Hidell - I Wanna Know Lyrics

Wake up to another day
Mad at what i see
I'm a complicated man
But no one understand me
Don't you know what to do or think
In this lone reality
I'm just trying to make believe
Stories and apologies

Well i wanna know the way you feel
And i wanna feel the way you feel

Well i won't let it show
I just wanna know
I won't let it show ( Ya Ya )
Well i won't let it show
I just wanna know the way you feel about me

Standing here with a god light
Hanging over me
Feeling trapped in the crown
Unaware of my destiny

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Hidell I Wanna Know Comments
  1. rose marquez

    ang gwapo tlga ni bob d2 whaaaa

  2. LolloRosso

    No comments yet? Okay, then I'll be the first to thank you for uploading all "Up & Coming" songs. I really appreciate it. I used to have the album, but left it behind when we moved. The music isn't really my style, but I loved the album when it came it. Brings back many good memories.