Herzig, Katie - Proud Lyrics

We should ask ourselves out loud
Are we really proud
Are we living with our hearts in the open

We should ask ourselves out loud
Are we really proud
Of the lines that we have chosen
Of the words we haven't spoken
To repair what we have broken

We should ask ourselves out loud
Are we really proud
Are we building walls or bridges
Are we sharing our own riches

You couldn't look away...

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Herzig, Katie Proud Comments
  1. Bob

    Anthropological Global Warming Catastrophe has been falsified three different ways.
    1) The ice-core samples and geological record show CO2 concentration lags temperature by 800 to 1000 years. (This happens to match the time lag of the ocean warming relative to surface air temperature and as the ocean warms it releases CO2.)
    2) Direct temperature measurement of the troposphere (where the GHG effect occurs) shows insufficient warming for the GHG to explain the surface air temperature data.
    3) 114 of 117 of the IPCC models grossly over-predicted warming for the naughts and teens. This is a 97% bias. This is prima facie fraud. We would never tolerate that level of bias in anything else.

    "Health-care is a right" is slavery with extra steps. >>>France rationed ambulance service.<<<

    Egalitarianism is not a new word. Feminism is a movement of hate. "the fUtURe, IF THErE is One, iS fEmale" means you want to kill 90% of men so they are only be 10% of the population.

    War has already started in France. Prepare for exciting times.

  2. Cat_Lady _

    I just lost some respect for Katie as a person because in this video she condoned parents forcing politics on their babies. A toddler isn't old enough to have an opinion on any political topic, and it's wrong to make them wear clothing or hold signs with words they don't know the meaning of. Parents shouldn't force any of their beliefs on children.

  3. Yiming Wu

    perfect as always!!!!!!

  4. Wayne Larson

    Love your music. Don't care about your politics. Half the world will agree, the other half won't. Very few if any  minds will be changed. But I'll still be a fan.

  5. I'm gay and you cant stop me


  6. Graham

    Always good to hear a new Katie Herzig song, even if it's about the stark choice between Israeli puppets the idiot Trump and the career criminal Hillary after she sabotaged the actual democratic choice of Bernie Sanders.
    Beware of being caught up with Soros's NGOs and organisations like BLM and other components of his color revolutions though: he was a nazi collaborator and he's not our friend now either.

  7. CannonFodder

    damn good PR choice when you let gifted use your music btw love your songs

  8. CannonFodder

    at first i saw the protesters and was like ah fuck just when i thought i liked her then i saw the signs had nothing to do with female superiority (aka "feminism" despite the fact that instead of wanting equality they want to oppress men like women were in the 20s) so anyway i saw it was just people bitching about trumps retardation (which is good) so yaaaay

  9. George David

    Great song!! I love Nashville, it's good to see the message on 1:46 by you and Ms. Boucher.

  10. Kim Teramoto

    I love this song & this video! Your footage from the Women's March is amazing :)

  11. Katie Howell

    Love it!

  12. Siobhain

    This just makes me love Katie Herzig even more. <3

  13. alga marinha

    Courageous ... <3

  14. alga marinha


  15. alga marinha


  16. Anne Birkam

    Love your music! Thank you!

  17. Susan Isaacs

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  18. GTWilly

    Another amazing song of hope for this world!! Katie you should be proud!

  19. OnceUponAPiano

    This makes me so happy 😊 thank you for being brave enough to put out a political song

  20. liapix

    I'm so glad to hear her voice in 2 long years, a brand new album with a brand new song, I love you Katie Herzig! ❤