Herzig, Katie - Closest I Get Lyrics

What if I wait and you don't show
If I left you half just to keep me whole
What if I held my breath so long
Would you notice the silence had lasted so long
What if the closest I get to the moment is now

I have seen love come and go
I watched it pass with my heart held close
There's no easy way to know
If I'm looking back or I'm getting close
What if the closest I get to the moment is now

Love it has no guarantees
Which muse will lay its hands on me
We said the words we knocked on wood
And I'm still here waiting to see what could be.
What if the closest I get to the moment is now?

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Herzig, Katie Closest I Get Comments
  1. Kiandokht Razi

    The violin part tickles somewhere in my soul... I just can't define the feeling... makes me cry, not sad tears not happy tears... I have no idea what it does to me...

  2. Ambivalent Disaster

    I’m crying because I didn’t have words to describe how I felt until this song. This is the most beautiful music with the most emotionally intelligent lyrics I have heard. 🙏🏼 ❤️

  3. Pitiful92

    Thanks Grey’s Anatomy to extend my musical culture

  4. Gemma Roberts

    Sometimes the closet we get is waiting for something that was never going to happen.

  5. S S

    So gentle and sad👼

  6. Howard Spiegel

    Katie is the queen of everything. I am sorry I barged in front of someone to meet you after the show in Cinci ( i was in a tunnel ). Anyhow, thanks. Happy for you (in every way possible)

  7. Piff Hebert

    I'm here from the Nancy podcast

  8. Clessandra Pippenschnott

    Just another wonderful use for duct tape. Good job, Katie!

  9. C-BREAK فسحة

    Open necklace "will you marry me? " 💔💔

    Jonathan Keven Eduardo Acosta Ramírez

    🥺🥺Then everyone cries.

  10. Candy L

    I remember listening to this on the train on my way to university a few years back while pregnant with my beautiful son. Never fails to make me cry.

  11. kk Lonewolfer

    A friend was watching greys and i had it.Had to search it.:)

  12. Dakota Danay

    Her voice reminds me so much of Haley Reinhart, it's uncanny. Although I guess Katie came before Haley, so it would be vice-versa

  13. woah

    Greys is my life

  14. Abigail Savv

    I'm doing a dance to this😘😘😘❣❣❣

  15. Jenna Marie

    most of my music comes from Greys.


    Me too ♡ My phones Playlist has mostly music that played on greys ♡ I come to YouTube for anything else. I only download music I'll never get tired of. ♡

  16. Caleb McKnabb

    Wow Grey's anatomy took me here. This is one of the most beautiful songs.

  17. Rosie Moreno

    I first heard this in Pandora I forgot the name and then a year later I hear it in Grey's anatomy ....I love it .

  18. john Hodgson


  19. wareidav

    So nice
    So relaxing
    So damn good
    Sooooo beautiful 2.30 on
    Just sooooo beautiful

  20. michele jusko

    SO stunning and vulnerable. We need more of this kind of music in the world.

    Clessandra Pippenschnott

    There's tons at 181.FM "Chilled". Which is where I discovered Herzig, Birdie, Delerium, M83, Exitmusic, First Aid Kit, Beach House, and a hundred others. Been listening using Winamp since 2008 and still do.

  21. Ina Niel


  22. Joseph Guthrie

    Christ, this tune is unspeakably beautiful. Anyone else feel the soaring rush of warmth once the string section and piano hits top gear? Because... yeah. All over goosebumps status.

    Clessandra Pippenschnott


  23. GardienneMusic

    Have they legalized man-cello marriage yet.

  24. xLouisey1989

    Thank you itv!!!! Love this :)

  25. Jason Lam

    Good old Shazam!(or did you use Soundhound?) Love this tune btw.

  26. Lauren Somerfield

    ITV where drama lives advert anyone?

  27. Chloe Hewson

    heard on an advert and loved it

  28. MPH in Devon

    Every so often you come across something that takes your breath away. This is one of those moments.

  29. Viki R

    Heard this song on itv advert and loved it so inspiring !

  30. chocolateloverolivia

    Me too!

  31. Geraldine

    I totally agree :) I came across this piece advertising something else and now I can't stop playing it.

  32. crystalface13496


  33. Sarah m

    The last part is just inspiring

  34. havefaithhavewings

    So moving and beautiful

  35. Courtney Holleman

    I honestly can't remember how I heard this sing. I watch Grey's Anatomy, so it could have been that, but I don't know. I would just try to forget where you heard the song or what brought you here and just enjoy the music!

  36. rono8582

    Ingrid much?

  37. Clara jcbluegreen

    it was Grey's that brought me to it.

  38. Alejandra Villacis Miranda

    now I know what that idiot Erin Martin from The Voice Season 2 was trying to do!!
    not even close...

  39. Ellie Greensmith

    This must be amazing considering it only has 2 dislikes!

  40. Gina Leonora

    Beautiful song(: there's so many things I could say, but wow, this song warms my heart so much!!!

  41. maiasaura4

    I think this is seriously the saddest song I have ever heard. It's like hearing the sound of the pain in your chest before you start crying. I mean, it's a gorgeous song, but it just makes me want to start bawling.

  42. Micha white

    Thumbs up if you came here because you love Katie Herzig!

  43. Ashley

    I'm out to buy all of your albums. And one day see you in SF. That is all.

  44. missy

    thank you greys anatomy for being the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!! and having the best couple MerDer!!!!

  45. Mia Foster

    i am so glad i found her music it calms me in the most inspiring way and just goes to mysoul i really apreciate her passion in music that has driven my to get back into making art... thank you katie herzig!!!!!

  46. Windblow123

    Thumbs up if Grey's brought you to this song!!

  47. Teona

    Wonderful album and great performance.
    Thank you for posting!