High Highs - Once Around The House Lyrics

The night time for to talk in
The night time for the tow

The home was restless and alone
Buried in the snow

The wind blew down the chimney now
It left the fire dead

I'll curl once around the house
And hurry on to bed

I wonder if you sat down
Try not to worry

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High Highs Once Around The House Comments

    Both the song and the video are depressing and Melancholic in a wonderful of ways....


    Bonito video.

  3. diegodcfc

    I can't describe what make me feel this song, this video... This is incredible beautyful, I had not heard it for years, and doing it again is incredible

  4. rafaella.修复

    these lights. these trees. these ilumination. so nostalgic.

  5. Şeyda Avcılar

    bu sarkı neden bu kadar guzel

  6. Martin Partida

    The most beautiful music video I've ever seen

    Huấn Trương Thanh

    Truly agreed even in 2018

  7. Boe Toahty

    :29 i love stranger things!

  8. Oe Kintarō


  9. Polezy

    you guys are excellent always help me sleep keep it coming!! From Scotland

  10. MrJoshuaAtwood

    I can't believe this song only has 66,000 hits.

  11. Luar Gil

    One of my fav song (Y)

  12. Rick Sanchez

    This was fucking amazing! Cheers!

  13. GirlSproket

    Anyone know why the comments were disabled on their other videos?

  14. Rutilio

    this song made me tear up. simply beautiful. and the video wast amazingly done. bravo gentlemen.

  15. Nicholas Bullock

    thank you pandora

  16. seelveeyaa

    Yayy this video doesnt have any dislikes! :)


    It's a YouTube miracle!

    Dwight Schrute

    @Sylvia Theresa Don't jinx it xD

    Nemo Nobody

    @Sylvia Theresa has one now


    *sigh it only lasted for so long

    João Barros

    We'll never know what moves someone to thumbs down a video, it's one of those mysteries.

  17. Snowberry

    It's like a dream...

  18. Brandon Scott

    luvv it!! but what the hell was it leading her to?? its really eating at me..

    Martin Spence

    to the infinite unknown so follow the lights

  19. Ligeah lana

    it's wonderful

  20. PrettylittleLuli

    Favorite band-3

  21. Kristina. Chkh

    Amazing music + amazing video !!! :)

  22. Serniczek rodzynek

    I wanna know what is at the end... <3 !

    Martin Spence

    it's the journey that matters

  23. Angelique63v

    Lyric, please.

  24. Erik Ayala

    She is beautiful hopefully her soul is as beautiful as he outter appearence

  25. Erik Ayala

    High Highs, The Drums and Surfer Blood my all time faves lol

  26. 14zimm

    I LOVE this so much. Wow, it's just so genuine and so emotional.

  27. jonos

    Yeah, Big Ugly Yellow Couch has a knack for discovering AMAZING talent. Loved these guys since I saw them on the couch all those years ago.

  28. Paul McKinney

    I discovered the High Highs on Big Ugly Yellow Couch and been a fan ever since. Just a suggestion but with the recent song on the new kindle fire commercial... maybe the high highs would be a good group or song already for a sci-fi song for something sci-fi? Love this group ever since discovering them.

  29. Ester Tanas

    u r romanian?

  30. Rachel Beutz

    everything is so perfect about this video.

  31. NYCForeverbaby

    This has been only out for 2 weeks and I've downloaded and listen to this like 100 times already.

  32. Amber Joy

    Stunning and eerie. I love it!!!

  33. Marius Barbulescu

    You are amazing... I love every single track I've listened from you. Everytime I put an imaginary bet with myselft when I discover a band not yet popular... I hear them on the radio, in an ad or in a movie sountrack in maximum 3 or 4 years. Good luck with that, people deserve to listen your music! Wonderful!

  34. ShadokFR

    I have discover High Highs two weeks ago. I think now I can say it's my favorite group.
    Thanks for the happiness you give to me.

  35. tonedeff

    This is absolutely stunning. Kudos.

  36. Stephanie Jackson

    Wow. This is lovely!

  37. twit

    Thom Yorke, is that you?

  38. BenAffleckOfficial

    Just beautiful! The music goes great with the video!