High Highs - Movement Lyrics

Freedom, movement, never waking up
When I walk home I could live forever
I'd give you time

What's on your mind, on your mind
Let it go!

We know it's something real
I can't control,
I'm burning in your love, your love your love

All this talking its' been too much, he said
I feel the seasons, I feel the summer's end
I'd give you time

What's on your mind, on your mind to say

We know it's something real
I can't control
I'm burning in your love, your love your love

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High Highs Movement Comments
  1. Lucas Lima

    Muito bom ,quem lembra shadowhunters?

  2. Amy Turnham

    Awww shadowhunters

  3. SondreGamer_

    Is beatiful the song

  4. Count Scum

    I need a live version! Please :(

  5. Lone_wolf- 164561

    lone wolf here again ^-^ just here to let u know I LOVE YOUU ALL!

  6. ninalove kittens

    Raphael and Isabelle 💜

  7. Alex Gontar

    So special and uniq.

  8. Moonchild Carlos

    Shadowhunters *~*

  9. Maria Clara Mochi


  10. Jéssica de Andrade

    It's very great. Thanks for this amazing music

  11. pvris J

    i listen to this depressed considering how im tagging along with all of my friends

  12. Yuya kyoto

    ooh i love this, just heard it on shadowhunters

  13. SuperTrack001


  14. SuperTrack001


  15. SuperTrack001


  16. BenAffleckOfficial

    I want to have sex with this song.

    royen islam

    +TranceSuperWave lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Noura M.

    Finding Carter.

    pvris J

    Nor M. Yessssss!!!!!

  18. Claudio Lucas

    freedom. . .

  19. Iluvpolitics114

    Man it's good to know that genuinely great music is still bein' made on the 10's.

  20. Tiffany N

    Im really loving this at the moment.

  21. marshy moo

    Really stepped up the percussion game in this one, and GOOD LORD was that some immense videography

  22. paigelikesrice

    you guys are really good

  23. Nathanael Wheatcroft-Brown

    i miss your music, make more please

  24. Nosso Observatório

    I'mn Waiting, for a long time :o 

  25. Ligeah lana

    I do love your songs guys! Come to Brazil please ;)

  26. Gabriel Oliveira

    I love that song, you guys are the best \o/ 

  27. Ana Mad

    It's amazing how their music matches perfectly with all kinds of landscapes...

  28. rosscobosco

    Great band

  29. Angela van Rosmalen


  30. Dandara Gomez

    PERFECT! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  31. Jose Mejia

    belleza !

  32. Presse Teknikk

    Love the song. Miss the synth. 

  33. audiomale

    quality :)

  34. Human V1.0

    Sheeeeeeeeet........... + <3

  35. elvispiss

    perfection <3 been waiting for a new release for ages!

  36. rsjosh

    So chill!

  37. Corinne Bunn

    I <3 it soooo much!

  38. renzo590


  39. Qran Zoo

    When will the album come out?

  40. coldplay4321

    So peaceful

  41. svart moln


  42. JonneyETV


  43. Moshi Mura

    Very nice!

  44. IndieGlobeMusic

    very nice

  45. livelaughlave

    So good! Listening to this saves me from drowning in revision :(