Hicks, Tim - Stompin' Ground Lyrics

Sixteen and a six pack
Twenty bucks and a shoulder tap
Gotcha too far gone to get back
Man, we were cool with that

Cuttin' class tryin' to duck our teachers
Bummin' smokes out behind the bleachers
Friday drive-in double feature
Took my girl and we didn't watch either

My stompin' ground
Where we got laid, where we got loud
Yeah, homegrown hometown proud
My crowd
Whoa, my stompin' ground
Only one road in and out
Wheels roll up, boots touch down
My town
Whoa, my stompin' ground

Around here there ain't no cops
We did a lot of donuts in parking lots
Too young to know when to stop
But we never got caught, no
If your parents went away for the weekend
Party at your place, what time they leavin'
Keep this separator blowin' up the speakers
Backpack of beer, better throw 'em in the freezer

My stompin' ground
Where we got laid, where we got loud
Yeah, homegrown hometown proud
My crowd
Whoa, my stompin' ground
Only one road in and out
Wheels roll up, boots touch down
My town
Whoa, my stompin' ground
My stompin', my stompin' ground
My stompin', my stompin' ground

Wheels roll up, boots touch down
Lord take me back to my stompin' ground
Wheels roll up, boots touch down
Lord, take me back to my stompin'
My stompin', my stompin' ground

Where we got laid, where we got loud
Yeah, homegrown hometown proud
My crowd
Whoa, my stompin' ground
Only one road in and out
Wheels roll up, boots touch down
My town
Whoa, my stompin' ground
My stompin', my stompin' ground
My stompin', my stompin' ground
Wheels roll up, boots touch down, yeah (my stompin', my stompin' ground)
My stompin'
Wheels roll up (yeah, yeah)
Boots touch down (yeah, take, take me back)
Whoa, take me back to my stompin'
My stompin', my stompin' ground

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Hicks, Tim Stompin' Ground Comments
  1. Alex Troifond

    Americans suck
    Canada rules)

  2. Fireblaster 1509

    Stomping ground

  3. Kenneth Ouellette

    way to go!

  4. Cris Thorn

    Flower Hill NC !!!

  5. SpaceMoose Animations

    I found myself yesterday humming the song to myself while i played subnautica

  6. shannon connolly

    Tim heck you're the best even making any song you're the best

    SpaceMoose Animations

    yeah, this guy is the best

  7. Audrey Taylor

    I want to support my family the only way to talk is this

  8. Audrey Taylor

    It's your cousin I know Brenda

  9. SomeBodyKares1

    I love this song but I feel it should never outshine the original Stompin' Grounds song that came before it.


    @SpaceMoose Animations There are other songs called Stompin' Grounds that came before this that are just are more iconic.

    SpaceMoose Animations

    Oh thanks

  10. Tj K

    Cruizin around Niagara Falls with your tunes pumpin

  11. blue EyeZ wildcraft

    Hi tim .. remember tht girls poster u signed that said
    my 9th birthday
    My 1st concert
    I ❤️ tim hicks

    Whell tht was me :DDDDD(last yr u singed it)

    Riley M


  12. Liam Cleary

    Two years later still a lit stomping ground

  13. Dustin Robinson

    This song describes my teenage years perfectly

  14. Justin Stokes

    this song is so good

  15. Mr Dead

    Awesome keep it coming

  16. Tim Hicks

    That's a nice name

  17. Richard Killy

    I love this song :)

  18. Maddison Coverdale

    tim hicks you are the best singger ever

    Tim Hicks

    Thank you

  19. Lakirra Lesbians Channel

    I'm so proud to be a Canadian chick xx Love to our Beautiful Canada xx


    Same. I also really honour the original Stompin' Ground

  20. Gamma 144

    I just met Tim he came into my work

  21. hello ppl

    They sung this song sooo badly

  22. Treana Zlatner

    there is only 40 seconds of Tim Hicks writings ,,,,, the Stompin grounds part is not his at all ,,,, shame on you Tim Hick for taking credit from a listener ,,,,


    +Treana Zlanter What do you mean??

