High Highs - Flowers Bloom Lyrics

When the flowers bloom
Living in the spring time

We came for to
Sail on the sea

Some people, they want you
Lifting all your limbs

We keep your eyesight
On the ball

When you reach the wall
And give in to what you see

On the windy ocean
Far from me

Some people, they want you
Tripping at your feet

We keep your eyesight

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High Highs Flowers Bloom Comments
  1. Justin Mccallister

    2020 anyone??

  2. Justin Mccallister

    Cold hart - city boyy

  3. Vanessa's World

    Grey’s Anatomy 💜

  4. remghost

    just a city boy born n raised in la

  5. Isa Leicam

    I can't believe I am here , I looked for this song for so long. I was 12 when I listed for the first time, I was a really imaginatively person who felt alone because didn't have anyone to share this songs. I am 18 now and have forgotten the name of this song and thanks to YouTube I finally founded. Thanks universe , nostalgia is not bad

  6. Matthew Mertens

    Is it blasphemy that I actually like Will I am’s version more? 🤭

  7. jocelyn:/

    this songs makes me feel hopeful....wow

  8. Hands and Harvest

    reminds me of someone I know better than anyone

  9. Count Andre'

    looking for a song with lyrics " who told the desert , water forever”....

  10. jaeli

    the high highs are super underrated it makes me sad. but at the same time i wanna be selfish and keep them to myself.

  11. Luxdare the Serval *

    This reminds me of an old friend I once had, who I called family. Turned out he wasn’t who he said he was. Thought I’d vent a bit..

  12. Bagas Ojan


  13. vivie Mondesir

    December 2018😉🤩😍

  14. César Augusto

    Pouco antes de acreditar que eu fosse perder o "BV" essa musica, e clipe simples, era um encanto para mim. Continua, mesmo apos o ato, me encantado

  15. Lone_wolf- 164561

    AAAAAAAAAAHHH (me screaming inaudibly trying to express a feeling i dont know what it is)

  16. Water Point

    That's Jamie Fucking Lannister!

  17. mack c


  18. ebonyoblivion

    Almost everyone says "___ brought me here" but for me, nothing did. I just stumbled upon it one day. And its so wonderful

  19. Barbie Jean

    Kiss kiss good night

  20. Anam Hussain

    Greys Anatomy brought me here

  21. Count Andre'

    Here again.......can't stop loving this.......

  22. Marco Molinares

    I love your sounds

  23. Twowheeledaviation

    Good morning!!! 😊

  24. georgehexton

    memory's are the only thing we truly own.

  25. Pilar Aguirre

    What? no tongue? Have we forgotten to 'French kiss" ........? lol

  26. Eudes Faustino

    Linda música.

  27. miwelli

    Still absolutely infatuated with the beauty of this song.

  28. Zaky Fauzysetya

    Coldhart take me here

    Roberto santiago

    Zaky Fauzysetya same

  29. Taylor Palmore

    oh my god i was listening to the 1975 on shuffle and this came on i love it

  30. k marvel

    Grey’s brought me here

  31. hashbashanderson

    coldhart - cityboy

  32. Dawn Streeter

    this song is great :)

  33. john perry

    soothing, everything is just right

  34. Bob Great

    Who came here from a book??

  35. Titovitaminas

    Cada que escucho esta canción,me recuerda las tantas cosas que no pude decirle, ojalá pudiera un último beso como en el vídeo 😥

  36. miwelli

    I'm going to start crying. My favorite song for multiple years sampled this song and oh my god.

  37. Jonathan Williamson

    does will.i.am make any of his own beats?

  38. asfandyar akbar


  39. grace

    Greys brought me here.

  40. Maddy R.

    i lost my virginity to this song lmao. 10/10 do recommend


    Maddy R. Congrats


    I hate being in love.
    i'm always let down.

  42. DPX 117

    will.I.am brought me here

  43. melissa price

    this song makes me want to be in love so bad ugh i'm so damn single


    melissa price SAMMEE

    Enrique Torres Gonzalez

    Are you still single? 🌚 jajaja

    Jean-François UNG

    Hahaaa damn youtubers

  44. anja u

    fuck you sarah!! lol!!

  45. Krystalann

    I can't keep being reminded of you with every beautiful song

  46. antawn Not afraid

    Fuckin sarah 😭😫

  47. Kurstein K.

    Sarah brought me heree

  48. Sarah Weston


  49. Emily Ray

    Sarah Baska brought me here and i am loving it

  50. Morgan Catherine


  51. Hannah Turner

    Sarah Baska brought me here !!!!

  52. Yusuke Urameshi

    Brings back nostalgic memories of 2011 and it's strange how it was 5 years ago but feels like it was yesterday.. time is a concept I'll never understand.

    Later Nader

    its because time doesn't actually exist..there is only now

    Haunted Tree

    Nader and the Trees


    Nader and the Trees My respects to you. Very few people understand this.

  53. Emre

    This song that made me cry :(

  54. Victoria Lynn

    Will.i.am brought me here and I'm not going back. So much more gentler and smooth sounding .

  55. Maria Vasquez

    me gusto esta canción solo por greys anatomy

  56. Dasiah Nasir

    Every once in a while when I find myself thinking about him again I listen to this and all the memories come back but somehow it cleanses me. Such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful song.

