High Highs - Open Season Lyrics

Get on your knees
And I thought you can leave it all in your mind (it is)
All in your mind (it is)
Crawl in the backseat, old friend
It is really all in your mind (it is)
All in your mind (you look)

So tired of living like a kite, kite, kite, kite...

Look at all the trees in the light
They are growing all in your mind (it is)
All in your mind (it is)
Look at all the leaves in the fire
They are burning all in your mind (it is)
All in your mind (you look)

So tired of living like a kite, kite, kite, kite...

Get on your knees
And I thought you can leave it all in your mind (it is)
All in your mind (it is)

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High Highs Open Season Comments
  1. Jeremy Rogers

    I don't understand what emotion this song is making me feel. It makes me happy, but it also makes me sad kinda. It's like I miss something I once had. Or a feeling I once had in a happier, more pure time in my life. Maybe I'm just rambling.

  2. Fyqa

    faking it guys !

  3. margareth perez

    FINALLY I FAUND!!!!!! This is glory😍😭now I can die happy 😂🤗❤️ I love pitch perfect:3

  4. Georgia O’Connor

    Fuck pitch perfect, faking it brought me here

  5. Dizzyglow55

    This some heat

  6. Jane James

    this song is so underrated.

  7. Alexander Nickerson

    This song would have about a billion more views if people knew what it was called lol

  8. Explosion

    This song reminds me when I was relaxed with no worries in the world, livin' life.

  9. Lili fuji

    Oktober 2019

  10. grace bailey

    Reminds me of my childhood :( my dad always used to play it on the guitar

  11. Leo Tyson

    Reminds me so much of the middle east first ep

  12. Olivia 782

    heared it PITCH PERFECT and i fell in love with it

  13. Del Chong91

    The person who you love,sunset shining in the sky, windy and fresh air and this song

  14. Imad talizza



    Same gosh pitch darn perfect

  15. Malcolm Jacobs

    s/o carlos cardenosa

  16. Marvie Ed

    2019 anyone?

  17. ME Gru___

    the same old song yet still as beautiful as yesterday

  18. Julia Bhansali

    gosh this song gives me all the vibes

  19. Meagan Leal

    this song has been stuck in my head for weeks just without the lyrics and i just watched pitch perfect again and i came across this song and well then i came here and finding this song is amazing it is such a great song

  20. Nicole _

    2019 anyone?

  21. Hailey Verderosa

    Sleeping with other people brought me here

  22. Po Tiger

    Mtv brought me here😂💀✌

  23. Livs xoxoxo

    Came here from Pitch Perfect OBSSESSED!!!!😩😍

  24. Christelle Ramasimanana

    Perfect song for a road trip

  25. Trishia Dimatulac

    One of the best songs I've ever heard in my entire life.

  26. Alisha Taylor

    2019 anyone ?😟

  27. Hoe Tsk

    after 5 years i found it!!!

  28. Madison Belfour

    2019? This is so good wthhhh😤🥺

  29. Prakruthi Jagatap

    This song makes me feel empty.. in a good way....as if I'm missing something but donno wat that is.


    This song relaxes me

  31. F r e e m a n

    2019 someone?

  32. Me VS Family

    What up pitches

  33. Firebreather

    Loved this song for years. First I listened to it back in the days on SoundCloud before I knew what other streaming services were out there, and I was bummed when it was taken down. Then I listened to it on Spotify for the longest time, until it was taken down from there as well. Anyone know the reason for them taking it off of everything? It’s a beautiful song, and it’s a shame that it’s been taken off a lot of streaming sites.

  34. Maximum Ride

    Al I see is color and sun

  35. Mehmet Ali Azazi

    This song feels like, all the beatiful and good things happened, and there will be no more. However this phenomenon unburdened me somehow?

  36. mari :D

    ive been looking for this song for a whole year, exactly. i found it today. my life feels complete. wow.

  37. Jessica Gorbunov

    this group needs to be more recognized they are so soothing

  38. Liberty Roberts

    I’m still listening to this song, even though it is 2019😂

  39. Duane GB

    what fuckin genre is this anyone?

  40. Magno B

    I love this song. #Nostalgia

  41. Sliverie_x

    “You look so Tired of living like a kite” is my favorite part ♥️ maybe because of pitch perfect ;3

  42. Sam

    Pitch Perfect!

