Hicks, Taylor - Nineteen Lyrics

The number on his back wore the captain of the high school football team

Took us all the way to state
Got a scholarship to play down in Tennessee

He could catch he could throw he could run he could go like you've never seen

But on the day those twin towers came down his whole world turned around
He told them all I can't play ball there's a war on now
He marched right in with a few good men and joined the marines

At nineteen

He's a boy next door
He might of carried your bags at the grocery store
Now he's somebody's son in a hole with a gun in a foreign land
Trying to hold on to his American dream

At nineteen

There's a sniper out there in the dark somewhere and a soldier is down
Need someone who can duck and run and get him out somehow
What one good man will raise his hand and take one for the team
How bout you nineteen?

He's a boy next door
He might of carried your bags at the grocery store
Now he's somebody's son in a hole with a gun in a foreign land
Trying to hold on to his American dream


Brought him home today with a big parade down on main street
Gotta Purple Heart and a Silver Star solder gave a speech
Said he could catch he could throw he could run he's the one that rescued me

...could have played for Tennessee
He was nineteen
He was only nineteen

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Hicks, Taylor Nineteen Comments
  1. Jerry Horn

    I do each time I listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kathy Helterbran

    Very beautiful song and Taylor has a beautiful voice to sing it with

  3. BillY Owens, Jr.

    This cover is good, but shane owens is better in my opinion. Especially the band version.

  4. Anne Hauer

    why didn't they play that in tube radio

  5. Bloomingproud

    Hi Karin - Can't figure out how to message you - don't know my way around since they changed everything.  Powerful video, clutches my heart to hear Taylor sing and watch the images on the screen.  Hoping you still follow your comments and we might connect.

  6. Tracy Killion

    so sad want to cry

  7. YoBoyTec

    I work at bally's where taylor performs nightly. I love hearing this song.

  8. Chongo Carroll

    Almost makes me cry everytime I hear it

  9. Judy Purcell

    Beautiful !

  10. katlyn yates

    I like this version but I love Shane Owen's version. Shane is the writer of the original version. He wrote it for his grandfather.

  11. Tiffany Thurber

    Everyone keeps mentioning that Taylor sang this as a cover. I believe this is an original Taylor Hicks song. If I'm wrong, who sang the original?


    Nineteen (song) " Nineteen " is a song written by Tom Hambridge, Jeffrey Steele, and Gary Nicholson. The song was originally recorded by Waycross, whose version peaked at number 54 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in July 2007. Taylor Hicks later recorded the song on his 2009 album The Distance,...

  12. LesSmith45

    I love covers and this one is a good cover no doubt. Great Voice. That being said I seen Tom Hambridge play this live 5-6 yrs ago. I had never heard it before. It just blew me away everyone was standing with a tear in his eye. So moving. But this for some reason does not move me like Tom's Version. I dont know why. This one is more musical more instruments. Tom's version was one accustic guitar and his voice. This one seems comercialized but most songs are. Still a good cover.

  13. Jeffrey McNeil

    Taylor tweeted this video twice yesterday- HE said it was great- fantastic work, MagnoliaBreezes- God bless all the servicemen & women.

  14. Cierra Oswald

    Beautiful song. God bless our troops.

  15. CF Kinzer

    Quite an honor. cfk

  16. Mavis Tofte

    Yes, Taylor, it 's a time to remember and thank the brave men and women who who fought for our country. This is such a touching, heartfelt song of dedication to our American way of life. Yes, we should never forget those who have fallen to preserve our dream and to whom we owe much, I say again and again, THANK YOU!

  17. mouserhan

    Thank you K and A for doing this video.......Great pictures , great editing and a great song to honor our service men and women............

  18. Julie GR

    Beautiful way to honor our brave men and women. Thanks for the video and thanks Taylor for the music!

  19. Patricia Pomykal

    This video has been added to Tom Hambridge's YouTube channel. That's pretty special when one of the songwriters adds your video to his channel, congrats.

  20. Missy1027

    Beautifully done video. Taylor's rendition of this touching song is equally beautiful.

  21. JaxNative

    Outstanding Video to an amazing song!

  22. Julie GR

    Very powerful song - fantastic video. Glad to see this beautiful tribute to our handsome, young men and women. Thank you Karin and Allyn -- good job.

  23. TMW313

    What an amazing video tribute!

  24. oldikins

    This song has been chosen to be on the Armed Forces Network.