  57. V ThiryOne

    I heard this song in the movie Call for a good time.Awesome song!

  58. Iyanna Boucher

    Oh, Will.i.am Good morning brought me here.

  59. ESO Strap

    great song. great video.

  60. Natalia Sillas

    for every kiss given, a flower blooms somewhere around the world

  61. TheNateesh9

    sometimes.. i like to put on my headphones and listen to this song before I go to bed and close my eyes and picture me being kissed just like this <3 Amazing group.

    Natalia Sillas

    @TheNateesh9 LOVELY


    We're sameee *high 5*


    +TheNateesh9 I am romantically dating this song, makes me feel like I'm in love, I know what you mean:)

    Val Fujim

    Barely discovered this beauty but definitely understand what you say


    aw thats so cute!! i volunteer as tribute

  62. Kimberly Ann

    Wish I had known about this sooner, Will.I.Am brought me here. This is clearly the best version. Very soothing

    Lo'Torean Durrant

    @Kimberly Ann I must say it is the perfect lovers song.

  63. Rutilio

    this song is like a dream. i love this band. mad respect guys. keep pushing out sweet tunes for us.


    you waanna gone lol DS:Adas.

  64. Fernanda Bertoia

    Por dios como no amar su musica!

  65. Maneet Mann

    I can never get enough of this song. Once it's on, it's on repeat. It's so beautiful and wonderful and melodic and amazing and so many more wonderful things. I'm so happy that music like this is out there.

  66. Carlyyzz

    this video is so beautiful

  67. Artifacts187

    best of the best...in lyrics and everything natural...................

  68. Alan Freecss

    Amaury dumbo panico \o/



  69. Ribb Rotgut


  70. nixie NICLA


    nixie NICLA

    Keep flying High High to this one...

  71. Sofa Edwards

    This band is so beautiful

  72. mersaultjude

    This is the sound of beautiful memories. Absolutely wonderful.

  73. Steve Trekker

    I heard it in GREYS ANATOMY, the most wonderfull movie of the WORLD and thanks because it's just awesome music and if I didn't saw the episode in the 9th season I would have die without knowing this amazing song...

  74. Nel Darmo

    :'-( still hurts me

  75. LameChickadee

    a v cute boy told me to listen to this <3


    +LameChickadee a very cute girl with my flipped name told me to listen to this

  76. FunStuff141

    beautiful song <3 would love to hear it in a movie. So slow and great to listen to just curled against your love. <3

    Kayla Romo

    It was played in a movie already. I believe it was "For a Good Time Call..." 

  77. Tashan Smith

    If The XX and Alt-J had a little illegitimate lovechild and Fleetwood Mac were the godparents, the High Highs would make some beautiful music with that illegitimate lovechild.

  78. AngryPeasant86

    This is nice.

  79. jula5498

    this song is soo perfect, you just want to close your eyes and everything become wonderful, thank you for that!

  80. rozz !!

    so beautiful

  81. s7rugg1es

    Exactly the video.

  82. Eric Costa

    They have such a natural pure sound. So pretty

  83. Thomas Fantasque

    j'ai quelque choses à te dire.
    J'ai fais une grosse erreur,je peux pas ,je peux pas partir et je ne veux pas te laisser partir ,j'arrive plus à me concentrer,je ne fais que penser à toi ,il y à un proverbe qui dis "C'est quand on perd quelqu'un qu'on se rend compte à quel point on tenait à cette personne". je n'aurai pas du faire cette bêtise,je suis débile c'est tout ce que je sais . Tu me manque affreusement

  84. Alexander lee Sotomayor

    I DONT THINK HE DID maybe the sound !!! but not the lyrics ,i hope he didnt omg

  85. risycat

    The thing about this song is I can listen to it no matter how I'm feeling. When I'm manic it calms me down, when I'm depressed it comforts me, and when I feel lonely it gives me hope for love in the future. :)

  86. Asha Shines

    Reminds me of me evertime. The real me. After all the altering and detours I take in my life. Music leads me back to the true vulnerable. Naked me.

  87. XPL0RR

    This video reminds me of the video for Lover's Spit by Broken Social Scene.

  88. XPL0RR

    I've never heard of this band. Thanks, will.i.am for heavily SAMPLING this song.

  89. luckyshiningstar101

    Happiness brought me here, and it was one happy journey.

  90. Melanie Brandt

    I meant to say DREAMY!

  91. Melanie Brandt

    There's a quaity to the sound of this band that reminds me of the very early seventies of my childhood. This video, too. Very mellow, soothing and drramy.

  92. Gabriel Torres

    Good morning

  93. T Doggyo

    which song of Will.I.am's?!

  94. kkrroo17

    Yh neva heard of them till i saw the comments on will.i.am good morning but im glad i found them

  95. hjk3019

    doctordude anyone?

  96. Brian Sanchez

    I don't hear "good morning" lyrics on hear only the beat. :( Anyways, I enjoyed it. Will.i.am did good with his song "good morning" but high highs is better.

  97. rozz !!

    But it wasn't funny...

  98. bookmarkthis

    But then my comment wouldn't be funny.

  99. TJ N.

    Read the description. Kkthxbai.