  23. Kevin Byers

    Don't matter where you go you always remember where your from Parkersburg West Virginia my stomping Grounds

  24. Dharmesh Acharya

    Wow. Started loving country music.

  25. Joline Barlow

    Jared you rocked in this video!

  26. staceily


  27. Lukus_goodwin 50


  28. dillan dawson

    Nice song but i was still disappointed this is not a cover :/

  29. Alex Isherwood

    My uncle is the drummer

  30. Makayla Tulloch

    Hey hannah

  31. Mine-to-go!


  32. Roadmaster '93

    He's canadian, eh

  33. cam shea

    Songs badass don’t @ me

  34. Collvey77 Collvey77

    Went to high school with Tim. Great song, love the album!

  35. Link

    Summer vibes

  36. Treana Zlatner

    I know we're you got stomping grounds from ,,,yes from my righting book 28 years ago ,,,,,, you are busted ,,,,,,,

    Jennifer Gibbons

    So he stole it when he was ten?

    Treana Zlatner

    I WROTE ,,,the the song of stomping grounds ,,, it was taken out of my writing book ,,, the first part of drink is not mine ,,, 40 second ,,,is Tims ,,,

  37. Darrin Post

    Good Ole' Chippawa!  There is only one!  One road "In" and "Out"...........Pride of Niagara

  38. johanna morrissey

    best singer ever. I hope to meet him someday. 2017 pei

  39. Beff Jaker

    Where he got laid got loud yea hometown proud

  40. Greg Phillips

    your awesome tim

  41. Dezmin Doroschuk

    south interlake region Manitoba was my stompin grounds

    Guinea Pigs1

    Dezmin Doroschuk My stomping ground is Winnipeg Manitoba

  42. Beff Jaker

    Where I got laid where I got loud?


    Where I got LIT, Where I got Loud. (Not Laid)

  43. 705Sportsmanx

    Tim hicks was at my school last year for a concert in Ontario.

  44. Justin VanLith

    He looks like if Cole Swindell and Justin Moore had a kid

  45. Mason Whenham

    I love it

  46. Rebecca Smith


  47. Jacob Murphy

    by far one of my favorite songs! catchy and has a good beat.

  48. Quinn Howlett

    Dammit i love this song! I can relate to it so much!

  49. VL Productions

    you are cool

  50. MrSerbia97

    Zac brown and tim hicks are my two favourites

  51. Sarah Mcswain

    cool song

  52. J Smith

    Best song ever

  53. VideoGamerMike


  54. The wicked_gamer13

    OMG haha my dad says this song is gay lmao so this song makes me laugh

  55. Richard T

    this is awful music..

    Arielle DeForest

    Richard Truesdale then don't listen to it 😂


    +Who You isn't, This isn't even close to awful music

  56. Sheri Heasllip

    Love this song because I love pump up songs

  57. Connor Codling

    Now that's real country

  58. Wolfman Winterface

    If he comes to Moncton, may as well come to Fredericton too!

  59. D C

    This song really rocks hard

  60. D C

    This song rocks hard

  61. D C

    This song rocks hard

  62. logan davies

    I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. Brook Brown

    Srry I messed up mr.hicks not me hick sorry sir

  64. Brook Brown

    My fav song great song me.hicks

  65. Sarah Barnhart

    omg hahah that corner store in this video was the street i grew up on and i used to go to that store every day that is way too funny

  66. Warren Stam

    Good song!!

    Raymond moule Moule

    Love Tim hicks top song from mouley down under

  67. Greywind92

    Why can't I add this video to my playlists :/

  68. kurt mcconnell

    just watched him at the birthday bash last night was absolutely amazing

  69. Stephan Rombouts

    downloaded it hear it every day

  70. Mackenzie Leizert

    just listened to this in my truck with ass all the way up....I also listened to Mud Digger

    Lyndsay Green

    Best song

  71. Reid H

    You are the best ever


    I drive my Kenworth w900l to this Song that i imported to Germany

  73. microtechmachineshop

    Acton!!! Yea!!

