Hicks, Taylor - Do I Make You Proud Lyrics

I've never been
The one to raise my hand
That was not me
And now that's who I am
Because of you
I am standing tall

My heart is full
Of endless gratitude
You were the one
The one to guide me through
Now I can see
And I believe
It's only just beginning

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you proud
Stronger than I've ever been now
Never been afraid of standing out
Do I make you proud

I guess I've learned
To question is to grow
That you still have faith
Is all I need to know

I've learned to love
Myself in spite of me
And I've learned to
Walk the road that I believe

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you proud
Stronger than I've ever been now
Never been afraid of standing out
Do I make you proud

Everybody needs to rise up
Everybody needs to be loved
To be loved

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you, do I make you proud

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you, do I make you proud
Stronger than I've ever been
Never been afraid of standing out
Do I make you proud

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you, do I make you proud
Stronger than I've ever been
Never been afraid of standing out
Do I make you proud

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you, do I make you proud

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Hicks, Taylor Do I Make You Proud Comments
  1. Chairul Anwar

    Mom, do i make you proud 😢

  2. Robert Ewing

    Danced with my mom at my wedding to this song

  3. Enzo Martinez

    Who is here for Adam and Bernardo's wedding ceremony?...😢😢😢

  4. Champion Gunboy

    Graduation 2012.. Wow am getting old. .. Now am in my fourth year of the Jamaican constabulary force. Yup am a Proud cop.. 👮🇯🇲🇯🇲🚓

  5. Josiah Jordan

    I sang this song in commemoration of my graduation in elementary. and. I remember. this song. the memories I've made there will become a memory now....good times.

  6. Princess_Genesis 123

    Daring my 5th graduation We have to sing this song..... We all cry after the Graduation. It was one day we will never forget 😭. 2017-18 KIRK E.S

  7. Natarinn

    this was made on my birthday

  8. Lucy Poo

    My 5 grade graduation song. I miss all of my years at Williams elementary and wish I could see all of my friends still.

  9. Heather Sizemore

    My son has picked this for his dance with me at his wedding on Nov 17. I'm going to ugly cry. I just know it

  10. pierce villeta

    Love it

  11. Kera Menow

    My 2019 grad song I cry a little inside when I hear this 😭❤️

  12. Diego Escajadillo

    In elementary they would just make us sing this 😂 Coral Park Elementary!!

  13. Lleonard Vhan

    Di ko alam bakit napapa tulo luha ko kapag naririnig ko to, damn, college days bruh ups and downs,sacrifices at struggle.

  14. AKT303

    Me asking my teachers, my parent, my friends and even me

  15. Karl Justin Frias

    Graduation Song Batch 2016-2017!❤️😢😭

  16. Sean Mcclanahan

    9 years ago Graduation 2010

  17. Bodhie WALKER

    my year six graduation song and i still remember all the words and tones to do it in

  18. Idella Cameron

    Still one of my favorites

  19. Paisano 64

    Do i creep you out!

  20. Hailey Hope

    I hope they play this at my 8th grade graduation!

  21. Rose Roxanne

    This is for my Grandpa he is dying soon...

  22. Cristy Federer

    September 05, 2019

  23. Tony Anello

    Are all of these 5th and 6th grade comments jokes or serious? lol

  24. Park Soobin

    Grade 6 Graduation song

  25. Janet Gonzalez

    My 6th grade elementary school song I miss my friends

  26. Aezhelle Limpayos

    Come in this song because of nursing capping and pinning❤❤❤❤

  27. Shenella Patterson

    I love you

  28. Dboy Never Fall Again

    the song makes me sad be they was going to sing this for grade six graduation

  29. laurie safranek

    I Can't Listen To This Song Without Thinking About My Friends!!!!!!!!! It's So Sad I've Only Had Playdates With 1 Of My BFF's From 5th Grade!!!!!!!!

  30. Bjay Yungca

    graduation song namin to eh😓kakamiss😓

    #batch 2015-2016😑

  31. Sam #1

    My 5th Grade Graduation 2007...God what a day. 😳

  32. Nancy Saquin

    My grade 6 graduation song😍😘
    I like it😊

  33. Gibi Belda

    This song is means so much to me...
    Because until now I keep questioning my self if I make my parents proud after I graduated... Do I Make Them Proud of what I have reached right now...I am ashamed to ask them if I make them proud because I know in my self that I made a lot of mistakes and sometimes I gave them pain because of my lies during my school days....Mama and Papa, I hope, I make you proud despite of my shortcomings....I love you so much po...

  34. kingkevs 35

    I'm a year 6 4months ago and now I'm in grade 7 first year of high school and this is our grade 6 graduation songs still bring back the 2018/2019 Batch of Philippine Valenzuela city San Diego and best batch 2018/2019

  35. Robelyn Epiz

    This is our graduation song. 2014-2015

  36. Kim Taehya

    My Graduation Song in Grade 6 , im cryin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  37. An Sionnach Mór

    I mesmerized this song graduation

  38. Kylie Fox

    Wow I never like this song but now I do and that's what I have to sing at school

  39. Ava Unicorn

    me too....

  40. ray ban

    Graduation day in school

  41. Carla Sarango

    My graduation is year 2 I'm so excited!Love Maria

  42. Mahrukh Yasar

    this is my graduation song

  43. Logan Metcalf

    "But the only question with me now, is do I creep you out?"

