High Highs - White Water Lyrics

Do you believe
That this will wash away

The fall is colder
You left a letter

Come easy

The wild ocean
Where you belong with me

But in a moment
And it all gets swept away
You lean in closer

Comes easy

It could take you away
It could take you away
It could take you away
It could take you away

Don't leave now
Don't say no
Come easy

Oh this city
Will wait for no one

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High Highs White Water Comments
  1. Lone_wolf- 164561

    to evryone, I LOVE UU!!!!! ^-^

  2. Portal of Transcendence

    Where you belong with me. 🌊

  3. lily yang

    Love ur style and please insist on it if possible

  4. Osama AbuOmar

    I came here after watching Subject to Change pilot

  5. Mike DeGroot

    Just heard this on Soma FM love it.

  6. aristotletheskull

    yes the Slap put me on to this

  7. Jarad McLoughlin

    Subject to Change made me find you and this killer track! :)

    Parker DW

    +Jarad McLoughlin 
    Same :-)

    blurry echo

    Same XD

  8. Corinne Bunn

    I think I love every single one of your songs.

  9. whitedevil2

    needs another minute

  10. Jackie Laine

    The Slap told Shazam to bring me here 😋

  11. Maxim Mooney

    The Slap as well.

  12. jlhabitan50

    The Slap!

  13. Timothy Brown

    The Slap brought me here! 

  14. Monarch Love

    Love it! ♡

  15. phoenixwolf1977

    A Dream within a Dream

  16. The2ndDogma

    first time i heard this, with the opening lyric i thought it was a peter frampton cover! then later i found out it was a high highs song. i love it! this song makes me feel like im rounding the corner in front of a spot in the woods that is very familiar. like a spot you used to frequent, but havent visited in a couple seasons

  17. Will Wright

    Radiohead is like the darker side of high highs.... Both brilliant bands in their own ways.

  18. AlwaysLovelyLe

    I LoVe this Song Man all hard days seem so much better after hearing THIS WOOW just AmAzing;-)

  19. Oh no it's marshie

    I wonder why you guys only have this few subscribers and views and likes. 
    You guys are incredible. your songs calm and heal me. 

  20. Ana Mad

    So good to listen to on a quiet night, just before sleep...

  21. JonneyETV


  22. The Light Trap

    When is it getting on spotify :(

  23. Gandlef

    This album is magic <3

  24. Avery Vartanian

    Totally agree. They're songs should be in every movie soundtrack from beautiful moments, to tragic moments.

  25. caliandris

    Love your music... I love the gentleness and soothing way of the music and the harmonies you use.