Hiatt, John - It Hasn't Happened Yet Lyrics

You said that I would be sorry if you went away
You said I wouldn't be happy without hell to pay
You said the teardrops would fall
Between the bedroom walls
You said that I would regret
Well It Hasn't Happened Yet

Your friends come over and offer to take me to eat
They all seem so sorry I'm sufferin' so much misery
They said to just give a call
Next time that I start to crawl
I always say yeah, you bet
But It Hasn't Happened Yet

I don't have anyone
I'm havin' fun
No one is into me
No one's a mystery
I see you on the street
My heart don't skip no beat
Lovers' hostility
Don't mean a thing to me

I find it hard to remember the good times we had
Call me insensitive now that it's over I'm glad
You said when big shadows fell
It would be too hard to tell
My light from your silhouette
Well it hasn't happened yet

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Hiatt, John It Hasn't Happened Yet Comments
  1. Wil Adams

    Funny, but this song is a compete answer to Ronnie Milsap's hit 'There ain't no gettin' over me.'

  2. denmarst

    John Hiatt is such an amazing songwriter. I last saw him with fellow singer songwriter Lyle Lovett.

  3. Jody Neal

    checkout the Rick Nelson version

  4. james wilson

    he really good does rosanne cash do a versen of this to

  5. Green Manalishi

    The Roseanne Cash cover is ace

  6. astaism

    LOVE Him, and LOVE this song! Thanks so much for posting! Turn it UP, people!

  7. clash1954

    Thanks and same to you, of course. :)

  8. bamamamacat

    Good! :) Hope you're having a wonderful New Year. Take care. -- P.

  9. clash1954

    Me too :)

  10. bamamamacat

    Still listenin' :)

  11. bamamamacat


    If I hadn't posted the comment erroneously attributing song writing credit to Roseanne Cash, and if you hadn't replied, I never would have gone in search of songs written by John Hiatt. I discovered he wrote another favorite of mine, "The Way We Make a Broken Heart" as well as several others. Then I started listening to some of his songs & bottom line, my Christmas present to myself is a few John Hiatt CDs, ordered from Amazon & already on the way. Thanks again!

  12. bamamamacat

    I want to thank you for introducing me to John Hiatt. At another time in my life, I'd have been embarrassed at not knowing who he was, but there's so much good music in the world and so little time, so now I just feel blessed when I happen upon a great artist. It's downright thrilling, in fact. A few months ago, I finally found a video of Rick Nelson performing this song, but YT pulled it, and I haven't found it since. Then I found this.
    CONTINUED >>>>>>>

  13. clash1954

    It's one of my favorite John Hiatt songs, as well- although, he has so many brilliant ones. It is my pleasure to post it and I'm glad you found it. :)

  14. bamamamacat

    You're absolutely right. I just checked and it was, indeed, written by John Hiatt. I know Roseanne doesn't write every song she sings, so I have no idea why I've been under the impression for years she wrote this. Go figure :) Thanks for setting me straight, and thanks again for posting one of my favorite -- and very hard to find -- songs.

  15. clash1954

    I'm quite sure John wrote this one. Roseanne has covered a few of his other songs, as well. She's an amazing artist.

  16. bamamamacat

    Written by Roseanne Cash. I've heard several versions, but this is the best. Thanks for posting.


    Hiatt wrote this. Get a clue.