  43. Alina Tan

    anyone knows what genre this is :')

  44. Media Nasution


  45. Paulina Špučytė

    2019 and I’m listening to this song, it makes me happy and sad

  46. ToM

    this song changed my life wow. years later here i am #imwow

  47. Olivia Nicholls

    Heard this on pitch perfect and fell in love with it 😱😍

  48. Lelouche Bellamy

    for the past 3 years I thought they've been saying "Cunt" instead of "kite"

  49. K. K.

    2019 ♥️♥️ Still love this song, Such a great vibes

  50. John Martin

    Idk why but this song makes me feel happy and sad at the same time

  51. Katie

    2019 and still listening

  52. Chloe Miller

    Pitch perfect when Becca is running the radio station and Jesse and her are in a fight

  53. Emanuel

    So sad to see this masterpiece has 1,5 Million views when nicki minaj gets almost billions...

  54. Nelly Fraire

    Emma brought me here ♡...

  55. vegansandels

    Thank you so much emma chamberlain!

  56. brooklyn-rose jameson

    Came here from Emma chamberlains youtube story not pitch perfect lol hate that show

  57. Alexandra

    Emma chamberlains yt story bought me here💁🏻‍♀️

  58. Leila Joves

    Who came here after Emma’s Story

  59. neotea

    I miss pitch perfect. ♡

  60. olivia lovess

    Came here from emma Chamberlain song recommendations on her youtube story

  61. Giovi Londos

    i kinda want to cry when i hear this song

  62. Amrinder

    Came here from Emma Chamberlain's recommendations

  63. Nargiz Teymurlu

    anyone here because of emma?

  64. Olivia Adams

    Emma brought me here 😎😎

  65. Count Andre'

    Help........looking for a song with lyrics " who told the desert , water forever”......

  66. Morbids

    this sounds like a song that would be on life is strange.

  67. Móricz Abigél

    When I listen this song, I don't know where I am😍

  68. xXJupiter _RainXx

    2019 anyone? I feel like I’m the only one watching this this year

  69. Giovanna Mena

    I want to drive past by the beach with a convertible blasting this by myself just living & vibing to the fullest

  70. jelou

    2019 anyone?

  71. Jamia Young

    You look so tired of living like a cunt... cunt ... cunt... CUUUNT


    More music like this please.

  73. Wasted Youth

    Pitch perfect and faking it

  74. Narwhalblast 99

    Why is this not on spotify, angery >:(

  75. nouf farag

    Came from faking it ✌🏻

  76. just another spawn of the devil, fuck.

    This song seriously holds a special place in my heart

  77. Bilbo Swaggins

    Found this one SoundCloud and I fell in love with it instantly

  78. Alex W

    Pitch Perfect bought me here

  79. 海倫

    It's really soft !

  80. R M

    Mystic Mac did not land significant punches against nurmagomedov.

  81. Khansa Nasution

    2018 and STILL coming here everyday

  82. Scarlefh Stefane Sobrinho

    Que som perfeito 😍

  83. Heidi Wegs

    Came here from pitch perfect I was having an off nite and wanted to watch the movie on my laptop and saw this part and cried so hard

  84. Heidi Wegs

    Crying because this song gives me so much emotions

  85. Daniel Flores

    An old favorite

  86. Doug Austin


  87. Michelle Ann

    Why is everytime I hear this song it makes me feel so happy and sad and nostalgic. I don't know why I just love this song so much!

  88. patchyfish1

    Just suddenly started singing this after many years of not hearing it, typed in the only words i knew and here it is.

  89. Franca Biebara

    Luv dis song

  90. Bê Brandão

    Essa música me faz sentir que estou andando de carro passando por várias estações, para chegar a praia com alguém especial. Sabrina quem me indicou!

  91. Felicia Chendra

    i came here from twilight and pitch perfect 🤣😍

  92. Aamirah Amran

    Came here because of pitch perfect

  93. Natasha Gold

    its a vibe. end of discussion.

  94. Politician's Syllogism

    i’m dealing with horrific, acute anxiety right now that’s making it hard for me to trust my loved ones, or even my feelings at all. i’m just looking for comfort anywhere i can take it. thank you for making music that gives me that comfort. love, passion, hope, dreams: the best music serves as a reminder of those things, or at least they do in my case, when they all seem so distant. i repeat, because i have to: thank you.

  95. dikka silva


  96. Jagher Gilang

    Thank u pitch perfect

  97. Thee MikeyBoiii

    I love pitch perfect

  98. Blackartist17 Artist17

    I heard this song from faking it