Hicks, Taylor - Woman's Got To Have It Lyrics

[Taylor:] (Fella's I wonder would you mind if I talked to ya for a minute.
You know, sometimes we have a tendencies, or should I say we forget, what a woman needs every now and then.
That is if you wanna keep your thing together. Listen to me now)

Do the things that keeps the smile on her face
Say the things that make her feel better everyday.
Then you got to stay on your p's and q's. If you don't, the woman you can easy lose.

Whoa oa oa I, Oh I had a love, a love and I lost her, and no one can help me share the pain that she caused me.
Ohhh, a woman's gotta have it, I believe, she's gotta know that she's needed around.
When you kiss her, you gotta make her feel it, everytime boy, she wants to know that she's not walkin' on shakey ground. Ohhhh, yeah.

[Elliott:] Well, think it over.
[Taylor:] Think it over
[Elliott:] Think it over my brother. Don't take for granted the smile
[Taylor and Elliott] on her face.
[Elliott:] Check a little bit closer, you might find
[Taylor and Elliott] a tear trace.
[Elliott:] Maybe the girl might never say a
[Taylor and Elliott] mumbling word,
[Elliott:] but you gotta make sure that her voice is heard.

[Taylor:] Whoa Ohhh Ohhh I had a love,
[Elliott:] Had a love
[Taylor :] a true love and I lost it,
[Elliott:] Yes I did
[Taylor:] I'm suffering all this pain that that love caused me. A woman gotta have it,
[Elliott:] Woman gotta have it
[Taylor:] I believe
[Elliott and Taylor:] she's got to know that she's needed around
[Taylor:] you gotta make her feel it,
[Elliott:] You gotta make her feel it
[Taylor:] Anytime boy
[Elliott:] Every time boy
[Taylor and Elliott:] she wants to know that she's not walkin' on shakey ground.
[Elliott:] Ohhh Yeah.
[Taylor:] WHOAAAAAAAAAA Yeee ahhh
[Elliott:] Yeah, yeah, yeah Think it over yeah whoo hoo
[Taylor:] What ya trying to say boy?
[Elliott:] yeah you know a womans gotta have it
Taylor What ya tryin to say guy?
[Elliott:] You got to please her, you got to
[Taylor:] What ya tryin to say boy
[Elliott:] I said a womans gotta have it Oh yeah all right
[Taylor:] What ya tryin to say boy?
[Elliott:] A womans gotta have it, you know she does
[Taylor:] What ya tryin to say boy
[Elliott:] You got to give her her what she wants when she wants it yea
[Taylor:] OHHHH what ay trying to say boy?

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Hicks, Taylor Woman's Got To Have It Comments
  1. Amber Shaffer

    Its still a good remake.

  2. BarbieMak225

    rip Bobby Womack

  3. TheWordMercy82

    Elliot is da bomb but he wasn't always as AI proves. He really wasn't that great on the show. But he and Taylor became good friends and Taylor really took him under his wing helping him to get where he is now! Mentor and protege singing together in harmony.

  4. Ivette Peters

    That's right, Taylor, You've got to make her feel it. :)

  5. Michelle Evette Russ

    Wow I love this version by Taylor Hicks !!!! I am a Big fan of his since his American Idol days !!! I Love it without question !!!!!

    Peace & Much Love,
    Michelle Evette Russ.........

  6. prolerizer jones

    Great song, glad Taylor and Elliott got together.

  7. PHIBLUprint07

    Elliot...yes! Sorry, but Taylor Hicks wasn't the best on this track.

  8. Nadine Sandauer

    Taylor is awesome on this track! Love it!

  9. tubebitch12

    Check this out My Dog!!!!!!They need to do a modern remake of the "The Blues Brother's" with Yamin and Hick's. These guys would smash it!!!!

  10. FamilyCasting

    love when Elliott comes in at 1:28 !!!

  11. RigorousEchoes

    Sorry, but I prefer Lee Perry/Jimmy Riley version. xAFp-7UOqSg I just prefer the unpolished rawness of the jamaican covers.
    Bobby Womack will always be a legendary artist though.

  12. evchild

    Ok Now..really feeling this. Love Bobby's version to death but I'm glad these American Idol cats are still doin it. Elliott is Incredible. People don't sleep on it.

  13. Im2pimpin

    Its an alright cover. Not too bad, but Bobby womack version still owns

  14. oldikins

    Check out Taylors solo live version at Cafe du Nord !

  15. oldikins

    Sandpaper and silk! What a great contrast.


    Best line of the song........

    "That is, if you wana keep your thang togeth'a, LISTEN TO ME NOW"

    That is some sexy talkin right there.

  17. Blake

    That's a fantastic idea on getting his music heard.

    It's a shame Taylor and his marketing team didn't figure that one out first. I'm sure none of them know how to upload videos on youtube...

    Oh wait, he has his own channel!

  18. Blake

    Er...thanks for "promoting" his career by posting his whole album on the web.

    You pirating idiot.