High Highs - Milan Lyrics

I know you're gonna leave me
I know
You're gonna find the door
And fly to Milan, with the wind
I'm coming back to earth, back to earth

I know you're gonna leave me
I know
Whatever way the wind blows
Tied up with twine, we fell in the sea
We will never be, never be

And you know they won't believe you at all
Won't you take me home
Won't you take me home

You know they won't believe you at all
And the summer ends
We're spinning in

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High Highs Milan Comments
  1. Lone_wolf- 164561

    I FUCKIN LOVE YOU ALL everyone here

  2. WVWl x

    I'm waiting for your new song .
    from Thailand🇹🇭

  3. I'm Ash , that's A to the Shush!

    You guys are Jewels. Please don't stop making music💖

  4. wensi X



    wensi X om n nno nknnokokmmmnookknm.mmommmmkkm.mmnonn

  5. Ilyse Hyde

    please come to LA i love your music and want to see you live pleaseeeee

  6. Muzzled Hound

    Finally i found it :D

  7. SuperTrack001


  8. Daniel Higuera

    I like this song and especially looking out the window of my room or car and seeing the city and the sun

    I'm Ash , that's A to the Shush!

    Daniel Higuera That sounds so nice 💟💟💟💟

  9. pamela joven

    omg your music is so relaxing please dont stop making :")

  10. The Kid

    OK so I'll be honest...I am not really into this genre of music but when I heard this track...it blew my mind. Awesome job! :) 

    Hatbuddies Scarf

    Not into indie folk?! Whaa?! xD

    The Kid

    +Hatbuddies Scarf not that I am into indie but more the ethereal sound, very folky in essence. I, on the other hand, am a child of Dilla and Flying Lotus. :D

    The Kid

    +Hatbuddies Scarf lmao staaahhhpp your making me feel bad lol ;)

  11. tyr

    This song is simply amazing, I feel like this song defines that every girl in the world is beautiful inside and out....that's just how I feel when I hear this song, it's beautiful, and Its funny cause i found high highs on the tv show catfish I heard open season and I simply loved it so I searched more songs and this one caught my eye the most....or my ears I should say

  12. oh thequeen

    too high too much 

  13. Tubby Montana


  14. Anaanesthesiaa

    This is great, please come to dallas :)

  15. pwsaam

    My favorite band ^_^ keep the amazing work!