High Highs - Bridge Lyrics

When unto this country
With a waking eye

Oh the spike was on my nerve
Was in my eye

When unto this substance
At the river end

Oh the bridge was pulled back up
Into the sky

How time did fly for you

Once I lost my brother
In the blink of an eye

Oh the web was spun
It held me on the line

One to kiss and steal
One to drink and beg

Oh pull me up
Beyond the river's edge

How time did fly for you

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High Highs Bridge Comments
  1. Pinto Gaming


  2. telusurtanpapeta _

    I love so much this song💙

  3. 7 am

    The peacefulness pulls me to the song and if it needed to It make me cry.

  4. Ellaiza Antonio

    This song's tiny glimpse in Sleeping With Other People caught my attention strictly because it fit MY mood so well. Thank you for this. I love it.

  5. der boidrian

    Jeremiah Cohen

  6. Medii Yoku Futagami

    I wish to know the meaning of this song, What I Understood it talk about human kind polution and the lack of social an economic equality in the world

  7. Leeman reacts

    i searched all over the internet wow

  8. Lone_wolf- 164561

    HII PEOPLES!! ^-^ I LOVE UU!!!!

  9. Sertac KARTAL

    Thanks for being with me my worst day and back me with this songs.You give me strenght.

  10. D Moreno

    Road trip to San Francisco kind of song. Miss my brother.

  11. stell -

    I'm happy at the fact that i stumbled upon this song.
    Btw, i wanted to ask what the genre of this music is. Thank you♡

  12. Khansa Nasution

    i guess no one can't imitate ur voice

  13. Madyyy

    Here because i was looking for a smooth, calm and so dreamy song , this song makes me think of China..🤔

  14. lone wolf xu5

    I'm here from Panera bread 😁

  15. Haunted Tree

    I discovered them while getting art supplies at my local hobby shop and they were playing over the speakers, right place at the right time and here I am.

  16. janawzl

    this sounds like a soundtrack from 13 reasons why or the fault in our stars

  17. Shi-Hui

    Went unto this country
    With a waking eye
    Oh the spark was on my neck,
    Was in my eye, eye
    Went unto this substance
    At the river edge
    Oh the bridge was pulled back up
    Into the sky
    how time did fly for you

    once I lost my brother
    in the blink of an eye
    oh the wind was spawning
    held me up the while
    want to kiss and steal
    want to drink and bend
    oh pull me up beyond the river edge
    how time did fly for you

  18. Tha Duke

    @GregglesTV brought me here

  19. Kennedy Brown

    When I listen to this song I think about sitting on a grassy hill looking at a never ending orange pink sunset. It calms my mind every time.

  20. Mariska llins

    this gives me hipster feels fr 💖

  21. Jette Milkereit

    so relaxing. love it ❤

  22. Silje Strømsnes Kvingedal


  23. Katelyn Grech

    Honestly such a beautiful song... I wish this music was more prominent

  24. BeLoop1Back

    i´m here just because of "sleeping with other people"

  25. Kat Salazar

    Makes me think of all the freedom I'd have if I would just let go of the things that hold me back

  26. Maya Ramirez

    My amazing music taste brought me here.

  27. Hanz Quiatchon

    spotify brought me here! :)

  28. Emery Greenberg

    I totally forgot Connor talked about this! I found this in my recommended songs on spotify

  29. Kizzia Karen

    This band means so much to me ever since 5th grade. It's not like just some other music that drift right after it got stuck with you.
    Call me selfish, but I like how they're not mainstream. It's our beautiful secret ❤️

  30. Pastelle Dreams

    seriously connor has the best taste in music <3

  31. Hussain Ahmed

    "sleeping with other people" brought me here

    Kody Walker

    +Hussain Ahmed I'm trying to remember what scene they used it in?

  32. Brad Proulx

    This is magical.

  33. Alexis Bing

    Thank you Connor Franta <3

    Liz Torres

    +Alexis Bing Is this song in any of his videos?

  34. Angelica Cat

    This is giving me "Life Is Strange" vibes. But I found it from the movie "sleeping with other people". Huh.


    Yes this reminds me of Life Is Strange so much I can just imagine Max on a bus looking out the window, passing by the sunset and all the trees and animals.

    Jade Louise

    Yo best game fam

    Garbage Fire Folklore

    Agreed best game! I hope they make another!

  35. Nodding To Music


  36. erik ayala

    Man this song takes me places.

  37. Rick Sanchez

    How time did fly for you.



  38. meghan

    @connorfranta thank u for having great music taste

  39. Elysée Seguin

    This song is so beautiful

  40. Julia Felipe

    Yeah, @ConnorFranta brought me here 😂. Another beautiful song 💞

  41. 藤原Genji

    Ahhhh im feeling hipster as shit


    +Trung Tran This is indie not hipster. Hipster is mainstream music this is not mainstream.


    you statement sounded hipster

  42. amanda mendez

    Who the hell is.Connor xD

    Imani de miranda

    he is the best youtuber in history subscribe to him connor franta

    Valeria Vélez

    @Imani de miranda true😂🙌


    Only the best person alive along with troye xx😛❌

    tronnor fravan

    +helen delgado AGREED

    Alexis Bing

    What about Troyler? * heart breaks *

  43. Melody Henshaw

    I think I'm the only person who didn't come here because of Connor 😂

  44. Samm & Misty

    Connor Franta is a YouTuber you should look him up :)

  45. abbey delapp

    I love Connor but I came because of tyler Oakley!!

  46. Sam Mackay

    like if good music taste brought you here

  47. Tevin McPherson

    who is this Connor??

    Gus Vieira

    Seriously? Were you living in a cave for so long?

    Tevin McPherson

    Seriously? I just wanted an answer and you didn't give one.

    Gus Vieira

    Connor Franta is one of the best Youtubers... He picked a bunch of songs including this one and created an album called Crown. There is your answer.

  48. Sirius Starz

    The bridge home... ready for it

  49. Caroline Skoglund

    omi god love this thanks connor

  50. Valentina Beauchamp

    Thanks Con for bringing me here <3 this is my fav song from Crown

  51. shar0nD

    Connor thank you so much!!!

  52. Emxgrace

    thank you so much @ConnorFranta <3

  53. Morgan Elizabeth

    Thumbs up if Connor brought you here! I love this song! Connor has best taste in music EVER!

  54. Katherine Gravel

    connor sent me here. this song is amazing!!

  55. Nour M

    Thank you, Connor, for introducing me to such amazing music <3

  56. Milena

    Found this song because of Connor, but I'm very grateful for that because I love this kind of music and this song is perfect :)

  57. Hey its jessi

    Like this comment if connor brought u here

  58. Sara Aljic

    Connor brought me here and I have to thank him for that bc perf

  59. Alan Freecss

    Musica Linda

  60. person people

    PERFECT! :)

  61. PixlCactus

    You are probably watching this cuz of Connor ;p Am I right? ;)

  62. Stanley.

    Connor Franta brought me here

  63. Brittani Taylor

    First vid I ever seen with 0 dislikes and over 100 likes!!!!!

  64. Yara Velazquez

    Fuckin perf and awsome

  65. Courtney Monie

    You guys are my absolute favorite band. Please keep making songs :)

  66. leah gia

    fucking perfect

  67. dash'smusic

    Abby, meet me at the island. I miss you.

  68. leah gia

    I love this song so much

  69. elkfairy

    So calming..

  70. NewYorkYappa

    listening to this song on repeat :P
    mellow yet upbeat, i can listen to this song anytime of the day....

  71. Tubby Montana

    First comment yess keep up the good work guys.