  74. Reid H

    How do sing so good

  75. Reid H

    You have the best song ever!

  76. Grace Kelly

    Love this💋

  77. Alex Carlsen

    Awesome song! I bought the new album "Shake These Walls" while on vacation in Toronto last week! Happy memories with great Canadian country songs :-)

  78. Kendall Rae

    he is my cousin

    Tim Hicks

    I am????????

  79. peter lai

    PNE today Show

  80. Kelsey Grey

    fuck ya thorold !!!!!! 😙

  81. Mikayla 349

    Always makes me think of camping at six mile lake in Ontario <3

    Christopher Hamilton

    Mikayla 349 ffff

    Rosetta Stabile

    sixe mile is awesome! always stayed on oak sites


    Muskoka Ontario 👌


    Mikayla 349 I been there nice trails too.

  82. Lunartsy

    Love it.

  83. Awe Roasts

    Tim hicks is great

    Tim Hicks

    Yes I am.😀😀😁😁😁

  84. K9 mxnk

    only country song I like

    Alexg 1247

    you should check out Jess moskaluke elevator


    The Skylander boy that's not even country neither is this I only listen because he's Canadian like me listen to george strait or Garth brooks

    Dark Phoenix

    Dhasyn M citiot

    Its Jaden!!

    woooooo tim hicks love this song

  85. Trần Lý

    Great song and great voice.

  86. Jeff Garang

    the only 3 minutes ads...i'd finished

  87. Taylor Banks

    you should do a song with brantly gilbert it would be amazing

    Ghost 17

    That would be AWESOME !

    Grace Campagna

    Ikr. That would be really cool.

    Chey CL

    no we shouldn't

    Samma c

    That would be great.  only one problem, we won't be able to tell which is which, they look so similar

  88. YankeeRose

    Thorold, Ontario in the video! My city. You grew up in Thorold Tim?

    Darrin Post

    Niagara Falls!

    Chad Enns

    I just call it all Niagara after awhile... :)

  89. Kevin Lobo

    the only youtube add I have clicked on

    Lacrosse Gaming

    Kevin Lobo same

  90. Denner Araujo


  91. Daniel Daugherty

    Watched this while having root canal

  92. Anstett Family

    great job little hicksy. Proud of you!

  93. Jess St-A

    great song i love since the first time i hear it on the radio. i hope to hear it live in Moncton!!!

    Griffin Owen

    let's hope he comes down

    willy gerald

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tooooooooooo

  94. liz

    I love this video because i know alot of those locations !

    Olivier Hamel

    where are those locations ? ( i was asking to myself and i saw your comment)


    All over acton ontario


    It was acually filmed in 3 locations he said in an interview. it was filmed in niagara falls ,chippawa,and St cathrines


    I'm from Ontario as well

  95. TheresaTourvillerock


    South West Skaterr

    @TheresaTourvillerock Thanks you too. Hopew you dream about finally winning a game ;D 


    +FoZe Apox all us leaf nation do. xD

    South West Skaterr

    @TheresaTourvillerock'Nation' Only ever twice in my 15 years of living have I ever met a Maple leaves fan.. Canadians on the other hand.. ;D


    +FoZe Apox no worries im dating one that is a canadien fan so. and oh well there is always a first time for everything. believe me. neverin my 20 years i never thought this would happen xD cheers man

    Arielle DeForest

    coming from the one with Donald trump for their picture xD
    I'd rather know a leafs fan!

  96. Larry Warden

    Saw Leo's Variety, what our kids called the little store at the time Tim was hanging with Brad! Back in the day.

  97. peter lai

    nice new song Rock Tim

    Nick MacInnis

    @peter lai this is a country song

  98. Der Schwarze Ritter


  99. Ruska Brasnarova

    Great <3