    Shanna Jones


  44. Leonardo Castillo

    Saludos a todos los de 6B

  45. Laurie Safranek

    That song is so sad i was singing that song at a ceremony and i started crying because my parents were crying it was so sad!!!

  46. FaZe Salty

    My graduation song

  47. Ava Vanderwall

    I make my parents proud all the time if i make the right choices

  48. Savage 17

    _You're the one I dream about_
    _But the only question with me now_
    _Is do I creep you out?_

  49. sergio leyva


  50. Khadeja Henry

    This is what I am going to sing for graduation 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓👩‍🎓

  51. Vexr l

    still sounds like 2009 T~T

  52. Wolf Pack

    Class of sy 2018-2018 i hope i see you soon

  53. Wolf Pack

    Nathaniel, if you see this i hope we see each other again and i hope you have good luck you were my best friend and will always be you were my motivation to move on but i just cant

  54. Cj Daseco

    Iloveyou mama at papa😊😊😇😇😍😘😘😘

  55. Studio Dude

    my 5th grade graduation song

  56. Hanna Nguyen

    Grad song

  57. lee_ysowhys

    Our grad song last year in my shs yie

  58. Sherry B

    i like this song

  59. Red_SFM & Games

    grade 6 graduation song while singing

  60. Elus Hill

    This is my 5th grade song too I’m graduating from 5th grade to middle school

  61. Vasil Lila

    teleio tha to tragoudisoume sto telos tou sxoleiou

  62. AMelia Venegas

    This is my 5 grade culmanation song going to middle but it’s going to be hard this is so sad

    Madmarie 12308

    AMelia Venegas same

  63. Robin Williams

    I'm so in love with this song 😍😍😍

  64. Princess Ranes

    My 2018 graduate song nakakamiss nakakaiyak. 😭😭

  65. Golden Sugakookie And Tae

    Graduation song😍

  66. Kendal Fletcher

    i graduate fifth grade tonight

  67. Mary Rodriguez

    My fith grade graduation song

  68. Bxbby Giannette

    This is my fifth grade graduation song :3

  69. Gale Anne Foronda

    Our college graduation song on the 29th!!!

  70. sheng sheng

    2 years ago 😭 Graduation song

  71. Kelsie 778

    My 5 th grade graduation song

  72. Joseth Mendoza

    this is gonna be my 5 grade graduation song :(

  73. Ricki Samlal

    Fifth grade graduation song

  74. adas editing

    this is my 5th grade graduation song. i’m so ready to get out of elementary🤙🏻

    •wxtermelön arii•

    Oof.its. adaliz I have to sing this song at my 5th grade culmination aaa I’m so scared

    laurie safranek

    this was mine too and i was not ready to get out of elementary because of the memories of my friends and i would miss them when they are not going to my middle school.

  75. Jae Jackson

    This was my grade 5 graduation song

  76. Nuckson Siro

    We are going to sign this for graduate

  77. xxbrownbrowine 559

    The 5th grade is gonna sing this song for graduation and when we were practicing like me a lot of people cried 😭😭😭

  78. Donna Levy

    Yes you do👍👍👏👏

  79. xxkylemadisongachaxx :3

    Omg im ready sing this song for the last day of 5th

    adas editing

    xxkylemadisongachaxx :3 SAMEEE

    xxkylemadisongachaxx :3

    @adas editing really omg!?!?

  80. Debra Aleywine

    My fifth grade graduation song. Class of 2026

  81. Ann T

    was my gradtion song

  82. Ava Vanderwall

    I sang this song with my 5th grade class for our graduation at Marcus Whitman we all amde our parents cry it was very *emotional* Everytime I listen to this song I cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  83. kayzelle litong

    heard this song for the first time today...definitely our graduation song!

  84. Areli Gonzalez

    5th grade graduation song😢

  85. NoahBG

    Hello dis my 5 grad song also mrs cole man hi

  86. Lucky Calotes

    Graduation song namin ngayon. Kaway2 sa mga gagraduate dyan at pati Sa CTU Cebu 🎓😊

  87. tamean jones

    Graduating from primary ❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤

  88. Daisy J.

    Graduation song namin to ngayon. Batch 2019

  89. Kendal Fletcher

    Graduation for 5th grade

  90. Next RN

    Still wik wik wik is the best

  91. Darven Gloria

    do i make you proud.. ahahah only line we know.. we sing in graduation

  92. Crimson

    this is my sixth graduation song this year

  93. Kimberly Jimenez Cortez

    This is my honors day song

  94. Mylene Ledbetter

    my 1st grade graduation song

  95. ProGamer YT

    Recognition song namin nung grade 3 I am now coming grade 5 bibalikan ko lang kasi namiss ko na classmates kong lumipat

  96. nichole Roberts

    Me and my friend are Gadution on June 1,2019😃!!!!!

    From Penn Foster!!😃

    From the Medical Billing and Coding program!!😃


    Bebe Pecco

    Mine July 4 2019

    nichole Roberts

    @Bebe Pecco congrats!!😃

  97. I am dead inside

    My graduation song and we were practicing and my freind Aaron sang this the way the guy did in this. And it was hilarious, not even joking it was hilarious. 😂🤣

  98. xIzziex

    We are singing this to our parents at 5th grade graduation

  99. Mario Diaz

    This was my fifth grade graduation thing song or one of the songs I had to remember (I had to remember all lot of songs like 5)