes are for who have no talents and disgusting to oppose this piece of greatest 😏🎉💜

  33. Lord Gonk Droid


    Is that Hillary Clinton on the left?

  34. Alice in Drugsland


  35. amandamoo72

    Fun fact the blue tux that Zac is wearing in the beginning is Kenny Ortega's tux from when he went to prom

  36. Nazrin Akther

    Ok I luv this song but wth was troy doin at 1:03

  37. Gaming Chill

    Taylor was like 57yrs old in this movie

  38. jiro 99

    ok this is cheesy but i love all HSMs dearly like a whole freakin lot. this is my childhood, this is our childhood. and looking back, it makes me not want to grow up. i really don’t want to grow up.

  39. Szlendak

    1:48 is he naked ?

  40. sebchalamet

    this choreography >>> k-idols are shaking

  41. dk kang

    my fav♥

  42. momo peach

    Chad was always my favorite

  43. dudestir127

    When I search for "A Night To Remember" looking for the 1958 movie about the Titanic sinking and Youtube sends me to High School Musical.

  44. Paula Pauline

    When they don't give Ryan anything pink for the first time so that he doesn't look so gay when he dances with Kelsi😂

  45. Sean Mahlangu

    *normal high school promposals have left the chat*

  46. Sean Mahlangu

    *High school guys have left the chat*

  47. javier yepez

    Quien la sigue escuchando 2019

  48. ClifteOn Jones

    who else thinks the that part when the guys started dancing by themselves was groovy ? 😂☺️

  49. master j

    Oh guys remember the flip phones wow really cheap

  50. master j

    Wow she said yes but he is gay remember I don’t dance

  51. Isabelly Figueiredo

    1:01 that part is so iconic.

  52. Udy Kumra

    This dance is so much fun to watch.

  53. Lethu Mthiyane

    What surprises me is that this was just a rehearsal

  54. Cutie pie XD COOKIES


  55. Cutie pie XD COOKIES

    My teacher said im doing this movie for our play.

  56. my time has come

    the fact that ryan and sharpay still had their own camera time away from everyone else just shows that they were the real stars

  57. Dave Mara

    The choreography for this song is so good especially 3:11

  58. Tae's Winter Bear

    "Don't panic"

  59. Iya Nakamoto

    This made me look forward to my prom, only to realize that the reality of proms is very very very different from this masterpiece

  60. Colorful Marty

    Wow The Prom looks fantastic guys

  61. Foreign Exchange

    3:23 latín power ᕦ(ಠ_ಠ)ᕤ

  62. Grace Kim

    I just realized that they use honour instead of honor which is american...

  63. Sophi Douglas

    4:26 the moment when you realize it’s not the actual prom 😂

  64. Li’l Sebastian

    Controversially I think HSM 3 has the best songs and production value

  65. duda guedes

    no one:
    really no one:
    gabriella: 3:47 FOREVER😂 i love

  66. Ms. Georgia Esther Amor Gevera Baguio

    its funny how the girls are really excited and the boys are like oh shoot

  67. Ms. Georgia Esther Amor Gevera Baguio

    imagine if Taylor said nope in front of all those people....

  68. the Girl

    Tomorrow is my prom, I'M SHAKING, SO NERVOUS

  69. Gabriella Mendez

    I love Gabriella's prom dress

  70. Sam Dan

    Mon morceau préféré de tous les HSM. Trop trop fort. Bravo...Brava

  71. N.H ARMY97

    I'm here in 2019 😉 really missed HSM

  72. Connor Smith MJ


  73. Connor Smith MJ

    1:02 the best line by Troy in all 3 movies

  74. Julianne Adona

    Still the best ❣️

  75. Pearlie Grace

    this movie was a fucking masterpiece. whoever thinks otherwise is WRONG

  76. Graciela Santiago

    How did the boys change so fast?

  77. i was mad that this movie came out in theaters instead of on tv like the others but i wouldnt have been mad if i did go see it, the movie was soo good especially this scene

  78. Iris Was Here

    This is hands down the best scene in all the movies

  79. The Yellow Plumbob

    Don't panic-

  80. Kylie Southwick

    I look like a W A I T E R

  81. Kim Rodriguez

    This scene is better than Sharpay vs. London girl. I wonder what will the Julliard reps reaction if this is the scene they watched

  82. Kristian Buria-Love

    Hey guys do you think this tux makes me look weird

  83. Marcelo Acosta


  84. Swirl AndTwirl

    Haha love this

  85. POP DATA

    So weird knowing that not every guy hates prom and not every girl loves prom

  86. Addison Spencer

    Does anyone realize that chad couldn’t dress up yo fancy and wore his basketball number on the back of his jacket

  87. Kaila Jensen

    The only thing relatable from this movie to high school is that no girl wants the same dress lol

  88. Camila Santos

    0:54 no girl you have to dress for YOURSELF and not for a boy :)

  89. Sphinx 1

    Zac kept saying he didn't know how to dance but boy oh boy he nailed this choreography

  90. Queen Zoe

    i wish i had their budget for drama

  91. Gerard Bæ

    Bahaha I love the boys' sarcasm

  92. The Fangirls Guide

    Taylor your only Chad's cover for he's dating Ryan

  93. Jiros

    Holy shit the choreography is insane! This was wasted on me as a child.

  94. Teyjey Kim

    I’m this age but “Oh what would i do with my hair?” Of Sharpay is still iconic to me.

  95. ラッキーガミ猫


  96. SebbyandTheBees

    This is making me miss show choir

  97. SebbyandTheBees

    I never payed attention to how unenthusiastic the boys were, I just liked the song 😂😂